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BIA Effect Hair Follicle Eoseongcho Tea Tree Soap Honey Collagen Moisture Soap Natural Handmade Soap 5pcs

Are you looking for a natural handmade soap that can provide long-lasting hydration and soothing for your skin? Look no further than BIA Effect Hair Follicle Eoseongcho Tea Tree Soap Honey Collagen Moisture Soap! This 100g bar soap is made with natural ingredients such as houttuynia cordata powder, tea tree leaf oil, and centella asiatica extract, which are well known for their problem skin remedies, as well as 30% or more of virgin olive oil. The low-temperature aging CP method (cold press) helps to promote rich foam and moisturizing power without destroying the good ingredients of vegetable oils. Furthermore, BIA Effect's Demodex Natural Soap is hypoallergenic and free of harmful ingredients, artificial colors, and preservatives. It is safe for the whole family to use and helps with skin antibacterial and trouble management. This soap is suitable for people of all ages, whether they are dealing with athlete's foot skin, oily skin, hair follicle trouble, millet skin and pimples, or just dry skin. It also features a 1-minute face wash pack, ampoule, and massage all in one, so you can enjoy a soft and

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BIA Effect Hair Follicle Eoseongcho Tea Tree Soap Honey Collagen Moisture Soap Natural Handmade Soap 5pcs

Demodex Natural Soap - $47.08 USD
  • Demodex Natural Soap - $47.08 USD
  • Honey Collagen Natural Soap - $47.08 USD


100g * 5pcs 


Declaration of freedom from skin problems
BIA Effect right life Soap
-Handmade aged soap-

We do not give up just because it is an expensive raw material!

Beauty in Asia, a global factory that strictly selects high-quality raw materials and does not compromise with cheap raw materials!
From the age of 17 to the age of 70, we study trouble skin with a focus on ingredients to maintain fresh skin, and are loved by brands and esthetic shops around the world for its honesty.
BIA Effect does not offer instant gimmicks. This is because good daily habits are steadily accumulated to create a lifetime of skin.
BIA Effect, loved by aesthetic shops around the world, now you can find BIA Effect at home. 



15 years of craftsmanship
1500 hours of natural aging soap born after 1500 days of research
The secret to porcelain skin

Pack, ampoule and massage all in one
1 minute ampoule massage face wash pack (both body pack and foot pack)

BIA Effect
BIA Effect Right Life Soap Collection full of nature

CP1 Demodex Natural Soap
CP2 Honey Collagen Natural Soap
Contains 30% or more of virgin olive oil
Skin hypoallergenic test completed


Have you seen this soap?
BIA Effect right life Soap Collection contains more than 30% of olive virgin oil!
Olive oil is more expensive than gold these days, right?! Are you saying it's hard to find?! 




Eoseongcho Tea Tree
Morning worries, athlete's foot cleansing, oily skin trouble management

CP1 Demodex Natural Soap
Skin hypoallergenic test completed

Three representative ingredients for skin trouble and hair follicle problem skin at once!
Houttuynia cordata + tea tree + centella asiatica

Soft and fluffy throughout the 4 seasons!! 



Popular for athlete's foot and hair follicle problems
Houttuynia cordata + tea tree + centella asiatica

Eoseongcho Tea Tree
People of all ages suffering from athlete's foot skin
Men and women of all ages who are troubled by oily, oily skin
Students and office workers who are worried about hair follicle trouble
When you don't know what soap to use for millet skin and pimples
When you are often dry and full of troubles
Those who are tired of soaps full of harmful ingredients and preservatives
When the soap you used before is stiff or dry
When you are tired of applying and massaging in order
When you want to share soap for the whole family, face and body soap

*The above description is limited to raw material characteristics



B.I.FECT hair follicle Houttuynia cordata tea tree soap is made of houttuynia cordata powder, tea tree leaf oil, and centella asiatica extract, which are well known for problem skin, as main ingredients, as well as rich in olive oil, so it has excellent soothing and moisturizing power, and produces soft and rich lather. Premium CP handmade soap.

Harmful ingredients ZERO
Use of natural ingredients
High quality raw material
Artificial color ZERO
Low-temperature aging CP method
Skin hypoallergenic test completed 


BIA Effect Demodex Natural Soap?

Abundant moisturizing effect by high-quality vegetable naturally matured oils
Minimize troubles with natural ingredients
Contains 30% or more virgin olive oil and 3% or more shea butter
Moist and soft by forming a moisturizing film on the skin barrier after cleansing.
Made with safe ingredients, a mild product that can be used by the whole family
Centella asiatica extract, tea tree oil, medicinal wool flour, etc. help antibacterial skin and trouble management

*The above description is limited to raw material characteristics

BIA Effect Demodex Natural Soap's Good Recipe

Olive oil, purified water, coconut palm oil, tea tree leaf oil (5,000ppm), medicinal wheat flour (5,000ppm), chlorella vulgaris powder, rosemary extract, port marigold flower oil, medicinal wheat extract (300ppm), oil palm oil, sodium hydride Rockside, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter, rosemary leaf oil, centella asiatica extract, linalool, limonene




Are you tired of being alone? Pack + Ampoule + Massage in one!

strong moisturizing power
very rich foam
Plenty of natural-derived ingredients that are better than most ampoules
Enriched with high-quality natural oils
For soothing, exfoliating, and athlete's foot care

If you haven't used it yet, it's too late.

Don't hesitate to start when you feel it's too late!
1 minute face wash pack every morning and evening

*Please use it if you have not forgotten about specific ingredients. 



BIA Effect right life Soaps are different.

It is a high-quality natural CP soap made by hand through a long and difficult process by the low-temperature maturation method (cold press).

What is CP Soap?
As a low-temperature aging soap, it is produced while controlling the temperature by stirring natural vegetable oils and caustic soda, so that the good ingredients of vegetable oils remain in the soap without being destroyed, and it is completed after at least 5 to 6 weeks of aging. It is called natural soap because it is formed naturally during the maturation process without adding chemical glycerin.





All natural CP soaps are stiff?
Answer: NO!!

Take a look at the ingredients of the soap you are using.
Not only is 'olive oil' listed first in B.Effect Barun Life Soaps, but it also accounts for more than 30% of all ingredients. (You probably won't find a soap like this one!)

Olive oil is said to be more expensive than gold these days!? It's because it's difficult to find.

Bei Effect will generously give you this precious olive oil for the many customers who love Bei Effect.

Many professional researchers at Bei Effect spent a long time in order to make a soap that is unique enough to be confident that it will remain moist even after washing your face. 



A must-have item, proven by hot reviews

My 30-year-old athlete's foot got better after using this soap!
I'm worried about acne, but I've been using it steadily and it's gotten better!
Shiny sebum is captured refreshingly!
This is the first product that pack, ampoule and massage all in one!
Even after washing your face with soap, it is so moist without feeling tight?
A new world has been opened to me who used to only use cleansing foam!
It washes cleanly and leaves a silky smooth finish!
I had a hard time with chemical soap, but I settled down with this soap!
Olive oil is good, and it's great!
Even if you don't use a massage pack separately, your face will glow!
This is one of the best natural soaps I've ever used!
Bei Effect products are recognized by skin care shops!
I use it with my daughter, and she loves it!
After using this soap, my hands do not work with other soaps.


 How to use BIA Effect Soap correctly

Step 1
Open your pores by first washing your face with lukewarm water about 10 times.

Step 2
After opening and before use, be sure to wet the soap thoroughly with warm water to gently loosen the dry soap and create rich bubbles. (At this time, if you use a bubble net, richer bubbles will be created. Make sure to bubble sufficiently before using for the first time.)

Step 3
With plenty of lather, wash your face as if gently massaging.

Step 4
Rinse thoroughly with warm water so that no bubbles remain. The slipperiness left after washing your face is a moisturizing ingredient that does not irritate your skin.

*Due to the nature of handmade soap, there may be differences in shape, color, and raw material properties. This is a natural feature and is a normal product. Differences in shape or scratches are not defective factors, and the weight of soap is marked before and after drying, so there is a difference in the weight of 100g soap before and after drying.



Design your skin!
17 to 70
I want to stay at the age of 17!

The most trivial and important way to maintain youthful skin!

□ Provide soothing care to prevent irritation to the skin.
□ Keeps skin moist all the time
□ BIA Effect right life Soap.

BIA Effect studies the most optimal hydration, long-term soothing and trouble care, and maintenance and recovery of skin age.

Don't delay the steps of a beautiful skin that can improve your skin even at the age of 70, and join BIA Effect from now on.



Skin irritation test clinical results

Skin irritation index

Judgment result



Production process and test report under strict quality control

◆ Meaning engraved on soap◆
All We Have Is Now
All we have is right now. 

Daily habits accumulate to create the future.
Have you been honest with yourself today as well?
Don't put it off until later, and be honest and precious with the precious things you have and the precious people around you every day, right now.

The skin and expression of the distant future are created right now. 






BIA EFFECT, which has been supplied to esthetic shops around the world, is a premium brand of Beauty in Asia, a global factory that produces premium raw materials and products.

Global Factory Beauty in Asia Co., Ltd.
Under the motto of 'from 17 to 70 years old', ETERNITY through BIA Effect, a high-end aesthetic brand specializing in ultra-moisturizing and soothing care and trouble care, BIA Effect, a professional health care brand, Body Elixir, BIA Effect Aloha, a gel nail line, and various other household product lines. & presents PURITY solutions.


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