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Milk Baobab Body Wash Baby Powder 1000ml

Type: Body Wash

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Milk Baobab Body Wash Baby Powder 1000ml


* Milk Baobab Body Wash Baby Powder 1000ml

* 6 Types of hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid crystals that fill dry skin

* Baby powder scent

Soft powder scent that hugs you warmly

* pH  slightly acidic
pH balance for a healthy and clean brain

* Oil-Moisture balance
Milk Protein and Baobab Seed Extract

* It's the same perfume, but why does it disappear quickly?
   Have you ever thought about this?
-The persistence of the scent is greatly influenced by humidity, so even if it is the same perfume, the scent lasts longer on rainy days and the scent lasts longer on moist skin than on dry skin.

* It fills the dry and dry skin with rich moisture and keeps the moisture from escaping, maintaining a moist and smooth skin, and the rich scent makes it last for a long time like the smell of flesh.
* 6 types of hyaluronic acid moisturizing
Moisture Layering 3STEP

-If low-molecular hyaluronic acid fills the skin with moisture,

-medium-molecular hyaluronic acid prevents moisture from evaporating,
-and high-molecular hyaluronic acid forms a moisture film on the skin to protect the skin

* Smooth and Moist skin

* Moisture and fragrance are maintained on the skin with a moisture vitamin protective film!

1. Panthenol is absorbed and converted to vitamin B5
2. Converted vitamin B5 binds moisture
3. Prevents evaporation of moisture and fragrance particles by forming a moisturizing protective film

* Moisture Locking TEST
6 Hyaluronic Acid and Moisture Magnet Panthenol keep a gentle scent longer on moist skin.

* Baby powder scent that lasts for a long time on moist skin with moisture
A baby powder fragrance that gives you the comfort of holding a soft baby in your arms.

* Dryness is the biggest enemy of your skin!
From itching to skin irritation and skin stress!
Milk protein and baobab tree seeds, the peak of the oil and moisture balance, provide moisture and nutrition to the skin, protecting and softening damaged skin.

* pH balance care for a healthy skin environment
Milk Baobab Moist Body Wash and Body Lotion is an acidic formula that helps maintain skin health.

* Moist Body Wash Baby Powder Main Ingredients
- Honey-6 Complex
16 types of honey extracts provide rich nutrition to the skin and provide moisture to the skin.

- Aqua 4 Oil
Skin-friendly, four vegetable oils leave your skin soft and healthy.

Contains 6 types of hyaluronic acid, strengthens skin moisturizing power, supplies moisture

* The ultimate hair & body care solution from milk protein and African baobab!

Milk Protein Care Milk protein extract,
-high-protein, nourishing ingredients provide moisture, shine and nutrition to hair and skin.

Moisturizing Baobab Seed Extract
-Excellent moisture retention, high moisturizing effect, and botanical active ingredients help hair and skin care.

 * Milk Baobab products are made in a more meticulous production environment under the GMP management regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

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