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Beautiful Classic Series-Recover Book #1 - Little Prince

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*Beautiful Classic Series-Recover Book #1 - Little Prince

*The book back is neatly unified, and the more you collect it, the more valuable it is to collect.

*A classic masterpiece to read again as an adult

*The most beautiful story in the world loved by readers around the world
“The most important thing is invisible to the eyes, so you can only see it when you see it with your heart.”

*Classic cover in a classic frame

You can enjoy beautiful illustrations with a larger size than the existing masterpiece series, and the readability is higher.

"You know, you know? When you're really sad, you like watching the sun go down."

*"My rose became so precious because of the time I put into it."

*Size : 128*187mm
*Page : 160
*Table of Contents or Book Introduction:

[Book Introduction] The first book in the Indigo <Beautiful Classic Recover Book> series, 『The Little Prince』 is published! A classic frame in a large format, a classic feel with a vintage color A masterpiece for adults, for collection. Reborn as a gift book The “Little Prince” recovery book has been published that utilizes the concept of “a masterpiece to be read again as an adult.” The cover, surrounded by classic frames and vintage colors, is as beautiful as a picture in a frame. It has been reborn as a book that not only has improved readability by increasing the size from the existing compact and compact format, but also wants to read and possess even as an adult. Since its publication in 1943, 『The Little Prince』 has been translated into over 160 languages ​​and loved all over the world. Among them, the Indigo <Beautiful Classic> series has been loved by many readers as a special 「The Little Prince」 that is nowhere else in the world by adding delicate and emotional drawings by Kim Min-ji. The newly published Recover Book series tried to convey the classic feeling of classic masterpieces that add value as the years go by while retaining the uniqueness of the classic indigo classic series. “The most important thing is invisible. You can see well if you look with your heart. "
Translated by Professor Mi-seong Kim of Yonsei University, inspired by the original French text! In the Indigo <Beautiful Classic Recover Book> series, the original French text in which Mouse Perry's sensibility is alive was translated into Korean by Mi-seong Kim, Research Professor of Humanities at Yonsei University, HK Research Professor. , writer Kim Min-ji recreated the little prince with his own sensuous style while well reviving the points contained in the original illustration drawn by Saint-Exupéry. We did our best to faithfully preserve the feeling of the original text. ', but it contains the sentimental sentences and sensibility of the original. 『The Little Prince』 is in the form of recording the story of an aviator who crash-landed in the desert due to an airplane malfunction, meeting the little prince who came from the asteroid B612 and had a conversation with him. The little prince tells the story of several people he met on another planet before he left the asteroid and reached Earth: a king who rules and commands only, a vain man who refuses to hear anything but praise; A drunken man who continues to drink because he is ashamed of drinking, a businessman who thinks everything is only a number, a geographer who craves false knowledge, etc. Each time he meets these people one after another, the little prince thinks."The adults are so perfect. Strange. "Readers hear the story of the little prince and, like the aviator, ask themselves whether I am not that 'strange adult' now. The little prince also tells the story of the rose he left on his planet and the fox he met in the desert. It also makes us rethink about 'relationships.'

 "To tame means you're the one and only child to me, and I'm the one and only afford to you. " 『The Little Prince』 is a beautiful fairy tale for children and a magical book that makes adults realize the meaning of lost childhood and the value of life and relationships. The first book in the Indigo <Beautiful Classic Recover Book> series, 「The Little Prince」, will be a book loved by all readers as a gift or for collection.



Beautiful Classic Series-Recover Book #1 - Little Prince

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