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Type: Shamstemorepoo & Conditioner


Never had a shampoo like this before.
For those who are seriously worried about hair loss!

Hair loss stem cell research and development company manufacturing
Contains patented substances for promoting hair growth
Contains pharmaceutical patents for hair loss prevention and treatment
Contains patents for hair growth or hair growth promotion

Prof Secret Shampoo
Hair loss treatment

Functional shampoo for alleviating hair loss symptoms


Manufactured by R&D company specializing in hair loss stem cell
patent office
Contains 3 exclusive patents for hair loss total care ingredients (hair growth/hair growth promotion/hair loss treatment)
All skin types, oily, dry, combination, for the whole family
Optimized scalp balance Weak acidity PH5.5
Pleasant and refreshing herbal menthol scent
1000ML large capacity size up

Stop worrying about yourself! STOP!
Thin and weak hair
Top of the head that loses volume
Dry and itchy scalp
Thinning hair
Alopecia areata, traction alopecia

A hair loss expert will check it for you!

Hair loss due to malnutrition is not related to hormones, so medications are useless.

The supply of nutrients such as biotin, iron, zinc and vitamins should be sufficient.

It is important to understand the correct shampoo method and ingredients.

Prof Secret Shampoo
Hair loss treatment
Functional shampoo for alleviating hair loss symptoms

Prof Secret Shampoo, developed by a company specializing in hair loss stem cell research, appeared as a reliable and powerful hair loss care product!

A company specializing in hair loss stem cell research
3 types of patented materials
Proprietary technology
One-stop total hair loss care

The only one in the world
3 types of hair loss patent materials
Single use shampoo
Completed registration of patent materials at the Korean Intellectual Property Office
Hair loss care patent material

Independent hair loss care shampoo containing the core technology of Epibiotech (formerly Stemmore)

Hair loss care shampoo containing patented material chestnuts, phytoestrogens, and ocimene

Outstanding hair loss prevention effect with chestnut berry ingredients
Chestnut pine in Korea has been used to prevent hair loss as a folk remedy since ancient times, and its effectiveness has been verified.
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating hair loss

Relief of hair loss symptoms by phytoestrogens
Phytoestrogens contained in Vietnamese legumes can alleviate hair loss symptoms.
Composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth

Relief of hair loss symptoms with ocimen ingredient
Yonsei University professors can alleviate hair loss symptoms with Osimen, a patented ingredient.
Composition for preventing or treating hair loss, or for promoting hair growth or hair growth

This is not a shampoo only for hair loss people.
It is made so that anyone can prevent hair loss and keep the scalp clean.
Prof Secret Shampoo is suitable for all skin types.
Dry, oily, whole family

My hair is getting sticky, what kind of oil is it?
The oil component makes hair that has become rough and weak due to UV rays soft and moist. Also, the natural oils blow away trouble-causing dirt irritants.

Kukui tree seed oil, good for burns and chapped skin
Kukui tree representing Hawaii!
For hundreds of years, Native Hawaiians have applied this oil to their sun-sensitive skin.
(Information limited to raw materials)

Queensland Nut Oil, famous for Macadamia Nuts!
It is so similar to the structure of sebum that it has been nicknamed "disappearing oil", so it is well absorbed into the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and iron, which helps with cholesterol.
(Information limited to raw materials)

Vitamin tree oil to keep horse fur shiny
Vitamin tree also called sea buckthorn fruit!!
Thanks to its rich vitamins, it was used to keep the horse's fur shiny, fat and healthy.
It is a healthy plant that grows well in an environment that is not well suited to plants.
(Information limited to raw materials)

Optimized scalp balance Mild and mild pH 5.5

Healthy skin and hair are in an optimal environment when they are slightly acidic. pH 5.5 weakly acidic shampoo adjusts the balance of the scalp to maintain a healthy scalp and elastic hair.

When used consistently, it returns the hair to its initial growth form through smooth blood circulation in the scalp.

Confidently recommend!
Those who are experiencing hair loss
Who keeps losing hair
Those with an itchy scalp
Those who need mild shampoo
Female hair loss

Advanced biopharmaceutical development company

Stemmore Co., Ltd. is conducting R&D and commercialization of skin regeneration treatment in addition to developing cell and antibody treatments for hair loss treatment, which has a high unmet medical demand. About 10 SCI papers have been registered and 24 patents have original technology, and we are taking the lead in developing innovative new drugs.



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