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HANYUL Red Rice Essential Softener 150ml

If you're looking for a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and elastic all day long, look no further than HANYUL Red Rice Essential Softener. This powerful moisturizer is formulated with patented yeast fermented red rice extract, which is three times more moisturizing than regular rice. With its double-functionality, it helps improve wrinkles and whiten the skin while also providing 24-hour non-drying moisture. Plus, it's free from 6 chemical components, dermatologically tested, and verified by human application tests. After just 15 days, you'll notice an increase in skin moisture level of 153% and an increase in skin elasticity of 10.18%. This incredible antioxidant power helps maximize vitality and elasticity of the skin, and its chewable texture gives a plump and elastic feeling. Not only is it a functional product, but it also has an impressive 2 million cumulative sales. With HANYUL Red Rice Essential Softener, you don't have to worry about dry skin anymore. Try it today and experience the amazing moisturizing and elasticity power of red rice!

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HANYUL Red Rice Essential Softener 150ml

HANYUL Red Rice Essential Softener 150ml






Overwhelming power of red rice
# Tight moisturizing elasticity
Hanyul Red Rice Extract Skin

Cumulative sales
2 million bottles*

Wrinkle improvement/whitening
Double functionality

Flawless skin
24 hours

Endlessly dry and tired skin
What if dry skin is a concern?

Filling and pulling
Red Rice Skin! 


#24 hour moisturizing

Try it for just 15 days*
Tight moisturizing elasticity

Hanyul Red Rice Skin
Powerful POINT!

360 hours
Moisturizing Raw Material Rice Fermentation Time

2 million bottles
Cumulative Sales Quantity *

Increased skin hydration right after **

Increased skin elasticity after 15 days ***


Stronger moisturizing elasticity by combining toner and essence into one.

24 hours non-drying moisture
Elasticity effect proven by human body application test results
6Free, dermatologically tested!



Did you know?
690 times the body's moisture, Korea's natural moisturizing ingredient 'Rice'
Rice, which is grown in rice fields that are always flooded with water, contains more moisture than any other crop. 



360 hours twice
fermented reds

The moisturizing power of rice is three times stronger!
1st fermentation: 2 days at 30℃, 6 days at 25℃ with Honggukgyun
2nd fermentation: Patented yeast fermented at 30℃ for 7 days. 




The overwhelming moisturizing power of Red Rice Extract T™!

Experience 24-hour non-drying moisture with Hanyul’s special moisturizing ingredient Red Rice Essence TM.




Verified by human application test
Incredible increase in hydration*

increase in moisture


With 3 times more moisturizing power
24-hour non-drying skin*

increase in moisture


Elasticity +10.18% after 15 days of use*
Tightly held elasticity
With red rice essence™ contained in a sticky essence formula
It adds vitality and elasticity to the skin, making it more resilient.

Skin elasticity

Skin moisture level

How to use 
Apply this softener over face and neck using your palms or a cotton pad after cleansing. Gently pat to encourage absorption.




With just one skin
Amazing antioxidant power!

Red Rice Extract™
Antioxidant capacity
Maximized by double fermentation
Skin vitality & elasticity effect

Wrinkle improvement function
FDA report completed!
Wrinkle improvement functional product!
: 400ppm

Chewy texture
Plump, elastic feeling
Absorption Essence Formulation


Human application test results prove
Elasticity increase effect*

skin elasticity


Feeling in just 15 days
Satisfaction with moisturizing elasticity 

The skin feels moisturized.

The elasticity of the skin seems to have increased.

The radiance of the skin seems to have increased.

It feels like the skin barrier has been improved and the skin's defense has been strengthened.

I would like to recommend this product to others.




#Accumulated sales of 2 million bottles #1 skin
2 million choices!

Meet the red rice essence skin, the story recognized by customers.

Normally, viscous toners do not absorb well, but Hanyul Essence Toner absorbs well, so the inside is moist and the outside is smooth without stickiness, so I really like it.

I am very grateful for this product because I have dry skin, so I pay more attention to my skin's moisturizing power than anything else. It seems to be a good product that can be used in all four seasons, not just in winter.

Recommended product for dry people every day!!!
It is a product that not only replenishes moisture, but also moisturizes. As soon as you apply it after washing your face, it feels like your skin is filled with firmness from the inside. 



Essence formula with plump elasticity
It is an essence formula that fills the skin with moisture, so it is recommended for those with tight and dry skin.





How to
For tight skin
How to use essence skin
Toner and essence at once with red rice essence toner!
It is also good to use it at the essence stage after tidying up the skin texture with a wipe.
If you use it as a skin pack by soaking a cotton pad with plenty of essence toner, it will keep you hydrated for 24 hours. 




Hanyul's Rice
Why is it special? 

Farmer Jeongmo Lee in Yeoju contracted cultivation
Farmer Jungmo Lee, a rice farmer for 50 years in the fertile land of Yeoju,
We directly grow rice for our red rice line.

Pesticide-free snail organic farming
All natural without pesticides
It is reliable rice to grow.

Use brown rice (4% of bran layer removed. 96% milling rate.) with full nutrition
Rice germ and rice bran, which are the core nutrients of rice,
Alive also uses brown rice.






All from Korea
To maximize the effectiveness of moisturizing and elasticity
2 Fermented Red Rice Extract™ Extraction Method

Hanyul skin care
It contains know-how.


1. Every fall
Harvesting bitter gourd 5bundomi

Organic farming in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do
Harvesting 5bundomi full of nourishment


2. 1st fermentation
with Hong Gukgyun
once every 8 days

2 days at 30℃,
Fermented for 6 days at 25℃


3. Second fermentation
with patented yeast
once every 7 days

30℃ for 7 days
Second fermentation once more


4. Extraction
2 fermentations
Red Rice Extract™ Extract

Excellent for moisturizing and elasticity
2 times fermented red rice essence™ extraction


Thinking of skin and the environment
Beneficial formula

Dermatologically tested
Excluding 6 chemical components
sugar cane fermented alcohol 


Ingredients you can trust



I recommend Red Rice Essence Skin to these people.
Those who feel dry skin all year round
Those who have pillow marks on their skin in the morning and worry about elasticity
Those who need thicker daily moisturizing in winter


'Benefits of Korea's nature encountered every day'
Hanyul creates products that allow you to feel the benefits of Korean nature in your skin and mind, and even in your daily life.
Hanyul strives to preserve and promote the benefits of Korean nature.


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