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Jeju Dental Chew 3 types Pig, Flounder, Chicken

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*Jeju Dental Chew 3 types Pig, Flounder, Chicken 

*Dogs, whose taste cells are one-sixth that of humans, are more dependent on smell than taste.

Number of taste cells in dogs: 1700
Number of human taste cells: 9000

Many snacks on the market use these characteristics to add only a stimulating flavor to unclear ingredients, saying that they are safe and highly palatable snacks.

*It honestly contains only the fresh taste of Jeju and the core functions of Dental Chew.
-Using fresh Jeju protein
-Natural dental care enzyme added
- Double-sided projection & air layer design
Total care for immune, joint, and eye health

Point 1
Thorough Raw Material Disclosure Principle
Using raw protein from Jeju

Various meat and fish raw snacks that are commonly found on the market, but they use protein that cannot be identified exactly which part of the meat or where the source is.

So that Bogo pets can provide consistent dental care with healthy palatability! Raw lean meat rich in amino acids! 100% Jeju-grown raw materials are carefully selected and contain the best freshness.

*Jeju antibiotic free chicken

Jeju antibiotic-free chicken tenderloin / breast meat
We use only chicken tenderloin / breast meat with the least fat and rich in protein among chicken parts, and use only high-quality raw meat from HACCP certified Jeju eco-friendly farms

Clean and clean Jeju chicken is carefully selected and used

*Jeju Pork

Jeju pork hind leg
It boasts a lighter and richer flavor by using hind leg meat (Fuji) that is low in fat and high in protein among pig parts raised on HACCP certified Jeju ranch.

Use of fresh Jeju HACCP certified ranch pigs

*Jeju flatfish

100% raw flounder from Jeju
100% whole flounder with collagen-rich skin, calcium, and protein to preserve the nutrition of flounder living in the clear and clean Jeju seawater.

100% Jeju high-protein, low-fat flatfish

Point 2
Control the cause of bad breath tartar
Natural dental care enzyme added

Unlike humans, dog saliva has less enzymes and low acidity, so tartar builds up 7 times faster.

pH 7.5 in dog's mouth
pH 6.5 in human mouth

Jeju Dameun Dental Chew contains dextranase, a natural dental care enzyme used in dog mouthwash, to suppress plaque and bacteria, the root cause of tartar and bad breath.

Dextranase enzyme inhibits plaque on teeth and prevents cavities.

Point 3 
optimize tooth irritation
Double-sided bumps & dense air layer

Dental Chews scrape the surface of your teeth, remove bitten chile plaque, and remove bacteria that corrode your teeth

Dental Chew has been proven to be effective in reducing 60-70% of bacteria in the oral cavity of dogs.

So that the curved dog's teeth are chewed in any direction to optimize the tooth surface irritation! That's why it's designed so tightly.

*14 double-sided projections
The 14 round and curved projections maximize the stimulation of the tooth surface with the effect of massaging the gums, effectively removing plaque.

*Dense air layer
Numerous cross-sections of the dense air layer stimulate the gums and teeth like a sponge to reach deep grooves in molars | Helps get rid of tartar

General dental gum
-Small, clumps of air
-Dry and hard texture

Dental Chew
-Large and uniform air layer
-Chewy and soft texture  

*Point 4
Find the optimal stimulus intensity

Chewy and soft formula

The enamel of a dog's teeth is five times thinner than that of a human, so there is an increased risk of tooth breakage or inflammation.

So, Dental Chew has tested and reflected the optimal strength to stimulate the surface of the teeth without damaging the gums, teeth, roof of the mouth, etc.

Because it is soft and chewy, it can be chewed for a longer time compared to hard regular dental gum, resulting in a longer period of stimulation of the tooth surface.

Point 5 
We reflected health concerns together.
Total care for immune, joint, and eye health

What kind of nutrition do dogs need?
Bogo Pet Dental Chew is formulated with premium functional ingredients to provide oral care and daily health care for dogs.

-Inflammation, immunity, aging diseases
-Eye diseases such as tears and congestion
-Patellar dislocation and joint diseases


Domestic turmeric (curcumin)
-The comunoid component of turmeric lowers the level of inflammation in the blood and is an excellent component for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action

Natural propolis
-Strengthens the body's immune response and is effective for oral antibacterial action with antioxidant effect

Hydrolyzed salmon
-Omega 3 fatty acids It is the world's top 10 superfoods that are rich and rich in vitamin D.


Marigold Extract (Marigold)
-Lutein and zeaxanthin, which are extracted in very small amounts from 1 kg of marigold, help to delay eye aging.

-High Aronia
anthoniacin component has excellent anti-cancer effect and relieves eye fatigue Relieves eye fatigue.

-Cattle Liver
It is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, all of which promotes metabolism.


-has the effect of lowering inflammation in cartilage and joints and helps relieve pain.

-Vitamins such as basil BI, B2, B6, C, E lower inflammation levels, which helps with arthritis.

-Pollack is rich in essential amino acids and helps your dog's stamina. It is a good ingredient for boosting and restoring energy

Jeju Dental Chew, which has been thoroughly verified, is produced using fresh raw materials of the level of human food in a domestic factory that has completed ISO 9001,14001 certification based on raw materials that are safe for dogs.

Safe and healthy!
All artificial raw materials are OUT
No colorants, chemical additives, sweeteners, or artificial colors are added.

*How to care for your teeth with dental weight

Brushing the bar after a meal!
Feed immediately after meals to prevent food and snacks from sticking to your teeth!

With toothpaste!
If you put an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the hole of the dental chew and feed it, tartar stimulation + functionality UP!

Immediately after opening!
If the moisture evaporates, it may become hard and difficult to chew, so please feed immediately after opening!

*Precautions when giving snacks

If your teeth are weak, soak them in water and feed them to older children or children with periodontal disease.

If the snack is swallowed well, have a guardian watch it carefully to ensure that you chew it well and swallow it.

Feed Test Sensitive dogs may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea (changes in stool condition) when fed a new treat. Try feeding in a small amount and give it according to the recommended amount after a period of adaptation.


Q. How many pieces are in a pack of dental chews?
8 pieces per pack individually wrapped.

Q. From what month can I get paid?
It is possible to pay from 3 months of age.

Q. How many calories are in 1 dental chew? ·
Standard is about 64 kcal.
Feeding according to the daily recommended amount may cause digestive problems or death when feeding too much individually.

Q. I see black dots on the surface of the product.
As the 'float shell' added to the dental chew is crushed, it may appear as a black dot. This is a characteristic of the raw material, so feed with confidence.

Q. The color of the dental chew is mottled.
Due to the nature of natural raw materials, the color of the part exposed to sunlight may be discolored and the color may be slightly uneven. Please feed with confidence due to the characteristics of raw materials.

Q. All products have different sizes.
Due to the nature of the production technique in which the dental chew is expanded by heating it, the size or color may be slightly uneven.

Q. How should I store it?
Before opening, store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. After opening the small package, the moisture may evaporate and make it hard for children to chew. We recommend feeding within 1 hour after opening.

Q. It seems to stick in the mouth
In the case of dogs who have weak teeth and cannot chew well, only saliva may be secreted and the product may stick to the roof of the mouth in a lumpy state.
If you cut it into small pieces or leave it at room temperature for 10-20 minutes, the moisture evaporates and the sticking in the mouth is alleviated before feeding.


*Recommended daily amount

Small dogs (less than 4 kg) - 0.5 to 1 pc
Small dogs (4-8 kg) - 1 to 1.5 pcs
Semi-medium dog (8-12kg) - 1.5~2 pcs
Medium-sized dogs (12-16 kg) - 2-3 pcs
Semi-large dogs (16-30 kg) - 3-4 pcs
Large dogs (30-45 kg) - 4-5 pcs
Extra large dogs (over 45 kg) - 6 pcs

*Registered ingredients

More than 6.0% of crude protein
More than 1.5% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.05% or more
More than 3.0% of crude fiber
Minerals 5.0% or less
Water 14.0% or less

More than 6.0% of crude protein
More than 1.5% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.05% or more
More than 3.0% of crude fiber
Minerals 5.0% or less 
Water 14% or less

More than 6.0% of crude protein
More than 1.5% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.05% or more
More than 3.0% of crude fiber
Mineral 5.0% or less
Water 14% or less

Winter Payroll Precautions
Due to the low temperature, the product may be somewhat hardened upon delivery.
If stored in a cold place, the product may harden somewhat.
If the product hardens due to low temperature,
it is recommended to microwave it for 5 seconds or soak it in warm water for 5-7 seconds.



Jeju Dental Chew 3 types Pig, Flounder, Chicken

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