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MEDI-PEEL Red Lacto Collagen Clear 300ml

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No. 1 Foam Cleansing
MEDI-PEEL Red Lacto Collagen Clear

Olive Young Cleansing Category Sales Ranking No. 1
Best 1st place in Naver Shopping Cleansing Foam category
2022 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No. 1
No. 1 collagen cosmetics
As of 2022.04.26 in the functional cosmetics sector
Baby Pore Foam Cleansing Recognized Anywhere

Real reviews that those who have used it know

blogger 'difmddi
★★★★★ 5.0
Perfect from foam to finish..
It is very good because it cleans neatly and there is no makeup residue or unpleasant feeling in the pores at all.

Influencer ssesse beauty
★★★★★ 5.0
Foam cleansing for people with large pores
I've only heard of pore reduction... I honestly felt it was possible.
Even when it is reduced, it is sebum and waste products, and it is completely empty, so it is very refreshing..

Blogger 'sunny9878'
★★★★★ 5.0
Deep cleansing to pores
The foam is so thick I thought it was whipped cream!!
It had a plump finish, but it was moist without tightness, probably because of the lactocollagen.

Son Dam-bi, transforming pores into baby pores
Let me wash it off with this one!
Red Lacto Collagen Clear
Pores become smaller.
Po-deuk-bo-deul cleansing!
Baby Pore Foam Cleansing

Collagen Clear

Maternal Baby Pore Foam Cleansing
Pore reduction effect with one use,
Soft and refreshing mild alkaline foam cleansing without tightness

shrink pores
deep cleansing
sebum care
moisture moisturizing

Pore reduction posture change
Changes in pores that can be felt with just one use
Proven effectiveness through human application testing!

Improved pore shrinkage after 1 use
43.2% improvement in pore volume
23.7% improvement in pore area

23.3% improvement in pore density
24.5% improvement in the number of pores

Nose sebum cleansing power
14.2% improvement in nasal sebum cleaning power

Reduce pores (volume, area, density, number, depth, texture)
Detergent power (sebum) in pores
Improves elasticity in the pore area

Change your posture to clean pores
Weak alkaline foam cleansing for dead skin cells, sebum and pores

dead skin cells that clog pores
sebum full of pores
enlarged royal pores

Deep pore cleansing of dead skin cells, sebum, and oil!

increase cleaning power,
Foam cleansing with reduced irritation

A slightly alkaline cleansing with MEDI-PEEL's unique pH recipe that cleanly takes care of dead skin cells, sebum and wastes in pores.


Deep cleansing without residue even with heavy makeup

Derma Test
Pore posture change without irritation
Safe for sensitive skin and gentle without worrying about irritation

Acquired German Derma Test Excellent Grade Acquired Excellent Grade, the highest grade in safety, from a world-recognized German dermatological research institute

Complete skin irritation test
* TEST institution: Corederm Skin Science Research Institute
* 33 subjects of study / Research period: 2020.09.22 ~ 25
*Measurement method: 48 hours single patch test

Pore posture change without pulling
Moist cleansing that empties waste and leaves moisture

Increased moisture after 1 use
Moisture barrier layer tightly stacked without tightness!
29.4% improvement in moisturizing increase

Barrier strengthening improvement rate after 1 use
4.8% improvement in skin soothing
1.6% improvement in skin brightness
29.5% improvement in water content
5% improvement in barrier reinforcement

Erase with red capsule
* Add lactic acid bacteria fermented water and collagen
* Lactobacillus fermented product

Tok! Red capsule that bursts and cleanly erases waste

Vitamins in capsules
Clear skin texture care

Jojoba Oil in Capsules
Moist moisture barrier

MEDI-PEEL's 'Lactocollagen' for pore posture change
Lactobacillus fermented water and collagen meet to maximize the effect!

French Collagen
Firmly cares for pores with French fish collagen, whose molecular structure is relatively smaller than that of pig collagen.

Lactobacillus fermented product
Moist moisture barrier care that does not dry out with lactic acid bacteria fermented ingredients that are beneficial to the skin in many ways

※ Limited to raw material characteristics

Why Maternal Baby Pore Foam Cleansing is More Special

Smart with patented ingredients
Comfortable with mild recipes

Strong absorption of wastes in pores with tight and fine bubbles!

Color: Milky Cream + Pink Capsule
Form: chewy and chewy
Bubble: Chewy and soft
Use: Fresh and gentle cleansing

01 Take an appropriate amount and lather well.
02 Rub gently over the entire face as if massaging.
03 Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Tips for using deep cleansing sponge
Richer bubble cleansing
When used with the Deep Cleansing Sponge, a richer bubble cleansing is possible.

Overwhelming size and quantity!
Large-capacity foam cleansing

MEDI-PEEL Maternal Baby Pore Foam Cleansing
I recommend these people
• Those who want perfect pore care through cleansing
• Those who want a clean and fresh face wash without tightness
• Those who are concerned about oily skin due to excessive secretion of oil
• Those who need a mild product without irritation



MEDI-PEEL Red Lacto Collagen Clear 300ml

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