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A day in Chosun

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A day in Chosun


Book introduction

Life history and customs of the Joseon Dynasty penetrated in one day! Luggage vendors lined up in front of the castle gate yawning at dawn, Yukjo Street in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace covered with all sorts of vehicles during rush hour, the sighs of Sungkyunkwan Confucian scholars living a suffocating life, crowded with traders bargaining using codes This is Jongno Sijeon Street, Mapo Wharf, where people gather for street performances by sadangpae, and gibangs in Bukchon who are treated badly if they are not polite! From the opening of the four main gates at dawn to the closing of the night, you can vividly experience the values, culture, art, food, and shelter of the Joseon people right in front of you!


01 The bells of the bell tower open the four gates
Nice to meet you, Hanyang! | To the sound of bells in the bell tower, the four gates widen | Grand Gamma, who couldn't sleep at dawn
Kyujanggak Bridge, busy preparing for the first day of work | A school student who is sullen in the morning

02 The world's gourmand, Joseon people's breakfast table
Landscape of the main house with a relaxing energy | The grooming of a noblewoman who subtly follows the trend
A nobleman's daughter-in-law is having a hard time! | Nobi, moving hands and feet in and out of the house
What is the story of Nobi's age of 216? | The world's gourmand, Joseon people's breakfast table

03 Visit Yukjo Street, the administrative town of Joseon
Work scene of Yukjo street in Joseon's administrative town | Hanseong Panyun and Damo met in Hanseongbu
A horse neighing in the middle of the government office? | Joseon’s social media, a noisy laundry room
Middle school students going through a stormy period | A butcher's shop in the university district of Joseon. The hard life of Sungkyunkwan Confucian scholars | Confucian scholars in Hanyang receiving preferential treatment | Daunting days of Kyujanggak Gakshin|Kyujanggak Bridge that became a new ghost | The dream of a spring day, the king and his servants

04 Hanyang's spring viewed from the air
Floating in the air of Hanyang | Why do Gyeonghwasejok live in Clickbali’s neighborhood? | The new town of Hanyang, the scenery outside the castle

05 People I met at Unjongga, a hot place in Hanyang
Unjongga where people gather like clouds | Where is the trade without overkill? | old man floating
Various people walking on the street | The secret of the Bloody Road told by mutts | Hanyang's representative restaurant menu, janggukbap
The talkative Yakjureup I met at the Copper Dog Pharmacy | Street performance around Gaecheon
Vegetables at Baeogae Market, fish at Chilpae Market | The road to the revelry of Mapo Wharf

06 Daejeon Byeolgam, a fashionista who controls the spirit
All delicacies from the mountains and seas are gathered here | Gibang scenery that is unfamiliar yet familiar
Joseon's fashionista, Daejeon Byeolgam | Inwangsan Moonlight City Club

07 After the splendid party sponsored by the noble family,
Secret Dating in the Joseon Dynasty | Grand Gamma's refined taste | The sound of sighs coming from across the room
Novel fever blows into the living room | Did Joseon couples love each other?

08 The Long Journey to the Silent Night
Newborn of Haengnangchae | Approval sound announcing curfew | Hello Hanyang!

09 Send horses to foreign countries, send people to Hanyang
What kind of city was Hanyang, the capital of Joseon? | Bustling, bustling Hanyang where all kinds of goods are gathered
Noisily, Hanyang where all kinds of people gather | Hanyang is getting bigger and bigger
New and new, living in Hanyang gives you special benefits! | Hanyang, where Silhak and popular culture bloom
Send the horse abroad, send the man to Hanyang

Review of the editor

As if you were going on a little trip, get to know the history of Joseon!

When you go on a trip and tell about your experiences, what do people usually talk about? Most will tell you something like. "The meat I ate at the restaurant in front of the station really melted in my mouth. The boss of the restaurant is tall and has a bushy beard... ... ."

When you say 'travel', most people pay attention to things related to life and culture, such as whether the food is delicious, whether people are friendly, how they look and dress, whether the streets are clean, and whether public transportation is convenient. .

Unfortunately (?), Im not very interested in the significance of the cultural objects I see around me, or how old they are. Even if you listen to the explanations, you can quickly forget them. Even history textbooks are like a journey into an era. But who would be happy to learn about the size and significance of cultural assets while traveling?

In fact, humanities books are always serious for young people, because they cannot be free from learning. However, a trip that is too serious can quickly lose the interest of both adults and young people. "A Day in Joseon" is a historical and cultural book for visiting Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty. However, it is a travel book for one day that can be taken with a light heart and a sense of walking.

When did the people who lived in Hanyang wake up, how did they use the toilet, what kind of rice and side dishes did they eat, how did the women put on makeup, where did they drink, etc. It is a practical travel book that has it all!

Of course, a trip to Hanyang cannot end with looking at the streets and gibangs in search of life at that time. If you look logically at why people lived the way they did, you can not help but look at the politics, economics, and society of the time.

For this reason, it is also necessary to stop and listen to explanations for a while at tourist attractions such as Changdeokgung Palace, Sungkyunkwan, and Namdaemun. However, since the purpose is to find the reason for a certain life, it is much easier and more interesting to approach the history of the Joseon Dynasty.
Unlike the rigid curriculum that focuses on political history and shows the compressed time for 500 years, the history tour in Hanyang for a day gives young readers a new experience of drawing the history of the entire Joseon Dynasty, starting from the gentle life history. will! Joseon's politics, economy, and culture were discovered in the lives of the people of Hanyang. This book covers a whole day from dawn to dawn of the next day, starting from the mountain. It is a historical travel book that gives a vivid and detailed account of the journey to Sungnyemun Gate.

The destination of the journey is a noble family in Namchon, Hanyang. Through the lives of Daegamma, the royal court secretary, the eldest son of Kyujanggak, the youngest son of a Confucian scholar, the lady of the house and the daughter-in-law, and about 100 slaves of the family, the life of the people in Hanyang and the appearance of every corner of Hanyang are shown. following them, you can feel the fun of learning about the small daily life, such as the eunuch who wears big shoes, the passport that allows you to move freely during the curfew, and the etiquette to follow when entering the kibang.

However, the visit to Hanyang does not end with looking around here and there.

They follow the nobles as they rush off to work in the morning, stopping in the streets of government offices to learn about the prevailing ideology and system of Joseon, enjoying food alongside the hostess and daughter-in-law who take care of the housework and reflecting on the values and traditions of the time. While they look around the streets with slaves doing all kinds of work,

I think about the contradictions of the class system of the time and the causes of the remarkable development of trade and industry.

Putting together the vivid Hanyang that you have seen with your eyes, heard from the people around you and tasted with your tongue, a big map of 'Joseon' is created in your mind, covering politics, economy, culture and art in detail. In addition, an information page has been included at the end of each chapter to provide useful information such as political changes, economic development, and scientific development that you need to know about the Joseon Dynasty at a glance.

As the story proceeds like a journey, it is intended to clearly point out the features of the Joseon Dynasty that may have been overlooked. The information pages are organically linked to the content of the main text and arranged in the order of middle school textbooks so that the Joseon Dynasty can be seen at a glance so that even young readers who are not familiar with the Joseon Dynasty can easily understand the progression of the story after the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. configured so that This morning is the 7th day of the year. The meal prepared by Chanmo is served by her daughter-in-law, Mr. Han.

It is a set table with rice, soup, stew, and soybean paste, plus 7 other side dishes. In addition, there are soy sauce, vinegar soy sauce, and red bell pepper paste, so everyone can add more according to their taste.
Oh, I am really curious about the taste! Although it is presumptuous, we taste it secretly without the landlady knowing. Seasoned fish from the north is not spicy.

Daegujeon is light because it is fried without much oil. ... (omitted) ... Why did you set the table so big in the morning?

During the Joseon Dynasty, people ate two meals a day. I ate another meal only in the summer when I worked a lot in agriculture. So it became a habit to eat a substantial breakfast. - Page 60, 〈Gourmets in the World, Joseon People's Breakfast Table〉 Over 200 years, the rediscovery of Seoul in Hanyang!

How can you easily understand the history of Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, compared to another city? Beijing in China? Kyoto in Japan? no! The quickest way to understand Hanyang is to compare it to Seoul today'. Hanyang was the capital of Joseon around 1700, which was experiencing its cultural heyday, and is similar to today's Seoul in many ways. Hanyang and Seoul even resemble each other like twins, for example, in terms of people flocking to them, in terms of being consuming cities that suck up supplies from outside like a black hole, and in terms of the benefits of being a capital city that receives preferential educational conditions.

Moreover, one can even experience that the appearance of the second middle school in Korea overlaps with that of the students of the school who diligently memorize "Sohak" to be admitted to Sungkyunkwan while attending the teacher' school in Hanyang!

If you live in Korea today, it is definitely easiest to compare ancient Hanyang with modern-day Seoul. Just like when we travel, the first thing we do is compare the place where we are currently living with a foreign city. In this regard, "A Day in Joseon" is not only easy to read, but also a book in which it is fun to compare different elements as if playing "Hidden Pictures" Comparing the natural environment, people, food, clothing, and shelter, as well as economic activities of Hanyang, the representative city of Joseon, with our present situation, we can find not only their values for a living but also similar problems as today, such as the 'Seoul concentration phenomenon' and 'educational problems'.

Young readers will go a step further and look at the history of the Joseon Dynasty from a 'different perspective'. Are the reasons why people flock to Hanyang in the late Joseon Dynasty and the reasons why people flock to Seoul in the 21st century surprisingly the same?

It seems that today's 'Seoul concentration phenomenon' began in Hanyang in the late 18th century. So far, we have visited Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, and unintentionally (?) compared it to today's Seoul in many ways. The natural environment, the people, the food, the clothing and housing, the economic activities, the hobbies, etc... ... .

The reason why Hanyang and Seoul seem to overlap strangely despite the time difference of more than 200 years is probably not just because they are silky places. Is it just my mood if I feel that the situation of the Confucian scholars from Hakdang who lived in Hanyang and that of our teenagers today are different? - On page 225, it says, "Send horses abroad, send people to Hanyang."

look at the real Hanyang through genre pictures from the Joseon Dynasty! In addition to school textbooks, picture illustrations in historical and cultural-historical books for children and teenagers usually have only an additional informational function.

As a result, looking at the pictures interferes with the flow of the text, and one sometimes has the feeling that one is playing with information written separately from the text. Since in many cases, the image is already explained in the text, the text and the image are naturally aligned, as if one is traveling and looking at the landscape.

To emphasize these qualities, not only are hundreds of old paintings spread out in a large format and cool size but also the information about the panels, such as the artist and collection location, is arranged separately in the back of the book so that the flow of the text is not hindered by the description of the image. I have tried to give as much consideration as possible to young readers.

Readers of this book will enjoy the pleasure of historical travel books with easy-to-read text and vivid pictures while enjoying the splendor of the wonderful paintings of ancient painters.


Women’s Size Chart (Clothes)

Use this chart to check what a Size 10 Women or a Size 8 Women corresponds to.

General Size US Size Chest in Inches Waist in Inches Hips
XS 0 32 24 34.5
XS 2 33 25 35.5
S 4 34 26 36.5
S 6 35 27 37.5
M 8 36 28 38.5
M 10 37 29 39.5
L 12 38.5 30. 5 41
L 14 40 32 42.5
XL 16 41.5 33.5 44
XL 18 43 35 45.5

The most commonly used international sizes for women are small, medium, and large, although aside from the standard sizes, there are also females that runs on plus size or petite, which may have similar sizes just like in the children size. Some clothes are labeled depending on the body type – curvy, lean or tall, while some sizes are based on female body shape – straight body type, pear-type, spoon-type, oval body type, inverted-triangle type or hourglass.

Women’s Plus Sizes (Clothes)

General Size US Size Chest in Inches Waist in Inches Hips in Inches
0X 12W 40 33 42
1X 14W 42 35 44
1X 16W 44 37 46
2X 18W 46 39 48
2X 20W 48 41 50
3X 22W 50 43 52
3X 24W 52 45 54
4X 26W 54 47 56
4X 28W 56 49 58
5X 30W 58 51 60
5X 32W 60 53 62

Women’s Petites Sizes (Clothes)

General Size US Size Chest in Inches Waist in Inches Hips in Inches
XS 2P 32 23. 5 34
S 4P 33 24. 5 35
S 6P 34 25. 5 36
M 8P 35 26.5 37
M 10P 36 27.5 38
L 12P 37.5 29 39.5
L 14P 39 30.5 41

Women’s Size Chart Conversion

International size US size UK size German size French size Italian size
XS 0 4 30 32 36
XS 2 6 32 34 38
XS 4 8 34 36 40
S 6 10 36 38 42
S 8 12 38 40 44
M 10 14 40 42 46
M 12 16 42 44 48
L 14 18 44 46 50
L 16 20 46 48 52
XL 18 22 48 50 54
XL 20 24 50 52 56
XXL 22 26 52 54 58
XXL 24 28 54 56 60

Measuring Your Body

Find our detailed how to measure inseam and how to measure waist size here.

  • Waist: Place the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually around your belly button or a little above it, and measure the waist circumference in inches or centimeters.
  • First Hip/Low Waist: Locate the point between your hip and your waist and place the tape measure around it.
  • Hips/Second Hip: Following the guide for chest measurement, make sure the tape measure is wrapped around the widest area of your hip. No need to add room for movement if you are trying to buy stretchable jeans with a close or slim fit.
  • Chest: Stand straight, with arms relaxed on your side, ask any adult at home to help you wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest area. Allow a little room for movement, maximum of 1 inch. If you are buying a jacket, use this measurement and add a few inches depending on how loose you want the jacket to fit you.
  • Height: Measure from your head to toe without any footwear on. You can use a door frame as a measuring point, stand up straight against it and make sure to properly mark the highest point of your head.
  • Arm length: Measure your arm length from the shoulder to the hand wrist. Don’t forget to stretch your arm.

That looks easy, doesn’t it? But that’s only the beginning. Women’s sizes are far more diverse than that for men and children. Those whose measurements are not included in a typical standard guide will need to wear apparel that fit better in sections labeled as petite, curvy, and tall, depending on their body type. There are also plus sizes and maternity sizes, and as if that’s not enough, there is also “vanity sizing”, which can really confuse consumers.

Women’s Pants Size Charts

Use our Women’s pants size chart to find your American or European pants size. How do you read this chart? Actually, it’s quite easy: Measure your waist and hips in inch or centimeters. Then choose the according row in the table. In this way, it’s really simple to find your European pant sizes or convert from EU size to US size.

For example: If you have a 32 inch waist, your size is a US-Size M or Euro-Size 42.

Waist (Inch) Hips (Inch) US Size / Internat. Euro Size Waist (CM) Hips (CM)
24 - 25 33 - 34 XXS 32 61 - 63 84 - 87
25 - 26 35 - 36 XS 34 64 - 66 88 - 91
27 - 28 37 - 38 S 36 67 - 70 92 - 95
28 - 29 38 - 39 S 38 71 - 74 96 - 98
29 - 30 39 - 40 M 40 75 - 78 99 - 101
31 - 32 40 - 41 M 42 79 - 82 102 - 104
33 - 34 41 - 42 L 44 83 - 87 105 - 108
35 - 37 43 - 44 L 46 88 - 93 109 - 112
38 - 39 44 - 45 XL 48 94 - 99 113 - 116
40 - 41 46 - 48 XL 50 100 - 106 117 - 121
42 - 43 48 - 50 XXL 52 107 - 112 122 - 126
44 - 46 50 - 52 XXL 54 113 - 119 127 - 132
47 - 49 53 - 54 3XL 56 120 - 126 133 - 138
50 - 52 55 - 57 3XL 58 127 - 133 139 - 144
53 - 55 57 - 59 4XL 60 134 - 140 145 - 150
56 - 58 60 - 61 4XL 62 141 - 147 151 - 156

How to measure pants size?

Women’s Pant size Conversion Chart

With our Women’s Pant Size Conversion Chart, you can easily convert your US size into various international pant sizes.

US / Internat. Size UK Size Euro Size French Size Italian Size
3XS 2 28 30 34
XXS 4 30 32 36
XS 6 32 34 38
S 8 34 36 40
M 10 36 38 42
L 12 38 40 44
XL 14 40 42 46
XXL 16 42 44 48
3XL 18 44 46 50
4XL 20 46 48 52
5XL 22 48 50 54
6XL 24 50 52 56
7XL 26 52 54 58
8XL 28 54 56 60

How to measure your pants size?

Women’s Jeans Size Chart

If you ask yourself what size is a 30-inch waist in women’s jeans, then use this chart to find out that it corresponds to a US Size 12 or EU 40.

Waist (Inch) US Jeans Size Euro Waist (CM)
24 0 32 61
24.5 2 32 63
25.5 4 34 65
26.5 6 34 67
27.5 8 36 70
28.5 10 38 73
30.5 12 40 77
31.5 14 42 80
33 16 42 84
34 18 44 86

Find out more about women’s jeans sizes and how to measure to find the perfect fit.

Other Apparel Sizes

Women’s Shirt and Sweater Sizes

US / Internat. Size UK Size Euro Size French Size Italian Size
XS 6 32 34 38
XS 8 34 36 40
S 10 36 38 42
S 11 37 39 43
M 12 38 40 44
M 13 39 41 45
L 14 40 42 46
L 15 41 43 47
XL 16 42 44 48
XL 17 43 45 49
XXL 18 44 46 50
XXL 19 45 47 51
3XL 20 46 48 52
3XL 21 47 49 53
4XL 22 48 50 54
4XL 23 49 51 55

Women’s Jackets Sizes

Chest width (inch) Hip width (inch) US size European clothing size Chest width (cm) Hip width (cm)
29 - 30 33 - 34 XXS 32 74 - 77 84 - 87
31 - 32 35 - 36 XS 34 78 - 81 88 - 91
32 - 33 36 - 37 S 36 82 - 85 92 - 95
33 - 34 37 - 38 M 38 86 - 89 96 - 98
34 - 36 39 - 40 L 40 90 - 93 99 - 101
37 - 38 40 - 41 L 42 94 - 97 102 - 104
38 - 39 41 - 42 XL 44 98 - 102 105 - 108
40 - 41 43 - 44 XL 46 103 - 107 109 - 112
42 - 43 45 - 46 XXL 48 108 - 113 113 - 116
44 - 46 47 - 48 XXL 50 114 - 119 117 - 121
47 - 48 48 - 49 3XL 52 120 - 125 122 - 126
49 - 50 50 - 51 3XL 54 126 - 131 127 - 132
50 - 52 52 - 53 4XL 56 132 - 137 133 - 138
53 - 54 54 - 55 4XL 58 138 - 143 139 - 144
55 - 57 56 - 58 5XL 60 144 - 149 145 - 150
58 - 60 59 - 60 5XL 62 150 - 155 151 - 156

This is how you measure to find the perfectly fitting jacket.

Bra Size Chart

Finding the right bra size is another complicated matter for women’s clothing, but thanks to more modern brands, bra sizes today can cover more diverse measurements as for how it should be. To find your body size (the number on a bra size) and cup size (the letter/s on a bra size), follow this guide.

Panties Size Chart

Some brands use different panty sizes, as outlined in the table below.

Waist in Inches Hips in Inches US Panty US Dress US Alpha
21-22 27-29 2 0 XXS
23-24 30-32 3 0-2 XS
25-26 33-35 4 4-6 S
27-28 36-38 5 8-10 M
29-31 39-41 6 12-14 L
32-34 42-44 7 16-18 XL
35-37 45-47 8 20-22 XXL
38-41 48-50 9 24-26 3XL
42-44 51-53 10 28-30 4XL
45-47 54-56 11 32-34 5XL

Women’s Accessories Sizes

Ring Sizes

Rings are one of the most interesting accessories, a woman can wear. To measure your ring size, use a thread or a dental floss, wrap it around the base of the finger that will wear the ring, mark your measurement with a pen or marker, and put it against a ruler to see how it measures in millimeters(mm), which will be the inside circumference. The inside diameter will be the top to bottom measurement of a ring that already fits you. Use this converter to get your ring size.

Belt Sizes

Find our belt sizing guide here.

Maternity Sizes

Although a woman’s belly increases throughout the pregnancy, maternity sizes go by a woman’s non-pregnant size, with expandable waists and loose tops to make room for the growing size.

XS Bust in Inches Under Bust in Inches Hip in Iches Thigh
S 85 - 90 70 - 75 90 - 95 54 - 57
M 91 - 96 76 - 81 96 - 101 58 - 61
L 97 - 102 82 - 87 102 - 107 62 - 65
XL 103 - 108 88 - 93 108 - 113 66 -69
2XL 109 - 114 94 - 99 114 - 119 70 - 73
3XL 115 - 120 100 - 105 120 - 125 74 - 77
clothing for women placed on a wooden floor

What is Vanity Sizing?

Technically referred to as a size inflation, vanity sizes are a common trend in fashion where a size number increases its corresponding measurement, often in an attempt to make buyers feel skinnier than what they would normally be. If anything, this also shows how clothing sizes have changed through the years. To avoid being confused by this trend, keep in mind the following tips, especially if you are buying online:

  • Always check the online store’s size guide
  • Read product reviews, comments, and ratings
  • Make sure to read all product information and details
  • Talk to the seller if possible

Are there clothing sizes based on height and weight?

As you would have guessed by now, this would be impossible because of the high diversity of women’s sizes when it comes to dimensions. To put it simply, a specific weight can come in different heights and body types, making it complicated, and even if you manage to match a height and weight, the body measurements can be entirely different from one person to another. If you want to ensure proper fit, always go by your specific body measurements.

Can we really rely on clothing sizes?

Doesn’t that outfit look perfect on the mannequin? But wait, you try it on yourself, and you only get disappointed! Any woman can definitely relate to this shopping experience. Now imagine shopping online, where the challenge in finding that perfect fit is doubled since one can only rely on photos and online information before deciding on a purchase. Another factor to consider is that online shops vary in sizes depending on their location, with many stores even using their own measurements that go beyond the usual “Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large” sizes, which is why consumers must be very careful when it comes to buying clothes.

Those on the extreme sides of the standard measurements will often find themselves questioning possibly every guide available out there. Published sizes can be really confusing, especially if you are looking at a size guide that you are not familiar with, so it will always help to keep your updated sizes handy and compare it against the chart you are looking at. Keep in mind that you should also adjust your body measurements depending on the type of fit you want. While we may all have an idea how clothing sizes are determined, it will still pay to be extra meticulous if you want to reduce or eliminate the chances of having to return that item you purchased online.

Dressing for Your Body Type

  • Tall – if you stand 5’8” or above, you are most likely to find a good fit in the “Tall Section” especially if you are buying bottoms like jeans, trousers, and skirts.
  • Petite – for heights 5’3” and below, the “Petite Section” is a good place to shop from whether you are buying dresses or tops and bottoms.
  • Curvy – the “Curvy Section” ideally caters to women whose waist measurements are at least 7 inches smaller than their chest measurements, and hip measurement that are 10 inches greater than their waistline.
  • Plus Size – this term may vary per country, but in general, this refers to those above the sizes 10 and XL, although some brands often use the term “curvy” as well to avoid sounding offensive. Not all brands carry plus sizes, so if you fall on the larger size of the chart, keep an eye on brands that offer plus sizes.

To help you find that perfect fit whether buying online or not, you can refer to the guides below, created for each clothing type, just convert as needed from the standard table above. For dresses, sweaters, and suits, you can use the table above as well.

Tips to find the right clothing size

Tip 1: Measurements
It is best to take the trouble to measure your body measurements with a tape measure. It is decisive: Chest, waist and hips including buttocks. The neck circumference is still interesting for men. Write down your values and put the note in your wallet for your next purchase. Most sellers should be able to do this and advise you accordingly.

Tip 2: Manufacturer tables
When shopping online, it turned out that many manufacturers and brands have their own measurements. The corresponding tables are often offered in the online shops to click on. Use them to make sure! If you are shopping in a store of the same brand, printing this table can be helpful.

Tip 3: Read ratings
Also, often useful: the comments and ratings of other online shoppers on a garment. Many people state in their ratings whether the garment has fitted as expected, or whether they recommend a number smaller or larger to others. You can also often find references to quality and material in the evaluations.

Tip 4: Your figure type
In addition to body dimensions, the figure type is also relevant: Some have narrow shoulders, others have a slender waist and the next one has a wider pelvis. Look out for brands or cuts that cater to your figure type.

Figure types

Figure type H: Upper and lower body are the same width or narrow, barely waist
With this type of figure, you should take care to emphasize your femininity and create unavailable curves visually through clothing. For example, with highly waisted, flared skirts or waist belt. Statement chains and generally jewelry can also help.

Figure type V: Wider shoulders, the body becomes narrower towards the bottom
In the case of sporty shoulders, one should take a back seat and emphasize the slender legs and cuffs. Uni-colored tops with V-neck create a good balance. Trousers and skirts may gladly stand in the focus and show off with colors and patterns.

Figure type X: Shoulders and hips are equally wide, narrow waist
The most feminine of all figure types should skillfully stage his curves. For example, with narrow pencil skirts, high waistbands and waisted tops. However, the clothes should definitely fit well to achieve the wow effect.

Figure type O: The center of the body is slightly wider than the rest
If you are rather roundish and would like to conceal this, it is best to wear long blazers or longer cardigans, combined with slender trousers and skirts. A V-neck is more flattering than a round neck. Basically it should be a bit purer, rather wear darker colors on the stomach and tan trousers. Patterns and colors rather “outside” than jacket or cloth. Even long chains are good for stretching.

Figure type A: Top narrow, wider hips
A clever choice of clothes can make this type of figure look more balanced: The slender upper body and shoulders can be accentuated by eye-catching tops, colors or patterns, shoulder flaps or shawls, while the legs and hips can be set to more subdued colors. Straight trousers and skirt cuts stretch optically.

Pro Tip: For quick conversions, always keep updated measurements as close to your body as possible without any clothes in the way. Keep this information handy by saving it on your phone or securing it inside your wallet.

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