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Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro

Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro is an advanced beauty device from Medicube that is designed to help you look and feel your best. This beauty tool utilizes advanced technology and advanced skin care to help you restore your skin's natural beauty. With Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro, you can achieve a natural-looking complexion and a youthful glow. This device provides a complete skin care solution by targeting and treating common skin issues such as wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. It is designed to be easy to use and provide you with long-lasting results. By using Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro, you can enjoy a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

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Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro

Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro


AGE-RBooster Pro: Your Ultimate Skincare Solution

Introducing Medicube’s revolutionary Booster Pro( USB ), a 6-in-1 total care device designed to cater to all your skincare needs. With its powerful effects and unlimited performance, Booster Pro redefines smart skincare.

Key Features:

  1. Glow, Elasticity, Volume, Pores, LED, and Vibration Care: Booster Pro offers comprehensive care for your skin, addressing issues such as dullness, sagging, lines, and enlarged pores. It combines LED therapy, sonic vibration, and advanced technologies for effective results.

  2. 4 Main Modes:

    • Toning Radiance Care (Booster Mode): Enhances radiance and maximizes active ingredient absorption.
    • Line Volume Care (Microcurrent Mode): Activates collagen production, adding volume to lines around the eyes and mouth.
    • Contour Elasticity Care (Derma Shot Mode): Stimulates facial muscles, improving muscle contraction and elasticity.
    • Pore Elasticity Care (Air Shot Mode): Creates fine holes, improving pore elasticity for a smoother complexion.
  3. 2 Add-ons:

    • Sonic Vibration: Professional vibration patterns enhance care experience.
    • 5 Color LEDs: Various LED colors address different skin concerns effectively.
  4. Smart Control and Reporting:

    • Easily control modes, steps, volume, vibration, and LED colors through the AGER app.
    • Automatic reports track your skincare progress over time.

How to Use:

  1. Power On: Press and hold the power button to turn on Booster Pro.
  2. Select Mode: Briefly press the mode button to choose from Booster, Microcurrent, Derma Shot, or Air Shot modes.
  3. Adjust Level: Use the power button to set the desired level (Steps 1-5 available for each mode).
  4. Begin Skincare: Follow the specific method of use for each selected mode, ensuring gentle and effective care.


  • Difference from Existing Booster Healer: Booster Pro offers higher skin penetration, central LED therapy, and sonic vibration, providing a professional care experience.
  • Difference from Existing Air Shot: Booster Pro uses unipolar pore poration technology, ensuring convenient and precise care without pain.
  • Difference from Existing Derma EMS: Booster Pro's Derma Shot mode offers more powerful contour elasticity care with optimized facial muscle stimulation.
  • Usage Around Eyes: All modes can be used around the eyes; start at Level 1 for delicate areas.
  • App Benefits: The AGER app allows customized control, usage pattern tracking, and before-and-after photo recording for progress analysis.

Experience skincare innovation with Booster Pro – your gateway to flawless, radiant skin. Trust in Medicube’s quality for safe, effective daily skincare.

Booster Pro
6 in 1
Medicube’s first 6 in 1 total care, once again leading the way.

Powerful effect.
Unlimited performance.
Smart use.


Glow, elasticity, volume, pores, LED, and vibration care all in one.

Medicube’s first 6 in 1 total care with innovation packed into just one.
Complete with just one smart premium home care booster pro.

4 Main Mode


Toning radiance care
booster mode
Penetration of active ingredients and boosting radiance
Maximize absorption of active ingredients by tightly forming the glow poration in a more stable mode than before.



line volume care
Microcurrent mode
Collagen activation and line volume
Microcurrent, similar to bioelectric current, promotes collagen production in the skin and adds volume to easily deepened lines around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and mouth.


Contour elasticity care
Derma Shot Mode
Improved muscle contraction and elasticity
Applying mid-frequency EMS optimized for facial muscles helps manage the contour by stimulating muscles that have lost elasticity and become saggy and tight.


Pore elasticity care
air shot mode
Creation of fine holes and improvement of pore elasticity
Unlike existing air shots, the unipolar pore technology that works even when only one electrode is touched provides elasticity care for enlarged T-zone and U-zone pores.

2 Add-ons

sonic vibration
Professional sonic vibration care
Different vibration patterns are implemented for each mode, providing a more professional care experience than before.

5 color LEDs
5 types of phototherapy
Five LED colors with different depths of skin stimulation increase existing efficacy and can be changed to suit your skin condition at any time.

Booster Pro with all-new performance and incredible care effectiveness innovation.
Dull skin tone, broken contours, and deepened lines. Take strong and firm care with sagging pore booster pro.



From the stratum corneum to the deepest muscle layer
Four-layer total care completed with just one AGER Booster Pro.

Toning glow booster mode
Darkening pigmentation and blemishes Glow Poration x Orange LED

Line volume microcurrent mode
Micro-volumizing around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and mouth to deepen and darken X Green LED

Contour elasticity derma shot mode
Sagging and tight muscles Double chin and square jaw mid-frequency derma EMS X Red LED

Pore elasticity air shot mode
Pore formation that makes T-zone and U-zone stand out and widen pores X Blue (Aqua) LED


Booster mode
Toning radiance, booster mode.

More powerful booster healer Water-glow effect that enhances radiance from within with 273% higher skin permeability than before


Skin permeability increased by 273% compared to before

booster pro
763% booster mode skin penetration

Booster Healer Skin Penetration

Unrivaled radiance care
Next-generation glow poration technology ensures all types of radiance including gloss, water glow, and inner glow.

11.4% skin radiance
7.38% melanin pigment amount
1.97% spots/blemishes
1.38% skin tone (brightness)
10.5% external moisturizing
4.27% inner moisturizing


Mc mode
Line volume, microcurrent mode.

The newly introduced microcurrent function plumps the deep, dark lines around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and mouth by stimulating collagen production.

After 2 weeks of use, the forehead line volume improvement technology improves volume by 24.2% around the forehead, nasolabial folds, and between the eyebrows.
Innovative microcurrent mode
Micro volumizing technology creates volume effect on the forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, and between the eyebrows.

35.9% forehead line volume
24.2% nasolabial line volume
16.1% Glabellar line volume
12.6% eye line volume
11.8% neckline volume
70.4% elastic resilience
5.46% skin density


Mode 3
Derma Shot mode.
Contour elasticity, derma shot mode.

Frequency suitable for facial muscle exercise. Contour care effect that stimulates sagging and tight muscles to provide elasticity.



Improved sagging lower eyelid elasticity by 15.3% after 2 weeks of use

Elasticity care for damaged facial contours with precise muscle stimulation and EMS mid-frequency derma shot technology.
15.3% sagging lower eyelid elasticity
5.31%Improvement of sagging cheeks
4.49% improvement in sagging nasolabial folds
4.24% improvement in sagging bulldog flesh
4.89% improvement in sagging chin
1.21cc improvement of sagging double chin


Mode 4
Air Shot mode.
Pore elasticity, air shot mode.

Air shot with reduced stimulation and upgraded effectiveness. Next-generation electric needle technology provides tighter, stronger elasticity care to even fine pores.

Pores improved by 34.5% after 2 weeks of use



Large area
Easy and powerful way to use Air Shot
Please sweep up the edge.

Skin permeability boasts exceptional absorption, 258% higher than before.

Booster Pro 690% air shot mode skin penetration
432% ATS air shot skin penetration

Enlarged T-zone and U-zone pores elasticity effect with advanced air shot pore poration technology

34.5% pore improvement
27.4% improvement in skin keratin
21.9% Butterfly zone pore size
14.1% T-zone pore size
16.1% improvement in horizontal pores
9.04% improvement in vertical pores
6.68% improvement in skin texture



The pinnacle of delicacy, customized sonic vibration for each mode.

By implementing different vibration patterns for each mode, you can enjoy a more professional care experience.

Booster mode
Radiance boosting vibration
Deep and consistent radiance-boosting vibration pattern that feels like a real hand tap.

Mc mode
Line volume vibration Strong and weak vibration pattern tailored to the speed of lifting the skin

Derma Shot mode
contour meridian vibration
Muscle relaxation/contraction exercise vibration pattern that accurately stimulates internal muscles

Air Shot mode
Pore elasticity vibration
A fast vibration pattern with a short wavelength that closely stimulates pores.

LED phototherapy. Five types of intensive LED care with different depths of effect.
Five LEDs with different wavelength depths help provide intensive care for various skin concerns. Customize your care to suit your skin concerns every day.

Blue pores/sebum
Orange brightening
Green volume care
Red Elasticity Care
Purple Strengthens absorption

Equipped with skin contact sensor for professional and safe use.
Equipped with a state-of-the-art skin recognition function, LED light is emitted only when it touches the skin and the care time is counted.


The beginning of smart home care
Easily control AGER just the way you want.
From directly controlling modes, steps, volume, vibration, and LED color to smart care records with automatic reports, use it easily every day and record changes!

remote control
Care easily and conveniently

automatic report
Make care a habit

Beauty Cloud
See the changes after 8 weeks


Average monthly maintenance fee: 0 won
Simple C-type rechargeable for smart, unlimited use anytime, anywhere.



A structural design that safely and powerfully incorporates the six functions first developed by Medicube.
Take perfect care with 20 minutes of quadruple care a day with Booster Pro, an ergonomic and safe design developed directly by Medicube.

State-of-the-art skin recognition system

Larger probe head design

Intensive LED care with different depths

Shows mode, stage, care time, battery, Bluetooth connection

Booster mode, MC mode, derma shot mode, air shot mode

Overvoltage and overload protection system Automatic shutdown system in case of overvoltage and overload

Audio guide
Time elapsed information every minute

stand type
Stand type for easy storage and portability



Medicube promises that you can trust and use beauty devices that come in direct contact with your skin every day.

We promise quality for safe use.
We have completed all KC certification, which is a strict standard, from machines to internal parts.

Selection of medical materials for quality.
As this product is used on the skin every day, the probe head material is made of SUS material used for medical purposes.

Made in Korea We promise domestic manufacturing and production.
AP Factory, a leader in the development of safe and professional beauty devices, conducted the entire design and assembly process in-house from the initial development together with the Medicube skin advisory group.

How to use Medicube AGER Booster Pro.

① Press and hold the power button to turn it on.

② Shortly press the mode button to select the desired mode.

Air shot mode (use 2-3 times a week)
booster mode
MC mode (use 1-3 times per day)
Derma Shot Mode

① Select the level you want to use with the power button. (Can be set to steps 1-5)

After selecting the mode and level, use it according to the method of use of the selected mode.

How to use Booster Pro
When using it for the first time, please watch the video and follow along.

Step 01
Press and hold the power button to turn it on, then briefly press the mode button to select the mode you want to use.

Booster mode, MC mode, Derma shot mode
Use with basic products 1-3 times daily (5-10 minutes per use)

air shot mode
Use on dry skin after washing your face 2-3 times a week (use for 5 minutes per use)


Step 02
After selecting the mode, briefly press the power button to select the level you want to use.
Please use it slowly starting from step 1 and increasing the level with an adaptation period. (Steps 1-5 available for each mode)





Step 03
Please familiarize yourself with the order and method of use for each mode before using it.

Order of use when using modes simultaneously
Air shot mode (use 2-3 times a week)
booster mode
MC mode (use 1-3 times per day)
Derma Shot Mode


Pore air shot mode
Use lightly on dry skin 2-3 times a week (5 minutes per use)



Radiance | booster mode
Absorb basic products by attaching to the head 1-3 times daily (use for 5-10 minutes per use)



Volume | MC mode
Use 1-3 times daily, holding the head tightly and pulling up (5-10 minutes per use)




Elasticity | Derma Shot Mode
Use 1-3 times daily on muscle points, pausing for 1-2 seconds (5-10 minutes per use)


Step 04
Check the care patterns that are automatically recorded by linking with the AGER app.
Only when linked with the Medicube AGER app, you can change the LED color for each mode, turn on/off sonic vibration, adjust the volume, and check the report.

change mode
Move left or right to change usage mode

Care report
After care is completed, the care time and steps for each mode are automatically recorded and can be checked on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


It is good to use with AGR Booster Pro and the highly functional AGR Ampoule.
We recommend the highly functional AGER Ampoule, which is even better when used with the innovative total care 6in1 device Booster Pro.

AGER Glutathione Glow Ampoule
High-purity glutathione ampoule that erases freckles, blemishes, and pigmentation and lifts deep wrinkles.

Try using this with the basic products you normally use.
Intensive care routine for each skin concern recommended when used together with the basic products you normally use

Celebrity full care routine
STEP1 Booster Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

STEP 2 Microcurrent mode
Basic product 5 minute care

STEP 3 Derma Shot Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

TIP. After booster mode/microcurrent mode care, start the next care with the remaining basic product. Apply additional basic product as you use it.  

Water glow intensive care routine
STEP 1 Booster Mode
Basic product 5 minute care
STEP 2 Booster Mode
5 minute mask pack care

Baby pore care routine
STEP1 Air Shot Mode
Dry skin 5 minute care
STEP 2 Booster Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

Blemish/spot care routine
STEP1 Air Shot Mode
2-minute care for local areas
STEP 2 Booster Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

Emergency swelling care routine
STEP 1 Derma Shot Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

Line volume care routine
STEP1 Microcurrent mode
Basic product 5 minute care
STEP 2 Derma Shot Mode
Basic product 5 minute care

Q & A

Q What is the difference from the existing booster healer?
A The skin penetration rate is higher than that of existing booster healers, enabling more powerful whitening and radiance care by allowing active ingredients to penetrate more thoroughly. The larger head, central LED therapy, and sonic vibration provide a deeply effective professional care experience.

Q How is it different from the existing air shot?

A Unlike the existing air shot, it uses unipolar pore poration technology that works even when only one electrode is touched. It can be used by lightly stroking the edge/vertex of the head, enabling more convenient and fine care, and unlike before, it does not hurt. It is possible to use it safely.

Q How is it different from existing derma EMS?
A AGER’s medium frequency (EMS) is a technology that stimulates muscles to help manage swelling and elasticity. Booster Pro's derma shot mode is characterized by being more powerful in contour elasticity care by applying a frequency more optimized for facial muscles than the existing derma EMS shot.

Q When using Derma Shot mode, do I need to use a dedicated gel?
A No. By applying a frequency suited to facial muscles, it can be used without a dedicated gel. Please use it together with the basic products you normally use.

Q I’m curious about the order of use. Can I use 4 modes at the same time?
A Yes, you can use all four modes simultaneously. The order of use is air shot mode, booster mode, microcurrent mode → derma shot mode. After using the air shot mode on dry skin, use the booster, microcurrent, and derma shot modes with your usual basic product.

Q What is the usage cycle for each mode?
A Be sure to check the usage cycle before use, and adjust the usage cycle and usage time according to your skin type.

air shot mode
2-3 times a week/5 minutes per use

Booster/microcurrent/derma shot mode
Use 1-3 times daily / 5-10 minutes per use

Q How should I use basic products when using booster, microcurrent, and derma shot modes simultaneously?
A: Absorb the light serum ampoule in booster mode, then absorb the rich, viscous cream/gel formulation. After booster mode care, use microcurrent and derma shot mode with the remaining amount on the skin without applying additional basic products. If irritation is mild during care, we recommend using it as a method of applying additional formulation.

*Please use the method suggested above for ease of understanding and find the method that suits you best.

Q Can all 4 modes be used around the eyes?
All four modes can be used on the eye area/eyelids, and we recommend using level 1 when using it on areas with thin skin, such as around the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Q When I close my eyes and use it on my eyelids, my eyes are too dazzling. The LED seems to be strong. Is this okay?
A There may be glare when used with eyes closed, but there is no effect on the eyes, so please use with confidence. However, if there is a lot of formulation on the head and the central LED operates even without contact with the skin, be careful not to expose it directly to your eyes.

Q What are the advantages of using it with a dedicated app?
A When used with the AGER app, you can easily and conveniently adjust the steps, levels, LED colors, vibration, and volume. You can also check usage patterns by automatically recording the steps and LED colors used the longest for each mode. In addition, you can create usage routines for each device, and record before and after photos to see changes.

Conclusion: A Revolution in Skincare with Trusted Purchasing at EmpressKorea.com

The Medicube Booster Pro is not just a device; it's a revolution in skincare. It signifies a new era where convenience, efficiency, and personalized care converge to offer an unparalleled skincare experience. When you choose to purchase the Booster Pro, it's essential to ensure you're getting the genuine product with the best service. That's why buying from EmpressKorea.com is the smart choice for several reasons:

  1. Avoid Counterfeits: There are numerous counterfeit products in the market, especially fake ones originating from China. EmpressKorea.com guarantees authentic Medicube products, ensuring you receive the quality and effectiveness that Medicube promises.

  2. Direct Factory Shipping: When you order from EmpressKorea.com, your Booster Pro is shipped directly from the factory. This means you receive a product that hasn't been sitting in a warehouse for long periods, ensuring you get a fresh, top-quality device.

  3. English Customer Service: For international customers, language barriers can be a significant obstacle. EmpressKorea.com provides customer service in English, making your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

By choosing EmpressKorea.com for your purchase, you're not just investing in your skin; you're also ensuring that you receive the best product with excellent service and support. Join the skincare revolution with Medicube Booster Pro, and embrace the innovation that will transform your skin. Step into the world of advanced skincare and witness the transformation of your skin with the peace of mind that comes from purchasing through a trusted source like EmpressKorea.com.

Are you ready to revolutionize your skincare routine? Explore the endless possibilities with Medicube Booster Pro at EmpressKorea.com and embark on a journey to healthy, beautiful skin today.




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