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COSNORI Whitening Dress Tone Up Cream 50ml

Type: Highlighter & Illuminator

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COSNORI Whitening Dress Tone Up Cream 50ml


* COSNORI Whitening Dress Tone Up Cream 50ml 

* 9 Crown Tone-up Creams rigorously verified at the Beauty Awards

* 2021 Hwahae Beauty Awards 1st place in tone-up cream category
* 1st place at the Hwahae Beauty Awards for 3 consecutive years
* Olive young tone up cream sales No. 1
* Get It Beauty Tone Up Cream View Label No.1
* 1st place at the Glow Pick Consumer Beauty Awards

* Cumulative sales of 2 million units since launch

* Any part you want - tone up anywhere
* Brightening Habit - Whitening Tone Up Cream
* When going out in a hurry - brightly tone up

* Korean vegan certified product
It is a product that meets all standards for safety and efficacy without using animal testing or animal-derived ingredients.
A vegan tone-up cream for nature.

* Stuffy skin with thick makeup,
Start your daily makeup with a bright, non-sticky tone-up cream.

* Whitening Dress Cream 
Point1 - Gently adheres to the skin for a smooth and instant tone-up.
Point2Clinically proven 24-hour tone-up effect
Point3Gentle with natural ingredients and cherry blossom water
Point4Whitening Tone Up Cream

Point1 - Gently adheres to the skin for a smooth and instant tone-up.
With a natural tone-up, it corrects the skin with one tone more bright and lovely pure white skin.

A daily tone-up cream that is as light as a feather and adheres thinly to the skin evenly and without lifting with a soft, lotion-like softness that permeates into the skin.

Moist and soft, non-sticky tone-up The non-sticky texture feels moist and the finish is soft and fluffy, maintaining a bright skin tone for a long time.

* Nori Tone Up Cream is a course that naturally tones up regardless of skin tone, and tones up all skin tones to suit the user.
At the moment when stuffy makeup is burdensome, try making it lighter with Kosnori.ori.

* Tone-up with high utility It can be used anywhere, such as elbows and armpits, as there is no residue even after wearing clothes directly from the face to the body.

* A radiance that penetrates into the skin and lasts all day.
A brilliance that is produced by being thinly adhered
Completed 24-hour tone-up clinical trial

* 24-hour lasting power that does not change even in water,
The water repelling effect of the water repelling effect maintains durability even in sweat and moisture.

* Cherry Blossom Extract
It contains 61% cherry water instead of purified water to help improve skin tone and complexion, and brightens the skin with a soft and moist feeling.

* Organic Aloe Vera
A natural-derived ingredient with a variety of nutrients, it provides powerful hydration and soothing properties to soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

* Naturally derived plant-derived ingredients
Safe-grade, naturally-derived, plant-derived ingredients provide clear and bright skin.

* Habit of Brightening
Whitening tone up cream

* Cosnori Whitening Tone-up Cream, a course focused on whitening
Cherry blossom water and niacinamide ingredients help to instantly tone up and improve skin tone, making the skin bright.
* View Label's No. 1 Tone Up Cream, selected through 3 steps among 100 types of tone up cream.

* No. 1 in Get It Beauty, Cosnori Tone-up Cream
STEP 1 - No 9 harmful and controversial ingredients
STEP 2 -  Skin tone improvement rate 7.24%
STEP 3 - Cost-effectiveness Tone-up cream

* How To Use 

01. Apply a small amount thinly and tap on the desired skin for absorption.
Order of use, skin care> Sun cream: Tone-up cream.

02. If you want bright skin, tap it once more!
Neck parts with different tones can be easily unified.

03.  It can be used lightly and gently wherever you want toned up.
Elbows, armpits, legs, knees, etc.

If the feeling of use with a soft finish is dry, use it with a feeling of moisture such as sufficient basic care and use of a water-filled puff.

* Recommendation for use for clear and bright skin
Tone-up sun cream - Tone-up cream If you apply it from the inside to the outside in the order of the skin tone, you can create an even and smooth skin expression and clear and bright tone-up skin.

If you apply a small amount to the areas where you are concerned about clumping, you can create a more natural tone-up.

* Frequently Asked Questions Q & A
Q. Can I sleep with it on?
It is a whitening functional product and can be used before going to bed.
Use after basic skin care (after the cream phase).

Q. Can men use it too?
A It is a product that evens and brightens the skin tone of all users, and can be used by men as well.
If it is difficult to control the amount, please use a smaller amount.

Q. Is there a sunscreen function?
This product focuses on whitening and tone-up and does not have a sunscreen function.
Sunscreen should be applied separately in the morning.
It is recommended to properly cover blemishes, block UV rays, and check the tone-up effect.

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