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Milk Touch Blackhead Whitehead Clear Mud Stick

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Type: Masks & Treatments


*Milk Touch Blackhead Clear Mud Stick


Blackhead improvement with just one use


* Reduction of blackheads in the nose area with just one use.

* Sebum absorption with charcoal and mud.

* Empty pores moisture, whitening management.



Charcoal to remove wastes from the skin's surface~ Mud to the sebum in the skin...


* Complete your confident nose! clean, clear, confident!

I recommend it to these people.
-Those who suffer from blackheads on the nose
-Those who frequently have oily skin with excessive sebum
-Those who are worried about large nose pores
-Those who do not have good makeup due to a lot of dead skin cells
-Those who need sebum management but are bothered


10 second solution of blackhead clear mud stick!

*Charcoal first removes waste products from the skin

*Secondary mud removes sebum in pores

*Moisture and whitening management to empty pores!!

*5-fold hyaluronic acid
-Five types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights provide moisture from the inside out.

*Vitamin E Capsule
-Vitamin E, also called tocopherol, keeps the skin clear.

* Milk Touch Whitehead Clear Mud Stick

* White with just one use head improvement


* Whitehead Reduction Effect

* Pore ​​cleaning

* Moisture, whitening, soothing care


* Whiteheads are smoothed out in 10 seconds! Moisturize irritated and irritated pores with chamomile!

* A 10-second smooth stick that takes care of the cause by rubbing it in just 10 seconds.

I recommend these people
-People who have a lot of trouble with whiteheads on their chin M
-People who have a lot of trouble with uneven skin and sebum
-Those who have a lot of trouble with large pores overall
-People who have a lot of dead skin cells and cannot wear makeup well
-Those who need sebum control but are bothered


3-STEP perfect solution for smooth skin with White Head Clear Chamomile Stick!
STEP 1 Whiteheads from the cause, smooth solution in 10 seconds!
First, AHA and BHA ingredients remove dead skin cells! Secondary, coconut-derived surfactant removes sebum!




 * Moisture and soothing management to empty pores!
Contains hyaluronic acid in v5 for moisture care in empty pores 
Chamomile and bottle grass patented ingredients provide soothing care to prevent moisture from escaping


* Vitamin E Capsule - Vitamin E, also called tocopherol, keeps the skin clear.


*Five types of hyaluronic
-acids with different molecular weights, five types of hyaluronic acids help to maintain firm skin moisture from the inside out

*BLUE COMPLEX / Patent No. 10-1119337
-Contains chamomile with excellent soothing effect, patented ingredient effective for skin soothing

*NATURAL PROTECTOR / Patent No. 10-0910747
-Mixed extract to increase the efficacy of 7 natural products including Centella asiatica, which has excellent soothing effect.

* How To Use
1.Wet your skin with plenty of water.
TIP 1) If you have makeup on, use it after washing your face! TIP 2) It is more effective if used after opening the pores with warm water!

2.Apply water to the affected area of ​​whiteheads and gently rub for 10 seconds.
* Skin may peel off when using the product with too strong force. Please rub gently!

3.Roll it thoroughly with your finger or a silicone brush.

4.Wash it off with lukewarm water.

* Milk Touch Silicone pore brush


*POINT O1) Dual type
-with different front/rear two sizes of protrusions for detailed pore care

*POINT O2) Hygienic sebum removal
-Use the 10-second swab stick and 10-second smooth stick to deeply remove sebum in the pores once more

*POINT 03 ) Silicone material
-that can be reused by easy washing with water after use

* How To Use
1. After cleansing, apply Black Head Clear Mud Stick or White Head Clear Chamomile Stick to the face with enough moisture remaining.

2. After rolling with the large protrusion (front) on the area where the formulation is applied, roll once more with the small protrusion (back) for narrow areas such as the side of the nose to remove sebum.




Milk Touch Blackhead Whitehead Clear Mud Stick

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