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Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator

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"The cleansing foam you use every day should be different now"
Average 5.0 points Cumulative number of reviews exceeded 1,008!

Deep cleansing without irritation
The secret is Boryeong Mud
Mud pack and cleansing at the same time, 2 in 1 Multi Cleanser Feel your skin changing every day!

Your skin may become so smooth that you want to touch it again and again.
It is so moist that it can shine.

#Good regardless of skin type
# I am very satisfied with the cleaning power
# It's gentle without irritation

My skin tone has brightened!
Is this the power of Boryeong Mud?
This is my first time using a fact-to-foam type cleanser, and it is a very attractive cleanser.
Since I have oily skin that lacks moisture, it is no joke that my outer skin has sebum and oil, but after changing to this meticulous cleansing method, a lot of sebum disappeared!!
it's so amazing
The cleansing power is also good, so when I only apply sunscreen, I don't have to wash my face for a second time, and I tend to wash my face with this Mud Pact to Foam cleanser alone.
As the sebum disappears and the moisture is filled, the skin tone naturally brightens!
Is this the power of Boryeong Mud?

It is useful because it can be used as a pack as well.
It cleans well and does not dry out.
Although it is a cleansing foam, it can also be used as a pack.
It feels brighter than after cleansing, and I think this product kills two birds with one stone.
After applying the pack, my pores feel cooler than when I just cleansed.

It didn't pull and it was comfortable until skin care.
I was worried that the mud would feel crispy, but it wasn't at all, and it had a soft foam-like texture. When foaming with water, the foam size is large and rich foam with a firm feeling is created.
The bubbling feeling of washing is just right.
Moisturized after use, satisfied!
It has a clean finish, probably because of the minerals contained in the mud, but it was nice that the skin did not feel tight after use.
Sometimes there are dry foams right after washing my face, but this one didn't pull and was comfortable until skin care.

It is more safe because it is a good ingredient without harmful ingredients!
Millet pimples popped up, so I mobilized various methods from cleansing to skin care to change it.
It was like killing two birds with one stone because you can use the cleansing foam like a pack.
It was a jinnok formulation that had mud in it and was thick.
As for the ingredients, there are no artificial colors and fragrances.
It's a good ingredient that doesn't have harmful ingredients, so I can use it with more peace of mind!
If you make foam with water, it will be moderately rich and it will be able to cleanly remove the wastes in the pores.
After using it, it feels refreshed, but there is no tension, so it was perfect for daily use.
The cleaning power wasn't bad, it was good
After using it for sure, the troubles have generally calmed down and my skin has become very manly.

I like that it makes my pores look clean.
This non-mud two-form cleanser can be used in both a pack and a cleansing foam, so it's versatile and the feeling of use is so satisfying.
When taking a shower with B.Mud foam, put it on your face like a pack and wash your face at the end.
It's a slightly acidic product, so it doesn't dry the skin too much, and since it washes the skin with mud, the skin texture looks tidy and the skin looks clear and clean, so I really like it.

Mud pack and cleanser at once
2IN1 Multi Cleanser


99.18% makeup cleansing effect
99.08% fine dust cleaning effect
97.91% sunscreen cleaning effect
pH5.5 slightly acidic cleanser

Recovery mud fact-to-foam cleanser evaluated by the reconciliation survey group
Satisfaction with cleaning power and skin texture

Easy to use
Bubble satisfaction
The dead skin cells seem to have decreased

What if you feel that your skin is getting more sensitive and getting weaker frequently?

Change your cleanser

The slightly acidic foam containing ultra-fine Boryeong mud powder deeply cleanses various harmful substances and invisible wastes in the pores, completing a clear and clean skin base.

If you want to experience jewel-like skin, borrow the power of mud. Dramatic skin improvement effect is not difficult.

16 clinically proven makeup. Fine dust. Sunscreen cleaning effect

The natural mud obtained from Boryeong tidal flats has strong waste and sebum adsorbing power.

Slightly acidic/all ingredients EWG GREEN skin hypoallergenic test completed for comfortable use

loved by consumers
Check out the review of #Fact to Foam Cleanser.

"Even if you use only a small amount, the feeling of washing your face is really clean."
“I feel refreshed after washing with mud and it washes well”
“I tried it because it was said to be good for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic, and it is mild and good.”
"This is real. It's so good. The heat has completely gone and I feel refreshed."

Take a close look at the cleanser you use every day.

Multi-cleansing with a mud pack function added to the skin-based cleansing foam that changes just by washing your face

Refreshing deep cleansing with 99% verified cleaning power after completing 16 clinical tests
With just one use, more than 99% of makeup and fine dust can be cleansed, and the rich mud foam removes dead skin cells to provide deep cleansing that is gentle on the skin and cleans pores.

Fine dust cleaning improvement
makeup wash
sunscreen cleaning

Absorption of waste with the strong power of Boryeong Mud, even in the blind spots in the invisible pores
Made with BRMUD's special manufacturing method, ultra-fine Boryeong mud powder with a ratio of 1/40 of wheat flour provides strong adsorption power to meticulously care for pores, providing the effect of a mud pack just by cleansing.

Sebum & waste cleansing 24.40%
Blackhead improvement 28.99%
Whitehead improvement 17.57%
Pore clearance improvement 38.81%
Pore skin improvement 37.49%
Improvement of pores 25.12%
Pore number improvement 24.17%
Pore depth improvement 16.14%

Mild and moist MUD RECIPE that creates a balanced skin environment
93% of natural ingredients, pH 5.5 (±1.0) slightly acidic cleansing foam that can be gently cleansed, and completed a skin irritation test so that even troubled skin can be used without worry, completing a clear and soft skin texture without disturbing it.
pH5.5 (+1.0)

Start with mud pack and finish with cleansing foam
Pore skin care that ends with cleansing
The transforming formula, which transforms into a mud pack when applied and a cleansing foam when wet, provides a pore care and skin care booster effect by removing impurities in the pores with just one wash without tiring the skin.

Skin moisturizing improvement 88.17%
Antibacterial effect 84.18%
Skin texture improvement 15.15%

From Boryeong
Pure natural "Boryeong Mud" obtained after 290 days of waiting
Boryeong tidal flats in the west coast area stretch along the 136 km coastline. Boryeong Mud, which has already been recognized through the 'Mud Festival', a global festival, is a precious natural resource that contains numerous minerals and organic substances. BRMUD pays attention to the many benefits of Boryeong Mud and uses 100% Boryeong Mud Powder as a raw material, which was made through the process of collecting, washing, sterilizing and testing, and waiting for 290 days with sincerity and tenacity.

※The above explanation is limited to the efficacy of raw materials※
#Fact to Foam Cleanser Recipe

Adsorption of waste
Naturally derived surfactant
Stabilization Aid & Preservative
Skin protection & nutrition
stabilizing component
moisturizing ingredients

Purified water, sodium cocoyl isethionate, glycerin, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, coconut acid, seasylt (3%), sodium chloride, 1,2-hexanediol, sodium isethionate, citric acid, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Charcoal Powder, Potassium Cocoate, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Disodium EDTA, Butylene Glycol, Black Willow Bark Extract, Camellia Flower Extract, Evening Primrose Extract, Western Berries Extract, Elder Fruit Extract , cranberry extract, sodium hyaluronate, dog hearing extract, Ecklonia cava extract, gelidium cartilageneum extract, fusiformis extract

※The above explanation is limited to the efficacy of raw materials※
A relaxation ritual just for me
When washing your face, take an appropriate amount, lather sufficiently, massage the entire face gently and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

When used as a pack
Apply it on a dry face and wash your face after about 1 minute, which is the time required for waste and sebum to be absorbed, for smoother and clearer skin.

Check before use

Q.How many minutes do I need immediately when using it as a pack?
A. Please enjoy a break time of at least 1 minute to a maximum of 3 minutes on a dry face, which is enough time for the ultra-fine Boryeong Mud to clean and moisturize.

Q. Is it possible to wash heavy makeup?
A. In the case of makeup and sunscreen, strong cleansing is possible with just one use, but in the case of waterproof products and heavy makeup, it is recommended to use it after the first cleansing.

Q. It smells like artificial fragrance.
A. In the case of the Recovery Mud Factor-to-Foam Cleanser, experience the fragrance and depth of the original mud scent as it is free from artificial fragrances and artificial colors.

Q. Is it a weakly acidic cleansing foam?
A. It is a pH5.5 (±1.0) product, and it is a slightly acidic cleansing foam, but according to the Cosmetic Notice Act in 2021, the existing weakly acidic notation has been changed to 'slightly acidic', so it is explained as a slightly acidic cleansing foam.

Q. Can I use it for washing my face in the morning?
A. This product is a slightly acidic mud cleansing foam that can be used daily and can be used casually for morning cleansing.

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