About Us

We are a retailer selling Korean clothes and fashion products as well as Italian handmade bags and Korean cosmetics. Our focus is on elegant styles and quality products for work, daytime and events. There have been numerous changes in our progress for the last 12 years of business since 2010 when we first started our offline stores. Our effort to improve our service both in online and offline stores continues, so please stay with us and experience and get transformed together. We will always be here for you. Let us know what you want and need, we would love to hear your thoughts to better assist you in your fashion life!

What we offers…


Handling items within 3 business days


Free Samples

Fast Customer Support

Within 24 Hours Email Response (excluding holidays & weekends)

100% Authentic Items

If it is turned out to be fake product by any chance, we will sincerely give you tripled money back as the price you purchased.


What are the most popular items in Korea? You can find here!

Safe Return

We accept return package within 15 days, mone-back guaranteed

We carry Korean Cosmetics.

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