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mixsoon Bean Essence 30ml / 50ml

Introducing the mixsoon Bean Essence - your all-in-one solution for sebum, dead skin cells, and moisture! Say goodbye to excessive sebum, sick keratin, and dry skin with just one bottle of this soy essence. Our customers love it and trust it for its sincere results. With a viscous yet non-sticky texture, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. But what sets our product apart is the unique fermentation process that breaks down the soybean extract into fine particles for deeper absorption. This also helps in controlling dead skin cells and reducing sebum with our rolling massage method. Plus, our product has been tested and proven to be safe and effective, making it suitable for all skin types. Experience the power of soy essence with mixsoon Bean Essence - the serum and ampoule for total skin care.

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mixsoon Bean Essence 30ml / 50ml

30ml - $50.58
  • 30ml - $50.58
  • 50ml - $53.20

mixsoon Bean Essence 30ml / 50ml


mixoon Bean Essence  

Sebum, dead skin cells and moisture at the same time!  
Skin care
Keratin out

#Excessive sebum
#Sick keratin
#Dry skin

Excessive oil and increased sebum, dead skin cells everywhere, dry inside that is not filled with anything

"Sebum. What if you are worried about dead skin cells, but chemical peeling is burdensome and you are worried about skin desertification?"

Then this one bottle is enough

One bottle of soy essence captures skin's basic stamina/sebum & dead skin cells/moisturizing at the same time

A review with the sincerity of the customers.

Wow! Why did I know this now? I think I'm going to settle down with this essence. I got an essence massage, and my skin became like a baby's skin. I think I'll use it all the time to time. I strongly recommend this.

It's very viscous like natto, but it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel sticky. I don't feel that my skin is dry. No matter what I do, my skin has improved a lot, and I trusted what came out of Mixsoon and bought it.

As soon as the item arrived, I applied it on and on my face and rubbed it. I don't know how many minutes it's been, but something came out and I was excited to continue. It came out a lot from the front cheeks of the chin and ears. It was moist and good to wash, reapply, and apply cream.

After about 3 hours of basic care in the morning, I was craving and dry, but after applying Bean Essence and lotion cream, it's okay until I get off work. It'

As I got older, I thought I should pay attention to moisturizing, so I bought it. It absorbs really quickly. It's not sticky, so my makeup doesn't rub off.

Trusted Bean Essence
The reconciliation survey group of 279 people meticulously evaluated it.

I felt gentle 97%
Moisturizing power satisfaction 94%
Long lasting skin moisture
My skin has become smooth

Why is soy essence so good?
Soybean Essence that catches dry skin inside and outside at the same time

Stop keratin care that irritates your skin!

Is there really no stimulation?

Skin Irritation Test
This product was judged to be a non-irritating product as a result of the skin patch primary stimulation human application test.

Exam period: 2020. 08 12 ~ 2020 08 14
Test institution: KC Skin Clinical Research Center / 33 test subjects
Study result: All products were judged as non-irritating products with a skin irritation index of 0.0

Use with confidence
☑️ Complete skin irritation test
☑️ Complete pesticide residue test
☑️ Heavy metal test completed

The product has been tested for safety and stability, so you can use it with confidence.

3 in 1
#Skin moist #Skin keratin #Improvement of sebum

Total skin trouble care human application test results prove it

Clinical Trial Test 

Improvement of skin keratin, moisturizing and sebum after using the product

As a result of skin keratin measurement, a 78.76% improvement rate was confirmed after using the product.

As a result of measuring the water content, an improvement rate of 177.83% was confirmed compared to after using the product.

As a result of measuring the amount of skin sebum, an improvement rate of 85.80% was confirmed compared to after using the product.

Human application test for skin exfoliation, moisturizing, and sebum improvement of "Bean Essence"
20 healthy adults aged 20 to 59 / SkinMed Clinical Trial Center / Individual differences

As a result of human application test, "Bean Essence" is judged to help improve skin keratin, moisture, and sebum

Blackhead improvement confirmed when using soybean essence massage method
Blackhead improvement rate 19.25%

Test period : 2021. 08. 11 ~ 2021. 09. 23
Testing institution: Korea Institute of Dermatology/21 subjects
Research Result: As a result of the blackhead improvement analysis, after 2 weeks of use, 'Mixun Soybean Essence' is judged to be a product that helps improve blackheads with an improvement rate of 19.25%.
G Korea Dermatological Science Population Institute

Skin exfoliation, sebum improvement,
Total skin care

Soy Essence proven by results

The more you use it, the more moisture it gets, and the soybean essence reduces sebum and dead skin cells.

"Without irritation, it is gentle to sebum, dead skin cells and moisture with thick and healthy ingredients"

1. Lactobacillus soybean fermented extract
It contains a lot of excellent moisturizing ingredients and nutrients in the extract obtained by fermenting soybeans with Lactobacillus bacteria that helps improve skin immunity and vitality care, and the sticky mucinous polymer of soybeans generated during the fermentation process.

2. Fermented Pomegranate
It helps to improve dead skin cells and helps to take care of smooth skin texture.

3. Fermented Barley
It contains a large amount of vitamins that revitalize the skin and strengthen the vitality of the skin.

4. Fermented Pear
It contains a large amount of vitamin C and E. flavonoids and has excellent antioxidant effect.

* The above contents are limited to cosmetic raw materials and characteristics of raw materials.

Breaks it into small particles to penetrate deep into the skin more efficiently!

Soybean fermented slime carefully fermented for 48 hours

Why did mixoon ferment soybeans?
The good ingredients in soybeans have large particles and are difficult to absorb into the skin! It is broken down into fine particles and delivered to the skin more efficiently. It makes the skin firmer by increasing moisturizing power, increasing absorption, increasing spreadability, and increasing adhesion.

A true fermentation technology that directly ferments the raw material

Sticky but refreshing essence

It is an essence for all seasons that looks sticky with a chewy formula, but has a refreshing finish without stickiness.

Refreshing essence for all seasons

Is that all?
The chewy formula controls dead skin cells and reduces sebum with rolling massage.
A firm formula that is more densely absorbed into the skin.
The soybean mucilage produced during the fermentation process is tightly absorbed between the skin layers, filling it with moisture and nutrition.

The soybean essence massage method that gently rolls on the skin is absorbed between the skin of the chewy soybean mucilage, increasing the moisture content and calming down the sebum and dead skin cells.

Moisture & nourishment in the skin that fills up the more you tap it.
Skin girl care that gets smoother the more you apply it!
Residues produced during bean massage are a natural phenomenon due to sebum keratin.

mixsoon Bean Essence
This is the best!

Lactobacillus/fermented soybean extract that simultaneously cares for moisture & nutrition on the inside and outside of the skin

Steamed and fermented process improves skin absorption and efficacy of active ingredients

Cleanse sebum by massaging beans in a chewy formula

Completed hypoallergenic test, completed human application test for skin keratin, moisturizing, and sebum improvement

mixoon Bean Essence
Tips for using Bean Essence from mixsoon!

Take an appropriate amount and tap to absorb
Pump 2-3 times and massage gently

Smooth skin care exfoliating essence
mixoon Bean Essence

★ How to massage the makeup perfectly
1. Rolling soybean essence round the skin~

2. When you feel dead skin cells and other residues, pump Bean Essence one more time, and then roll a more intensive massage on the part where the residue is.

3. Wipe off dead skin cells & residues with the pad you used earlier.
It is better to tidy up the skin texture like this rather than washing with water

*We recommend Bean Essence massage 1-2 times a week.

Why mixsoon?

Instead of excessive ingredients that make the skin tired, we want to change the standard of daily care with one ingredient that focuses on skin concerns.


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