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KIOSKIN H-CELL Hair Loss Control Shampoo 500ml

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Type: Shampoo & Conditioner


Rapid hair loss and degeneration of hair follicles due to frequent stress
Hair loss begins when the number of degenerating follicles outnumbers the growing follicles.

 KIOSKIN focused on stem cell ingredients that help hair follicle growth

*Young vitality found in the youngest amniotic stem cell with the highest growth potential

Proven scalp anti-aging effect

*Amniotic stem cells, the youngest among adult stem cells with higher proliferative power than other cells, were applied to the shampoo as it is.

*Proven in SCI-level papers
-Efficacy of amniotic fluid stem cells
About 1 million cells in the body die every second out of 86,400 seconds per day, including tissue related to hair follicles.
The death of stem cells is naturally linked to degeneration of hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

*Hair follicle stem cells are involved in hair growth
Like the skin, hair follicles constantly undergo a process of death and regeneration due to internal and external factors.


4 weeks use of KIOSKIN Hair Loss Shampoo by participants in actual human application test
This is a picture of the amount of hair loss


Hair has a growth cycle in three stages.
If the growth period becomes shorter and the resting period becomes longer due to the deterioration of the scalp environment
Eventually, the hair in the catagen phase increases, resulting in hair loss.


KIOSKIN's unique hair growth cycle customized solution

1. Growth period: Scalp nutrition care
Human amniotic fluid cell culture fluid extract (the most amniotic fluid stem cell)

2. Regression phase: Waste water, exfoliation
Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Dexpanthenol (Hair Loss Relief Functional Ingredients)

3. Rest period: Scalp and hair health care
Artemisia extract, soybean complex

-Hair Cycle Custom Care

With customized care for hair loss through stem cells, hair loss with abnormalities in the growth cycle is treated with a normal growth cycle.



Growth period (scalp nutrition care)

Human Amniotic Cell Culture Fluid Extract 15,000 ppm
Stem cells were harvested from amniotic fluid just before childbirth.
Helps to alleviate hair loss symptoms by making the cells of the hair itself younger


Regression period (removal of dead skin cells)

It is a functional ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which removes unnecessary waste and dead skin cells from the scalp.

Provides reliable scalp care with functional ingredients that alleviate hair loss symptoms


Resting period (scalp and hair health care)
Wormwood Extract 55%
Wormwood extract 550,000PPM

Mugwort Extract, Called the Mother of Medicinal Herbs Mugwort extract cultivated in England increases the density and diameter of hair, helping to restore hair loss and damaged hair.

Shiny hair and soft foam that does not require treatment

Soft and clean cleansing with EWG green grade plant-derived surfactant

For healthy hair, instead of harsh surfactants, only EWG green grade surfactants were used.
Helps keep hair and scalp from losing moisture
The soft and rich lather removes dead skin cells and wastes to create a clean scalp environment.

Soft and chewy foam

Clear and transparent formulation

Soft feeling with only shampoo!

Optimal pH Shampoo for Scalp

The optimal pH for the scalp is slightly acidic, helping to maintain a healthy balance without breaking the scalp protection barrier.


-Those who are worried about hair falling out a lot these days

-Those who are worried about hair volume

-Those who do not feel refreshed after shampooing

-Those with thin and weak hair

-Those who want to manage hair loss in advance

How to use 

Wet the hair and scalp sufficiently with lukewarm water.

Pump an appropriate amount of highly concentrated and transparent contents, spread evenly on the hair roots, hair and scalp, and create sufficient bubbles.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


KIOSKIN H-CELL Hair Loss Control Shampoo 500ml

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