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[Dermatology Development] Modelo Golf Mask UV Protection Women’s Bicycle Hiking Mask

Introducing the Dermatology Development Modelo Golf Mask UV Protection Women's Bicycle Hiking Mask! This innovative mask is designed specifically for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and golfing. It is lightweight and breathable, with an adjustable nose clip for a comfortable fit. The mask is also treated with UV protection to provide extra protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, the mask is made from a durable fabric that is both water-resistant and wind-resistant. Get ready to take your outdoor adventures to the next level with the Dermatology Development Modelo Golf Mask UV Protection Women's Bicycle Hiking Mask!

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[Dermatology Development] Modelo Golf Mask UV Protection Women’s Bicycle Hiking Mask

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[Dermatology Development] Modelo Golf Mask UV Protection Women’s Bicycle Hiking Mask


## Dermatologist Dr. Seo-gil Seo's Initiative 
With 20 years of experience, Dr. Seo-gil Seo aimed to develop a mask that blocks **99.9% UV rays** while being **breathable**.
- **Graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine**
- **Doctor of Medicine, Seoul National University**
- **(Current) Adjunct Professor, Department of Dermatology, Seoul National University College of Medicine**
- **(Current) President of the Korean Society of Dermatologic Surgery**
- **(Current) Vice President of the Cosmetic Dermatology Association**
- **(Current) Representative Director of Modelo Dermatology Clinic**

## Modelo UV Protection Mask
Developed by dermatologists at Seoul National University, this mask offers **99.9% UV protection**.
- **UVB and UVA blocking: 99.9%**
- **Hypoallergenic tested**
- **Excellent blocking power rating**
- **FDA approved antibacterial power**
- **78 pores for breathability**
- **Hypoallergenic certification**
- **Perfect coverage even under the eyes**
- **Use of cool materials**

## UV Protection Factor Test
Conducted by KOTITI, adhering to standards **ASINZS4393 2017**, the mask achieved **Fabric UV Protection Factor 1,486**.

## Post-Wash UV Protection Test
Conducted by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATR), the mask retains **99.9% UV protection** even after **30 washes**.

## Comfort and Breathability
Thousands of ventilation holes tightly woven into the fabric, along with **78 pores around the mouth and nose** ensure comfort and breathability.

## Other Features
- **Triple support (patent applied)** for ease of speaking.
- **Adjustable Velcro around the neck** for complete UV protection.
- **Proven deodorizing properties** eliminating various odors.
- **99.9% reduction in bacteria** after 18 hours of incubation.
- **New moisture control material** wicks away sweat in **1 second**.
- **Skin temperature -8°C** with the mask on.
- **Hypoallergenic test completed** with no findings observed.

## Modelo Mask - Dermatology-specific
Exclusively developed for dermatology research and used post-dermatological procedures, backed by a dermatologist with **30 years of clinical experience**.

## Q&A with Kyle Sea
- **Q: Can the mask be washed?**
A: Yes, it can be reused by hand washing.

- **Q: Is it really effective in blocking UV rays?**
A: Yes, blocking power confirmed personally and by a nationally certified testing agency.

- **Q: Does it block UV rays even if I wash it?**
A: Yes, 99.9% of UV protection is maintained even after 30 washes.

- **Q: Do you need UV protection in fall and winter?**
A: Yes, especially as UVA is strong enough to penetrate through windows, causing aging.

- **Q: How should I choose a size?**
A: Men are recommended a larger size, while women should choose according to preference for fit.

## Breathability and Comfort

The mask is designed with thousands of ventilation holes tightly woven into the fabric itself, along with **78 pores around the mouth and nose** to account for skin breathing, making it feel as if you're not wearing anything. The triple support (patent applied) separates the nose and mouth, making it easier to speak.

## Adjustability and UV Protection

- The mask can be adjusted around the neck with Velcro, providing complete UV protection from the neck to the back of the neck.
- It prevents spillage and completely protects vulnerable areas.
- Suitable for light walks to intense exercises without worrying about it slipping off.
- The structure covers the back of the neck completely blocking UV rays.

## Deodorizing Properties

Worried about bad breath or fishy smell? The Modelo mask has proven **deodorizing properties**:
- **Fishy smell of meat and fish:** More than 99%
- **Foot smell:** 98%
- **Urine smell:** 98%
- **Old man's smell:** 95%
- **Smell of sweat:** 91%
- **Formaldehyde deodorizing power:** More than 95%

## Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

- **99.9%** reduction in bacteria after **18 hours** of incubation.
- **99.9%** of various bacteria removed.
- **99.99%** of viruses removed.
- The mask is also certified to have a log reduction of **>4.25** against the Influenza A virus (H3N2) according to **ASTM E1052-11 antiviral test**.

## Moisture Control and Temperature Regulation

- The **new moisture control material** displays diamonds on contact with water, wicking away sweat in just **1 second**.
- **Skin temperature drops to -8°C**, preventing heat aging.
- The mask also provides two-way breathability and a quasi-waterproof function.

## Hypoallergenic Test

The hypoallergenic test was completed with **no findings observed**. The mask is certified by **US FDA** institutional skin hypoallergenic test as **Non-irritating**.

## Dermatology-specific Mask

Modelo Mask is a **UV protection mask** exclusively for dermatology research and development.
- Utilized post-dermatological procedures.
- Developed by a dermatologist with **30 years** of clinical experience.
- Already being sold to many customers in hospitals.


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