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Maison De p:ensee

Time to think about yourself

In French, pense means "deep thought" and maisonde means "home".

How much time do you spend thinking deeply about yourself in your busy daily life?

Thinking about yourself shapes who you are and what you like, and forms your identity.
It is an important time to become yourself and move forward with your life.

Maison de Pense believes that the time you use our products only thinks about yourself.
It is a brand created with the hope that it will be a time of love.

In the flood of marketing, the essence of cosmetics is forgotten, but only the essence of products and people
It also contains our philosophy that we have been focusing on.

To all those who are weary of the Maison de Pence and are losing themselves
We want to become a warm home where you can listen to your own body and mind and become happy.



'French Naturalist Cosmetics'

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Périgord region of France
It is not cultivated artificially and grows only in the ground, so it is called 'diamond in the ground'.
Using 'black truffle', we developed a skin care that contains French nature.

Black truffle, also known as one of the world's top three delicacies, is
First black western truffle from the forests of Perigord in southwestern France.
It was named ‘Black Perigord Truffle’ after the local name.

In high calcium limestone soil under hazelnut or oak tree in forest
It grows naturally and is harvested between November and February in a 30cm depth of soil.
It is a rare raw material.

Experience the amazing effect that nature's precious ingredients give to your skin.

'Pursue an emotional and modern fragrance and charm'

Maison de Pence's perfume products
After many researches by a professional perfumer in France, we found the optimal blending ratio.
To create a deep, rich fragrance, we use fragrances that have been smelted by traditional manufacturing methods.

Under the philosophy of fragrance that the original fragrance is the most beautiful
When the fragrance comes into contact with the body, it naturally presents an attractive fragrance.

'Efforts for Clean Beauty'

Maison de Pense manufactures products through research and testing for at least one year.
Safe 5-free prescription for safe use even for sensitive skin

(paraben-free, mineral oil-free, benzophenone-free, phenoxyethanol-free, animal-derived)

We use healthy, natural ingredients and release only products that have passed hypoallergenic clinical trials

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