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DASHU For Men Ultra Bond Gel Down Perm 100ml With Brush comp + Tongs Gloves + Perm Paper

Type: Men's Cosmetics

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DASHU For Men Ultra Bond Gel Down Perm 100ml With Brush comp + Tongs Gloves + Perm Paper


* DASHU For Men Ultra Bond Gel Down Perm 100ml With Brush comp + Tongs Gloves + Perm Paper

* A DIY down perm product
A gel formula with better adherence than cream-type down perm, powerfully taming down any hair type at once

  • Contains 6 patented herbal extracts (lavender, bergamot, freesia, chamomile, and rosemary) to protect hair from external harmful factors
  • Contains jojoba oil, argan oil, and baobab oil, adding natural gloss to hair
  • Formulated with hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein, keratin, and collagen to protect cuticles for hair health

1. Apply the product on dry hair after shampooing, then use the brush and comb to evenly apply from the roots.
2. Wait for 10 minutes.
3. Thoroughly rinse, then press down hair while blow drying to finish.

* Q & A 
Q. I have strong straight hair that is useless even if I do a regular cream self-down perm. Does Bond Gel Down Perm work?
A. Bond gel down perm is possible.
The elastic gel formulation enhances the adhesion of the hair, so even strong straight hair types can be easily downed.

Q. After using down perm, I wash my hair, but my hair remains greasy.
Is there a product defect or problem?
A. It is a normal product.
Vegetable oil was added to protect hair from damage after the procedure.

Q. How many times can I use Bond Gel Down Perm 100ml?
A. There will be differences according to individual hair length, but on average, it can be used 4 to 5 times.

Q. How long does Bond Gel Down Perm last?
How long does it last if used?
A. It varies from person to person depending on hair type or lifestyle, and lasts for about a month (3-4 weeks).

* DASHU For Men Ultra Bond Gel Down Perm 100ml

* No more down perm that didn't work
- 10 minutes makes a difference
- Can also be applied by hand
- Terrible straight hair is no problem - Strongest monster adhesion

* Point 1
Perfectly down the side hair with a sticky gel type

* Point 2 
Contains various hair protection ingredients

* Point 3
Pleasant citrus scent

* Strong, non-exciting bond gel type

* Elastic gel type that enhances adhesion
- It has higher adherence than cream formulations, so it completely downs the hair.

* Skin hypoallergenic test completed

* Idle time
It is recommended to leave it for 8 to 10 minutes, and do not exceed 10 minutes. There are individual differences in the effect, and if the effect is insufficient, it is recommended to reuse it for a certain period of time. (Be careful not to exceed the neglect time. There is a risk of a single shot.)

* When dyeing gray hair
If you want to dye your gray hair additionally, we recommend dyeing it after the down perm procedure.

* Smart Tip 
- Minimize irritation with lotion
If you apply lotion or cream to the area where the contents can come in contact, you can minimize irritation by avoiding direct contact with the skin.

- How to apply
After applying in an oblique direction from back to front, attach the perm paper based on the tip of the hair.

- Cleanup step when shampooing
When washing, do not shake off the applied area, but wipe it in the normal direction.

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