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rom&nd, No. 1 preferred brand among Generation Z in Japan

rom&nd, No. 1 preferred brand among Generation Z in Japan

rom&nd has emerged as the favorite cosmetic brand among Japanese female consumers aged 15 to 18, belonging to Generation Z. This demonstrates the significant influence of K-beauty among young Japanese women, as evidenced by the inclusion of four K-beauty brands in the top 10.

According to a recent beauty trend survey targeting young women by Shibuya Trend Research, a local Japanese media outlet, Rom&nd has achieved the highest preference, surpassing other global brands to secure the top position. The report highlights that Rom&nd's lip products and eyeshadow palettes, in particular, enjoy immense popularity in Japan. The brand consistently garners attention with each release of new products or color variations and currently tops the sales charts in lip product categories on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

rom&nd's appeal lies in its excellent value for money and adorable product designs, catering specifically to the budget constraints of Generation Z consumers. This strategy has proven to be successful in setting an appealing price range and product offerings.

Following rom&nd, Dior ranks second, enjoying popularity across various makeup products like eyeshadows, lips, and foundations. The luxury brand is favored for its elegant packaging and pigment quality among Generation Z consumers.

Third and fourth places are held by Japanese makeup brands CANMAKE and CEZANNE, respectively. CipiCipi, a brand by Japanese influencer, has secured the fifth position, gaining traction after Twice's Chaeyoung became the brand's muse.

CLIO occupies the sixth spot, praised for its diverse colors and lasting quality, particularly in eyeliner, eyebrow, and base makeup products. TIRTIR shares the eighth position, with its Mask Fit Cushion product leading sales in Amazon Japan's foundation category, demonstrating the high demand for its regular and mini-sized products.

WONJUNGYO, ranking tenth, is closely associated with K-beauty, having been launched in Japan by Korean makeup artist Won Jung Yo. The brand gained attention as the makeup artist for popular K-pop groups like Twice and Le Sserafim in Japan.

The survey's findings suggest that affordable pricing, superior quality, and affinity towards K-pop idols are key factors contributing to the favorable perception of K-beauty brands. An industry insider emphasized the importance of enhancing brand recognition and appeal by highlighting the value for money on the 24th.

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