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QWER 1st Mini Album : MANITO [Platform Ver.] [1 out of 2 types Randomly Sent]

Type: Girl Group

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QWER 1st Mini Album : MANITO [Platform Ver.] [1 out of 2 types Randomly Sent]


QWER's 1st Mini Album: ‘MANITO’

QWER, a band known for its distinctive narrative of ‘harmony created from dissonance,’ returns with their first mini album titled ‘MANITO’. Following their debut single, which explored the diverse backgrounds and identity of its members Chodan, Magenta, Hina, and Siyeon, ‘MANITO’ delves deeper into the band's inner thoughts sparked by their serendipitous union.

Insight into ‘MANITO’

“You may have thought it was a coincidence, but it’s all fate.” This album narrates the evolution of each member’s unique journey into finding their Manitou—a spirit guide or guardian—reflecting on the coincidental nature of their bond turning into a fateful connection. Each track in the album represents a small coincidence leading to significant life events, much like the butterfly effect.

The album is crafted to unfold like a drama, charting a day from morning to night within a school setting. It weaves together common yet profound experiences like youthful admiration, friendships, band activities, and after-school moments, all connected through a blend of unique musical expressions.

Tracks Overview:

  1. Addiction to worry (Title Track)
    Lyrics and music portray the anxiety and anticipation of confessing feelings, encapsulated in the daily practice of unspoken words.

  2. SODA
    This track captures the bubbly, explosive nature of youthful charm and the thrilling sensation of a heart about to burst with emotion.

  3. Declaration of freedom
    An anthem of liberation, envisioning an escape from monotony with a partner in crime, calling for a bold leap beyond the usual confines.

  4. Conquer the Earth
    Reflecting the high spirits of after-school band practice, this song celebrates youthful ambition and the audacious dream to conquer the world.

  5. Ferris wheel
    A reflective track marking the journey home after band practice, appreciating the novelty of each day and the promise of tomorrow.

  6. Fireworks
    Evoking the fleeting yet intense moments of a fireworks show, this song is about seizing the moment to make lasting memories.

  7. Manito
    As the epilogue of the album, this song reveals the mutual admiration and fateful bond between the band members, affirming their shared destiny.

Album Specifications:

  • Album Case: 56x87mm, 1 type (varies by version)
  • Mini Card: 54x85mm, insert 1 random out of 4 types (varies by version)
  • Selfie Photo Card: 54x85mm, insert 1 random out of 4 types (varies by version)
  • Official Photo Card: 54x85mm, 5 types (1 set) inserted (varies by version)
  • Unit Photo Card: 54x85mm, insert 1 random out of 2 types (varies by version)
  • Bookmark: 50x80mm, insert 1 random out of 4 types (varies by version)

‘MANITO’ is more than an album; it’s a chronicle of QWER’s journey, blending music with drama to narrate a story of fateful encounters and intertwined destinies.

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