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A'ddict Solid Perfume 30ml

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Type: Women Fragrance


Solid Perfume, melted at body temperature and applied to the skin at body temperature, does not contain ethanol, so it is not strong and has a soft scent, delivering a comfortable feeling to anyone.

The number of engraved on the perfume is the only way you can feel the fragrance through the nine-divided perfume notes.  The first digit on the left stands for the nine large categories of fragrances.  The last two digits represent the individual fragrances within the fragrance.  Customers can recognize the scent they want just by number and choose the scent they want.

Adict's first solid perfume, Musk 103, is a 03 Musk fragrance from 1 Animal Note.  The scent of musk, which has a strange charm that captivates the opponent, has a different charm depending on the unique scent of the same musk.  Musk 103 has the sensual feel of musk and the sweet, floral notes of vanilla to make you look even more glamorous.

Addict's first solid perfume, Sandalwood 201, is a 2 Woody Note's 01 Sandalwood fragrance.  When you walk in the thick forest after a rain, the scent of sandalwood, which you can feel the deep, dark woody scent that comes from the slightly wet soil and trees, makes you look even more delicate and sexy with the scent of saffron and amber that is strong but slightly felt.

Aydict's third solid fragrance, Muguet 313, is a 13 Muguet fragrance from 3 Herbal & Green Note.  The scent of Mew Gue, similar to early summer with a refreshing feeling, is inspired by the neat and pure white swan floating in the lake. It provides a transparent and clean image with the fresh grass leaves, the soft and pure Mew Gue, and the gentle scent of Cheondal Wood.

Addict's fourth solid perfume, Tuberose 420, is a 4 Floral Note 20 Tuberose fragrance.  On a sunset and moonlit night, the cool yet gentle scent of tuberose is inspired by the black swan, which has a deadly yet elegant charm.  Sensual white floral and sweet vanilla scent, |  The reverberation of chic cedar wood creates a sensual atmosphere, allowing you to slowly immerse yourself in a subtle scent that you can't get out of.

*It is a 'transparent primer' type cream that does not feel heavy or stuffy even if it is reapplied several times. It melts into the body temperature and has a silky finish that melts softly into the skin.
*Like the original 'smell of flesh' that is not artificial 
Ethanol was not added so that it was gentle on my skin and filled with only a subtle scent instead of an unpleasant odor. Excluding artificial ingredients and leaving only naturalness, it meets my body odor and gives off a subtle scent like the original 'smell of flesh' to deliver a seductive feeling.

*Patented raw materials that make a better fragrance when it meets body odor are added with the 'ionic bond' technology of ionic cellulose ingredients, and when it meets the moisture of sweat and body odor, it amplifies the scent of a good fragrance. This technology is Adict's proprietary technology jointly developed by Adict and oem.

*Solid perfume is only steered with a single note 'base', so you can customize it with your own scent by layering it with other perfumes.

Try using it with liquid perfume, which was usually thought to have a weak lasting power. When used with liquid perfume, the creamy solid perfume holds the liquid perfume molecules for a longer period of time.

*How To Use 

-Dissolve an appropriate amount at body temperature and apply to the area where the pulse beats and where you want the subtle scent to stay.
*Use Tips
Try layering by spraying liquid perfume on the area where solid perfume was applied. With a richer fragrance, it further enhances durability. 

* Use for Hair When applied to the ends of the hair, the fragrance is naturally scented when the wind blows or the hair is turned, leaving you feeling soft for a long time.

*Portable With a non-breakable container and portable size, put it in a pouch or bag and use it when you need a change of mood.


A'ddict Solid Perfume 30ml

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