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Abib Collagen gel mask Jericho rose jelly 4pcs

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Vegan collagen.

This is a vegan collagen mask pack certified by Italian V-LABEL.

- Vegan Collagen
Contains 10,005ppm of collagen extract
With vegan collagen made by fermenting yeast, it provides hydration as well as elastic skin.

-collagen boosting peptide
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
•Low-molecular peptide boosts collagen to make the skin texture smooth and firm.

Meet the firm skin that fills up from the depths of the skin.

Completed double elasticity improvement test

*Wrinkle improvement & whitening dual functional cosmetics
*Double elasticity improvement (outer skin elasticity & deep skin elasticity) test completed/
Derma Cosmetics Skin Science Research Institute Test period: 2022.04.19 / Number of people: 20 (with individual differences)

Hydrogel sheet. 

Collagen jelly mask made by thinly hardening the essence! It provides a feeling of moisture and cooling while adhering tightly to effectively absorb active ingredients.

Feel the excellent adhesion of the hydrogel sheet.

No-mesh hydrogel.

The no-mesh sheet removes the mesh support to minimize skin irritation, so even sensitive skin can be used safely.

Rose of jericho.

Resurrection plants grown in barren deserts maintain their vitality in the form of hay and bloom again when they absorb moisture.

Feel the amazing moisturizing power and nutrition of resurrection plant with strong vitality. The trehalose component in the resurrection plant increases the moisture content and delivers a moist feeling to the skin.


Contains ceramide to help strengthen the skin barrier by preventing moisture evaporation and filling the skin with moisture.

Less stress.


Sensitive Skin Safe Care & Skin Hypoallergenic Test Completed!

Even sensitive skin, feel free to replenish moisture and elasticity every day.



How to use.

Attach the Embom so that it touches the skin to increase adhesion!

1. After washing your face, adjust your skin texture with toner, then remove the film on both sides of the mask.

2. Attach from the bottom of the mask to the mouth, and the top to the eyes to adhere closely to the face.

3. After 20-30 minutes, remove the mask and lightly tap the remaining contents to absorb.

*This is a gel mask made by hardening essence without a support, and may tear if touched or pulled by a sharp object such as a fingernail.





Abib Collagen gel mask Jericho rose jelly 4pcs

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