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Moremo Recovery Balm B 120ml 230ml

Type: Hair & Scalp Care

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Moremo Recovery Balm B 120ml 230ml

120 ml - $24.51 USD
  • 120 ml - $24.51 USD
  • 230 ml - $43.49 USD


No need to wash, no need to wait
Protein Boosting Charge for damaged hair with highly enriched protein cream

Now, its time to say good bye to damaged hair


A protein primer to apply before drying!
Moremo Recovery Balm B
# The winner of the Glow Pick Awards for 2 consecutive years
# No-wash treatment after shampooing and drying
# Ironing primer with both softness and heat care
# Daily Care OK! Recommended for use before drying & ironing

No need to wash, no need to wait!
Now it's time to say goodbye to damage!
Moremo Recovery Balm B

Don't need to wash off,  
just apply and dry it! 
Your hair will newly born again everyday with Balm B.

Hair Care Category Brand Grand Prize!

The winner of 2018 CSBA Customer Satisfaction Brand Award

The moment you need a recovery night!
  • Hair that frequently uses high-temperature hot air balloons such as hair dryers or magic machines
  • When you need intensive management of extremely damaged hair, which has become brittle and cracked due to frequent dyeing or perming
  • When you want to create rich hair that preserves curl and volume
  • When you want to reduce cumbersome hair care steps easily

Protein care that did not exist in the past
Immediate softness right after you apply the product 

Smoothing heat damage car
It prevents damage from the heat the allows for effects that is activated at high temperatures 
* You will feel the same softness whether you air-dry your hair or you blow-dry your hair. 

Improvement on extremely damaged hair
21 kinds of amino acids and 7 knids of proteins will surely improve damaged hair

No-wash treatment
The product can be completely absorbed and coat your hair naturally, so you do not have to wash it off. It's a so-called " leave-in" type treatment.

2 kinds of patent components contained
AMINO ACID COMPLEX, a composition of the dead skin cell layer of the hair and HP-DCC-COMPLEX, an effective component for the scalp and hair. 

Presents you the jewel-like hair
From now on, experience salon care at home!

Thermal care treatment
A must-have item before hairstyling that properly saves dry teeth, setting straws,

loop teeth, and curls.

heat care damage care
gloss coating
curling up

Protecting your hair from heat damage.

If your hair is damaged by using a hair dryer or straightener every morning,
Moremo Recovery Balm that will protect your hair from heat damage.

Apply a small amount and dry the damaged areas thoroughly.

It's okay to dry it naturally in the hot summer.

Bleached hair doesn't get tangled up. It transforms into soft and smooth hair!
It's a rib-in type that doesn't need to be washed away, so it's easy to use even in busy mornings.

*Only for self-test, there are individual differences

Nutritional care for extremely damaged hair
Free hair salon treatment and styling with healthy hair!
Perfect home care every day!

Effectively absorbed into the cuticle while the hair is moist and open!
No-wash treatment without rinsing

Containing high-concentrated protein, even a small amount is enough to care for damaged hair.

Just apply it to wet hair and you're done!
Protein care

28 kinds of high-concentration protein complex is quickly absorbed into the hair, filling damaged hair with flexing, smoothing the surface of dry hair to make it elastic and protecting it from damage.

high concentration protein complex

Lysine      EWG1 grade
Histidine      EWG1 grade
Arginine      WG1 Grade
Aspartic Acid      EWG1 Grade
Threonine      EWG1 Grade
Serine      EWG1 Grade
Glutamic Acid      EWG1 Grade
Methionine      EWG1 grade
Isoleucine      EWG1 grade
Leucine      EWG1 grade
Tyrosine    EWG 1 grade
Phenylalanine   EWG1 grade 
Cysteine      EWG1 Grade
Rice amino acid      EWG1 grade
Oat Amino Acid      EWG1 Grade
Wheat Amino Acid      EWG1 Grade
Milk protein      EWG1 grade
Valine      EWG1 Grade
Proline      EWG1 grade
Glycine      EWG1 grade
Hydrolyzed Corn      EWG1 Grade
Hydrolyzed Mill      EWG2 Grade
Hydrolyzed soybean      EWG not registered
Hydrolyzed Keratin      EWG1 Grade
Hydrolyzed silk      EWG1 grade
Hydrolyzed Collagen      EWG1 Grade
Alanine      EWG1 Grade

Patented ingredient

Patent No. 10-0490212
Patented ingredients of 17 amino acids, which are components of the skin

Patent No. 10-1396438
Patent ingredient for improving and protecting scalp and damaged hair

Thermally active ingredients protect hair from hot and dry heat and further enhance hair conditioning.

Soft volume with velvet texture
Long and soft and plump!
Perfect volume styling every day


Protein Concentrated Balm
-> Emulsion formulation with wet hair
-> Fluffy and soft velvet formulation by meeting heat (hot air balloon)

Tangle-free softness
Bouncy volume

Effect of Moremo Recovery Balm B confirmed by human application test

01 Nutrition care

Helps to improve the roughness of the tip of the hair (cuticle)
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date 2019.12.27~ 2020.02 17
*20 adult women over the age of 20 / hair area / 2 injections / individual differences

02 Heat care

(Compared to the unapplied group) Helps reduce hair splitting (roughness) when using a hot air balloon
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2019.12.27 1 2020.02.17
*20 adult females over 20 years old/hair area/use 3 times/individual differences

(Compared to the unapplied group) Helps to improve hair elasticity when using a hot air balloon
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2019.12.27 ~ 2020.02.17
*20 adult females over the age of 20 / hair area / use 3 times / individual differences
24 hour all day care
Helps improve hair shine and lasts (maintain) for 24 hours
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2019.12.27 ~ 2020.02.17
*Inmowig 20 groups/company use

Helps to improve hair volume and maintain (maintain) hair for 24 hours
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2019.12.27 ~ 2020.02 ,17
*Inmowig 20 groups/company use

(Compared to the non-applied group) Helps to improve hair curling retention for 24 hours
Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2019.12.27 ~ 2020.02 ,17
*For 20 groups of curling pieces / 1 company

04 Hypoallergenic test

Complete skin irritation test

Certification Body: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Certification Date: 2018.05.08 ~ 2018.05.11
*31 adults / back / 24 hour closure patch (30 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours difference evaluation after patch removal) / individual differences
Dreamy beauty that resembles Flora, the queen of flowers.
The sweetness of peach, the romance of Peony, the mystery of musk, the sway of purple scent.


After shampooing, remove moisture with a towel and put a small amount of recovery balm on the palm of your hand.

Apply evenly around the ends of damaged hair.

Effect of thermally active ingredients UP when using hot air tools such as dryer/iron/magic machine

Shampoo - Use on wet hair after other world life
In hot summer, you can dry it with cold air or dry it naturally.

Reliable softness with just a small amount!
Long hair and small amounts of almond-sized use also provide amazing softness.

Q. How do I use it?
This is a leave-in treatment that is used every day before using a hot air balloon (hair dryer, iron, etc.).

Q. Do I have to wash it off?
It is a no-wash product that does not wash off

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