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Cevitol Multi perfect Marine Collagen Peptide 3.3g×30pcs

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Skin nutrition care in one easy way

Meet the easy way to regain lost skin vitality with Multi Perfect Low Molecular Fish Collagen Peptide. It is a low-molecular-weight fish collagen created by enzymatic hydrolysis, so it has high absorption and is effective in balancing the skin. Made with blueberry flavor and scent, you can consume it without fishy taste, and it's made in a small and thin pouch type, so it's good to eat anytime, anywhere. Start simple care for healthy skin with Multi Perfect Low Molecular Fish Collagen Peptide made without adding chemical excipients.

1. Low Molecular Collagen 300 Daltons
   High content collagen 2,000mg

2. Hyaluronic acid
   Milk ceramide

3. Biotin 333%
    Vitamin C 100%

*Based on 1 packet/daily nutritional value standard

 It is a product officially registered by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, produced in a food safety management certified manufacturing facility, and can be safely consumed.

Why does the skin balance collapse?

-Outdoor activity

-Unbalanced nutrition

-Everyday life

Our skin is affected by various factors such as outdoor activities and unbalanced nutrition. 

Cevitol Multi Care Solution A must-have solution for these people!

-Those who want to easily supplement various nutrients

-Those who find it difficult to take in the right nutrition due to busy daily life

-Those who want to eat collagen deliciously

3 reasons why Multi Perfect Collagen is unique! 

01. Multi Skin Ingredients

All the ingredients you need!
Low-molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, milk ceramide, and elastin

02. Premium Ingredients

European premium biotin and vitamin C
so that the skin ingredients can be completely filled

03. High Quality Ingredients

Meticulously Selected Confident Ingredients
Premium raw materials, no chemical excipients, Swiss international certification authority test completed


Multi Ingredients

Low-molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, milk ceramide, and elastin
All the ingredients you need!

-Low molecular weight
 Fish collagen
 300 Daltons

-Hyaluronic acid

-Milk ceramide



Key Ingredients


It is a protein that accounts for about 85-90% of the dermis and is present in high concentrations in all connective tissues in the body, such as skin, bone, ligament, and cartilage.

*Hyaluronic acid

It is a component that is distributed in the dermal layer of the skin and joints.

*Milk ceramide

Ceramide, a raw material extracted 100% from milk, exists in large quantities in cell membranes and is composed of lipid components.


It is an elastic protein that is involved in the flexibility and elasticity of tissues and binds collagen tightly.

Collagen selection TIP

Collagen that makes up the skin is separate!

Collagen type | : skin hair

Collagen type|| : cartilage tissue

Collagen type III: ligaments, blood vessels

Collagen type IV: tissue basement membrane

Source: Joumal of Biological Chemistry (2002), 277 (6): 4223-4231

Created by enzymatic hydrolysis
Low Molecular Fish Collagen

We used only low-molecular-weight fish collagen, 1/170,000 the size of a human hair, whose molecules were split into small pieces through an enzymatic hydrolysis method.

300 dalton collagen shows high absorption. 

*What is Dalton (Da)?
It is a unit that indicates the molecular size of a protein, and the lower the dalton, the smaller the size.

With high-content low-molecular collagen
Absorption sure!

2,000mg high content
300 Daltons Low Molecular Collagen

Premium Ingredients

European premium biotin and vitamin C

-Collagen synthesis
100% recommended daily amount of British vitamin C

-Protein production
333% of the recommended daily amount of biotin from France


Use of raw materials from DSM, the world's No. 1 company
Raw material manufacturer with 117 years of tradition

-Protein Production_Biotin
It is necessary for the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, which are the three most important nutrients in our body, and for energy generation.

-Collagen Synthesis_Vitamin C
It protects cells from free radicals and is involved in the formation of connective tissue and collagen synthesis.

8About 89.5% of the Korean population is deficient in biotin.

*Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare Korean Nutrient Intake Standards (2015)

•Biotin deficiency, it's not someone else's story. Take care of all the nutrition with Sebitol Collagen. 

High Quality Ingredients

Meticulously Selected Confident Ingredients

*Sebitol Multi Perfect Collagen Ingredients Check List

√ 6 premium ingredients
√ No added chemical excipients
√ Swiss international certification authority test completed 

It is generously packed with 6 premium ingredients.

-International Certification Authority
 Small molecule collagen
 2,000 mg [300 Daltons]

-Made in England
 Vitamin C
 100mg [100%]

-Made in France
 100μg [333%]

-Made in Germany
 Milk ceramide

-Made in France

-Made in USA
 Hyaluronic acid

Sebitol's Right Ingredient Principle

Sebitol boldly avoids food additives and excipients to improve productivity.

*Collagen low-molecular test completed to ensure absorption! 

Sebitol Multi Perfect Collagen
Only collagen with a weight of less than 300 daltons verified through the test of the Swiss international certification body SGS is used.

*Heavy metal test completed so that you can enjoy it without worry! 

Sebitol Multi Perfect Collagen has completed the heavy metal component test, so you can consume it without worry.

Easily take multi-collagen with one packet a day.

1. Fish Collagen
   Small molecule 300 Daltons
   2,000mg per pack

2. Core ingredients
   10mg hyaluronic acid
   Milk Ceramide 10mg
   Elastin 10mg

3. Biotin/Vitamin C
   Biotin 333%
   100% Vitamin C

4. 6 Premium Ingredients
    Raw materials from DSM
    France, Germany,
    US raw material

5. No food additive excipients
    No addition of silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, coloring agent, or HPMC

6. Ingredient tested
   Small molecule collagen
   No heavy metal detection


 *Sebitol Multi Perfect Collagen, Take a Closer Look

- Pleasant refreshing berry flavor
  Experience the refreshing berry flavor developed by Sebitol researchers so that you can enjoy it every day.

-Enjoy one packet a day
 Replenish 6 key ingredients and nutrients with 1 packet a day for basic use and 3 packets a day ahead of a special day

-Anytime, anywhere, conveniently
 Stick-packed powder is packed into one package so that you can enjoy it anytime,  anywhere.

*Various intake methods of Multi Collagen

-Conveniently powdered as it is
  easy without water

- Fine powder, easily soluble in water
  with various drinks

-Mixed in salads and yogurt
  with various foods
















Cevitol Multi perfect Marine Collagen Peptide 3.3g×30pcs

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