About the company:

We are registered site in Hong Kong and Macau operated by a Korean company. We are all Korean. All shipped from Korea & Macau.


The idea for EmpressKorea was born in 2010 when founder, David & Christina Lee, noticed that there were no straightforward buying Korean Clothes and Cosmetics options that were made for them. Looking at the around world online sites, there were products made in Korea, but no products with good quality and no sites with thoughtfully selected that were made in Korea.

EmpressKorea is your Best Friend

Whether you are the Fashion people or don't have sense of Fashion, EmpressKorea is on your side. Whether you are fast on trend and so enthusiastic about skincare/makeup or not, EmpressKorea is on your side.

Our straightforward ranges for fashion & cosmetics are purpose support for anyone and specially provide to help you look and feel your best.

Products We Choose by People can trust

We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.

Our products are most known products in Korea.

We provide our products in Korea, produced in factories run by people we know and trust.

Taking the Lead

From our very first day, we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of.

We never sell cheap products from the factories of other country. We have never sold low quality, fake items or old products.



We carry Korean brand Cosmetics.

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