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Type: Eyeshadow


Step basic 224 real skin  
I don't think it's possible to wear an undercoat like the color on the inside of the wrist, but when you put it on, it's still a must-have makeup, shadow base color  

A color that organizes the eyelids into a really fine skin color.  
Only those who have tried it know the difference between doing it and not doing it.  

It is absolutely necessary for a dark-skinned face makeup.  


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Step Basic is the most basic base line in makeup.
It is a multiple item that can be used as shadow, highlighter, blush, and shading.
Make up your eyelids with a really fine skin color.
224 real skin
It seems like it would be enough to apply and not to apply, but only those who have done it know the difference between doing it and not doing it!

244 Real Skin is a base shadow made for those who are using foundation No. 21, which is the most common skin tone for most women in Korea.

A must-have makeup base, shadow base color
Only those who have painted it know.

Even though it is a little darker than my skin tone, it feels so natural and warm when applied!
I bought this to use as a base and I'm very happy with it.

It is a good color to apply at the very first stage!
I think it would be nice to have it by default

It is a calm color with no redness at all.

It is the best as a daily item I am using it everyday these days

If I use it all, I will buy it again and use it forever.
please don't discontinue it

It's a really pretty shaded skin color.
It is a natural color, so you can use it without any hesitation!

Recommended if you want nude makeup.
You can also add 507 Sugar Gold or 158 Coral Beige to this.

I've only used this similar color for several years, and as of today I switched to real skin...
I love you Amelie... Please don't ever discontinue real skin...

I don't know how many years I've been using real skin.
It was discontinued, so I waited for a while and then repurchased it and it is working well!
This is perfect for daily use!!

When you want to apply a one-color shadow to make it stand out, but your eyelids are spotty or the shadow color is messy!

This is the moment when you need 224 Real Skin to organize your eyelids with a fine complexion.

224 Real Skin + 507 Sugar Gold
If you want to give your daily makeup a little bit of strength, try adding 507 Sugar Gold.
Just like a spoonful of magic powder added when the taste of food is missing somewhere, it brightly changes the overall makeup mood with one touch.
At this time, if you use 224 Real Skin together as a base, you can complete a detailed makeup look.
It is perfect for secretly becoming beautiful by creating natural shades with a pure, non-pearl skin color that is neither dark nor bright!
So what about lip?
It goes well with any color, so enjoy as much as you like.

Step Basic Eyeshadow

Silky soft texture!
Step Basic refines fine-grained raw materials to provide a silky soft texture. The soft touch that your fingertips feel first spreads over your eyes.

Lightly stick! Long-lasting, high-adhesion shadows
Step Basic applies a high-adhesion blinder system and a long-lasting color effect system, so it has excellent adhesion and lasts a long time.



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