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Type: Serum & Ampoule


Hot topic between actresses and idols these days  

The product that appeared on TV
Beauty and Wealthy Season 7
The pore management system introduced by Kyungri
Idol Pore and Elasticity Management Real Item
From time to time in the shop, waiting room, or in the car
Idol Bomi's Routine Item
2 injections from vertical pores to skin elasticity
Lips rumored item among influencers

Everyone who has used it knows
# Vertical Pore Serum Review
4.7 / 5

I finished off the cream after absorbing the serum, but once I applied it to the pores that had been very visible recently, it didn't show up well even when I put on makeup.

I bought this because it was a collagen serum and thought it would be worth the name.
I am satisfied because it feels like my skin is sticking.

After using it for about 10 days, it definitely has the effect of shrinking pores.
If you use it more consistently, you will be able to feel a noticeable change.

It feels like watery serum! The finish is refreshing and I think it can be applied well regardless of the season.

I'll start with the conclusion,
100% satisfaction
Tight Fit Collagen Serum

It feels like the skin has become elastic 100%
Skin texture is firm / smooth / dense feeling 100%
It feels like it tightens the skin and pores 100%
Rough, rough, rough, rough..
Self camera ..
If it's not the same as before...
That's because of the vertical pores that continue to grow after the 20s!

Effectively tightens sagging vertical pores
Bio Heal boh
Probioderm Tightening Collagen Serum
# Vertical Pore Serum

No more, No less
Try it for just 2 weeks!
Clinically proven
Pore tightening effect

After 2 weeks of use,
Experience the firming vertical pores yourself

Pore depth improvement 13.0%
Improvement in pore size 37.2% 
Improved pore density 25.5%
Pore volume improvement 40.2%

Pore tightening of course
Moisturize the skin result and firm it!

With Bio Healbo's patented Tantan Biome™ ingredient
After 2 weeks, skin elasticity, texture, and moisture improvement as well as sebum improvement!
Recognized through human efficacy evaluation
Skin elasticity improvement 5.4%
Skin texture improvement 9.3%
Skin moisturizing improvement 15.6%
Sebum (oil) improvement 31.8%

But until you're honest
skin irritation? Do not worry!

Complete skin irritation test
Test product name: Bio Heal Bo Pro Bio Derm Tightening Collagen Serum
Skin irritation index: 0.02
Skin irritation level: non-irritating

Not heavy or sticky!
As the capsule bursts gently over the skin
Leaves only pleasant moisture and freshness

Did you know?
The fact that there are probiotics found in many skins in their 20s

Elastic aggregates discovered by BioHilbo
Tantan Biome TM

Strong skin barrier!
Firm skin!
Elasticity Biotics

Probiotic Fermented Water
Effect boosting

Elastic microbiome found in healthy 20s skin

Found in healthy skin in the 20s
Tantan Biome, a patented ingredient with a resilient microbiome
It maintains a firm skin structure.

In addition, it helps to alleviate various signs of aging such as dry skin, sagging pores, and pigmentation.
It creates a healthy and resilient skin environment.
(Patent Application No. 10-2020-0063892)

What is more important than what you apply is how to reach the active ingredient to the destination,
Deep-Livery TM Technology

A patented technology that transforms the skin into firm skin by quickly and deeply penetrating the component complex into a small structure with a size of 1/50 or 1/100 of general emulsified particles.

Peptide complex that will give you the glowing point of skin elasticity

Added 12 kinds of peptides to help improve skin elasticity

Effective for pore tightening
Tantan Collagen Serum
Special prescription!

Elasticity boosting UP!
Low molecular weight collagen
A low-molecular-weight collagen network that is easily absorbed into the skin is firmly formed, completing a firm skin base.
* Hydrolyzed Collagen

Smooth & firm
Because it likes oil, it selectively acts on pores full of sebum to cleanly care for unnecessary sebum and oil.
* Capriloyl Salicylic Acid

Camellia Flower Extract
Tannins contained in camellia extract
It helps to shrink pores and completes the skin with firmer and smoother skin.
* Limited to raw material characteristics

The elasticity care effect of the proven Pro Bioderm Tightening Collagen Serum

Pore depth improvement
Pore volume improvement
Pore size improvement
Improve skin elasticity
Improve skin hydration
Improve pore density
Skin sebum (oil) improvement
Skin texture improvement



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