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Type: Moisturizer


 Soothes irritated and sensitive skin, restores broken skin barriers, and replenishes moisture at once. Physical and chemical irritation from the external environment, aging, excessive peeling, etc. break down the normal skin barrier and make the skin sensitive. Collagen in the skin becomes thin and hard due to aging, stress, malnutrition, etc., and as the moisture supply decreases, normal alignment is broken. Blemish and wrinkles are the result of these causes. La ChomB, who pursues beauty starting from the very basic, has created XENOPIDERM as a result of research on the most basic skin recovery in order to correct the broken skin barrier.


-When there is a lack of moisture, pulling and dryness
-When the skin loses its vitality and becomes dull
-When you need to calm down after a dermatological procedure
-When the skin becomes sensitive to external stimuli
-When you want to strengthen the broken skin barrier
-When you need daily home care



What does our skin need now?




The most comfortable weak acid balance for the skin!
Maintains a slightly acidic pH that enhances the skin's ability to regenerate
The pH of the skin barrier is about 5.5




 W/O formula that holds moisture
XENOPIDERM is a W/O ointment type cream type in which oil molecules surround water molecules, so water-soluble active ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen can easily penetrate deep into the skin and help replenish moisture in dry skin


 Key Ingredient

 Hydrollyzed Collagen (Regeneration)

It is a type of collagen that is hydrolyzed from protein components obtained from seaweed collagen. It has a smaller particle size than regular collagen, making it easier to absorb into the skin, and more than 90% of it is absorbed into our skin. In addition, it serves to protect the skin by increasing the density of fibrous cells by combining cells and cells. The high content of ‘Serine’, a kind of amino acid, helps to improve wrinkles, promotes the skin’s capillary function, facilitates skin metabolism, gives elasticity and shine to the skin, and is excellent in preventing wrinkles, and aging. It helps to keep the skin moist by supplying moisture to the skin.

Centella Asiatica (Soothing)

 It soothes irritated and sensitive skin and helps to restore skin damage and return to a healthy skin condition.

Squalane (Moisturizing)

It is a natural moisturizing factor that prevents moisture form evaporating from the skin and forms a skin moisture protective film to keep the skin moist. In addition, by activating the skin’s metabolism and supplying oxygen to the skin, it helps the growth of new cells and promotes skin regeneration along with removing skin wastes necessary for skin growth.



Highly concentrated texture that melts softly and spreads tightly


How to use

1. After cleansing, clean up the skin texture with toner.

2. Apply Xenopiderm evenly over the entire face and press lightly for absorption.




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