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MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Trouble Pad 100Pads , Refil 100Pads

Type: Masks & Treatments

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MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Trouble Pad 100Pads , Refil 100Pads

Original Product 100pads - $31.29 USD
  • Original Product 100pads - $31.29 USD
  • Original Product 100pads+Refill 100pads - $55.53 USD


4 crowns
No. 1 pad's skin problem solution

* MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Trouble Pad 100 Sheets

* Exceptional product quality evaluated by consumers and beauticians

- Not sticky and refreshing 99%
- Soothes the more you use it 98%
- The feverish skin was calmed down 98%
- Recommend the product 98%
- I felt it was mild 97%
- Satisfied with pad size 97%
(Hwahae Cosmetics Survey Grand Prize - 293 Hwahae Users
Powder room survey target - 100 people)

* Proven soothing effect on acne sensitive skin
Acne-prone (trouble) skin use test completed
- 49.17% improvement in visual evaluation by reducing the number of blackheads
Changes in activated sebaceous glands improved by 24.47%

* Soothes irritated skin
66.70% improvement

* Sensitive skin irritation test completed

* Customer satisfaction after using for 4 weeks
- Acne soothing - 95%
- Soothes overheated skin - 100%
- Freshness without stickiness - 100%
- Mild without stimulation - 100%

* Certain soothing care, tea tree calming biome
- Tea tree calming biome extracted for 200 hours by adding lactic acid bacteria to Jeju tea tree.

* Rapid and deep absorption by adding the liposome method
- Divide tea tree calming biome into small particles to quickly soothe moisture in every corner of the skin.

* Moisture from pouring out an entire bottle of essence
- It is a fabric that holds the formulation fully, and it is soft until the last sheet without dryness.

* Overwhelming absorption power that prevents essence contamination
- A pad that absorbs an entire bottle of essence, eliminating concerns about remaining essence and floating impurities from existing pads.

* Big size square gauze fabric
- Vegan-certified thin and wide pads adhere perfectly to provide reliable care.

* Large capacity of 100 sheets and long and strong tongs
- Plenty of pad capacity and built-in tongs for increased usability make it easy and hygienic to use one sheet at a time

* How To Use 
- After washing your face, attach it to the troubled area of the skin like a mask pack.
- After using it like a mask pack, gently wipe along the skin texture.
(You can feel a stronger exfoliation effect by overlapping and wiping two pads attached to both cheeks.)

* Recommended for these people.
When you need to focus quickly,
When you want to easily solve sensitive skin problems,
When you need a soft feeling on rough skin,
When you want a mild and refreshing feeling without stickiness,

Customized solution pad for each skin concern

#focused calming
#tea tree
#freshness without stickiness
sensitive, acne-prone skin

#Trace calm
# Moisture without stickiness
Skin with signs of dullness and blemishes

#moisture cooling
#glacier water
#Deep moisture and moisture
dry and puffy skin

#full elasticity
#Deep nutrition and firmness
skin that has lost elasticity

Mediheal Today, Beautiful Skin Tomorrow
Tomorrow's skin is from today's Mediheal

【Refil 100Pads】

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