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About Us

Welcome to Empress Korea

Authentic and Fresh Korean Products

Empress Korea is a proudly registered Korean company committed to providing genuine Korean products that are not sourced from other countries. We guarantee the freshness of our products, as we never sell older products stored in warehouses or clearance items, unlike some major shopping malls.

Our Korean company registration number and telecommunications operator's license can be found at the bottom of our site, and you can verify them on the official Korean government agency website. Please note that it is illegal for a Korean company not to display their registration number at the bottom of their website. If a registration number is not provided, it could indicate that the site is potentially a fake Korean site.

Major shopping sites or retailers outside Korea often struggle to sell fresh Korean products, as they receive shipments after long durations, store them in warehouses, and sell them with potentially manipulated expiration dates. Using old cosmetics is akin to applying poison.

Our Story

Empress Korea was founded in 2018 by David Lee and Christina Lee with a simple yet powerful goal: to share the best of Korean culture with the world. We offer a wide range of high-quality Korean products, including cosmetics, skincare, pet products, books, and more, all true to tradition and culture.

Our Founders, David and Christina Lee, established Empress Korea out of their love for Korean products and their desire to share their magic with the world. Today, we proudly offer a diverse and authentic selection of Korean products to customers globally.

Our Products

As a retailer, we collaborate closely with some of the finest brands and manufacturers in Korea to offer an authentic and diverse selection of Korean products. We pride ourselves on our curation process, ensuring that each product is carefully selected based on quality, authenticity, and value. Our commitment to offering only the best of Korean culture is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission and Values

At Empress Korea, we believe that Korean culture is truly exceptional. We love how Korean products celebrate beauty and tradition in all its forms, whether it's through natural skincare ingredients or unique designs and styles found in Korean culture. Our mission is to make these products accessible to everyone so that everyone can experience the joy and beauty of embracing a rich and vibrant culture.

We are more than just a retailer - we are a community of people passionate about Korean culture and its products. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the magic of Korean culture, whether it's through the latest K-beauty trends or the unique products found in Korean culture. Furthermore, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can come together to celebrate Korean culture.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a longtime fan of Korean culture or just starting out on your journey, we invite you to join us at Empress Korea. Discover the best of Korean culture through our wide range of products, and experience the joy and beauty that comes from embracing a rich and vibrant culture. Thank you for choosing Empress Korea, founded by Sangwoo Lee and Hyunkyung Lee, and we look forward to sharing the best of Korean culture with you.


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Kim Se-jeong's 1st album Moon Sailing Top or Cliff / KEY ver.

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Kim Se-jeong's 1st album Moon Sailing Top or Cliff / KEY ver.

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