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Type: Serum & Ampoule

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Daily moisture soothing care that replenishes moisture

#Plenty of Houttuynia cordata #Moisture soothing #Slightly acidic care 



Contains 50% of eoseongcho extract (Yakwool extract)
Serum containing domestic fishwort keeps skin texture moist

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) and Organic Berry Complex-HS provide moist and healthy skin

pH 5.22 slightly acidic
A weakly acidic formula provides healthy and comfortable skin

really strong vitality
Eoseongcho extract 50%

‘Eoseongcho’, a strong herb that has reached out for the first time in a land that has lost its vitality and has become devastated


Buy fresh Houttuynia Cordata leaves grown by nature
--> Extract raw materials from Houttuynia Cordata leaves by observing the appropriate temperature and time.
--> Completion of domestic Houttuynia Cordata extract

Multi-Natural Eoseongseed Care Serum contains 50% Houttuynia Cordata extract , which helps to soothe sensitive skin with clear moisture.
* The above description is limited to the characteristics of raw materials


 *For moisture care

-A high molecule hyaluronic acid
It acts as a moisture reservoir that draws in moisture.
Forms a moisture film on the skin surface to prevent dry skin

-Organic berry complex-HS
It smoothes and conditions the skin to make it lively and healthy.

 * The above description is limited to the characteristics of raw materials


*For skin protection and soothing

-purslane extract
-Green tea extract   

Slightly Acidic pH Formula

pH 5.22 weakly acidic serum restores the ideal skin surface balance
Maintains a comfortable and healthy skin condition

Formulation: Transparent, pale yellow, moist essence formulation
Feeling: Absorbs moisture without stickiness and gives a refreshing finish
Color: clear and pale yellow
(It is the natural color of the Houttuynia Cordata extract, and depending on the harvest time of the raw material, the yellow color may come up.)


*Moisture test

True hydration of Houttuynia cordata serum
-before use 24.6%
-after use 86.2%


Stickiness Self Test
Provides moist skin with excellent non-sticky moisture



  *Skin irritation test completed


How to use
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.


When you need multi-natural  Houttuynia Cordata care serum
When the serum selection criteria are safe ingredients
When you need a hypoallergenic serum that is comfortable for your skin
When you need fresh moisture without stickiness


*Q & A
1. I have been using it regularly and I think the color is different from the previous product.
-In the case of Houttuynia cordata extract and various plant extracts, which are the main ingredients in the product, the color may feel different depending on the harvest time and moisture content of the plant.

2. They said it's not sticky, but I think it's a little sticky.
-Gently pat to allow it to completely penetrate into the skin.
You can feel the moisture and refreshing feeling of use.


It contains the heart of sharing and harmonizing the heavens, the earth, and people as one.

Contains no ingredients harmful to the skin.

Various skin-friendly natural ingredients make the skin comfortable.

It contains the healthy energy of nature and makes and maintains healthy and beautiful skin.

Good promise
Development of products without chemical components
Products beneficial to nature and people
Healthy raw materials from nature
Focus on the voice of the customer
Keep prices reasonable


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