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Atopharm achieved first place in brand power in the ‘Sensitive Skin Care Category’ for 18 consecutive years

Atopharm achieved first place in brand power in the ‘Sensitive Skin Care Category’ for 18 consecutive years

NeoPharm, under the leadership of CEO Yang-Soo Kim, and its premier skincare line ATOPALM, celebrated for its focus on sensitive skin solutions, have once again claimed the top position in the 'Sensitive Skincare Category' of the 2024 Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), marking their 18th consecutive year at number one.

The Korea Brand Power Index, celebrating its 26th anniversary, is a respected brand evaluation metric conducted by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC). This evaluation measures brand influence across different industries that play a significant role in the consumer lifestyle in South Korea, turning these insights into a measurable index. This index is a key indicator of industry and company competitiveness, with its validity recognized by the business community and consumers alike, highlighting the significance of securing the first place.

ATOPALM has once again confirmed its status as a "Golden Brand," an accolade given to brands that have consistently occupied the top spot in their category for more than a decade. This year, it continued to lead the 'Sensitive Skincare Category,' outperforming 234 industry contenders.

The research included a demographic of men and women aged 18 to 65 who are active consumers within South Korea. It was conducted via one-on-one interviews with 12,500 participants, focusing on brand recognition—both initial and aided/unaided awareness—and brand loyalty, which took into account the brand's image, availability, and consumer preference.

Outshining in 6 out of 7 evaluation categories, ATOPALM achieved a total of 569.5 points, creating a significant lead of over 148 points against the second-ranked brand. This achievement further cements its position as the leading brand in its category.

ATOPALM's skincare line is distinguished by years of intensive research leading to the creation of the MLE® skin barrier protection formula, an innovation that emulates the skin's natural barrier to reduce sensitivity and dryness. This breakthrough reflects the brand's dedication to sensitive skincare. The brand boasts a range of acclaimed products, including the 'MLE' cream—the first in South Korea to receive certification for its skin barrier recovery properties—and a recently expanded product line that offers hygiene solutions, earning ATOPALM a special place in the hearts of families seeking gentle care for everything from baby to adult sensitive skin.

An ATOPALM spokesperson shared their gratitude for the continuous recognition, stating, "Securing the top spot in the Korea Brand Power Index for 18 straight years is a reflection of our unwavering commitment and dedication to sensitive skincare research. It's a significant achievement for us. We are committed to continuing our innovation and development of products that address sensitive skin concerns, aiming to uphold the trust and loyalty of our customers."

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