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Type: Face Oil

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S. NATURE Jojoba Oil 90ML  
100% organic certified with no added chemicals  
Feel the light and fast absorption without stickiness and high moisturizing effect with jojoba seed oil!  

3 second oil moisturizing method  

Organic face oil  

Baby massage  

Pre-mom D-line management, etc.  

Our family's all-round premium organic natural oil.  

What is jojoba oil ?  

A gift from nature, it is an oil extracted by pressing jojoba seeds, which have a structure similar to skin sebum. The chemical structure is very similar to that of human skin, so it has excellent skin penetration, is non-sticky, does not clog pores, and has an excellent feeling of use. In addition, it is not easily oxidized, so it can be used for a long time and is suitable for various skin types.

S. NATURE Jojoba Oil contains the excellent nutritional value of fresh organic jojoba seeds.

S. NATURE Jojoba Oil  Features

100% Jojoba Seed Oil + 100% Organic + Unrefined Golden Jojoba

Excellent nutrition supply full of various nutrients such as natural protein, minerals and collagen (limited to the compositional characteristics of raw materials)

Excellent for skin protection and elasticity

Safe for babies, expectant mothers and various skin types with mild botanical ingredients

3 Second Oil Moisturizing & Organic Face Oil

A must-have secret item for beauty experts!
3 second oil moisturizing method
Apply a small amount to the entire face within 3 seconds immediately after washing your face to form a strong oil and moisture film to keep your skin moisturized and radiant all day!

Organic face oil
Apply 1 drop at the last step of skin care, or mix it with Boulanche lotion and use it as a highly moisturizing care.

Oil for baby/infant massage
Moisturizing & Growth Development Baby Massage Oil

Essentials for the Cultural Center Baby Massage Class Recommended by Massage Specialists

S. NATURE Jojoba Oil, which is 100% organic and natural plant ingredients, is nutritious and has light and fast absorption power.

Pre-mom D-line massage oil
Whole body skin elasticity management before and after childbirth

Smart management for expectant mothers
Use S. NATURE Jojoba Oil  to manage the elasticity of the whole body, such as the abdomen and chest, which suddenly swell and grow during pregnancy! It is effective for skin care before and after childbirth as it maintains elasticity and smooth skin texture despite sudden body changes.

Detailed usage tips TIP!

TIP 01
Various moisturizing methods for honey glowing skin
Used as a 3-second oil moisturizing method
Use as the last step in skincare
Use of blanche lotion and mix
Use of base cover products and mixes

TIP 02
How to use baby honey moisturizing
Used as growth and development massage oil
Use of blanche lotion and mix

TIP 03
How to manage skin elasticity for expectant mothers
Used for skin elasticity management before and after pregnancy
Use of blanche lotion and mix

TIP 04
How to use a bath
Apply 5-6 drops while bathing to form a moist moisturizing film

TIP 05
How to use scalp and hair
After massaging the dry scalp with S. NATURE Jojoba Oil, rinse it off with shampoo for about 30 minutes.
Apply to dry and cracked hair tips to form a moisturizing film and provide nutrition

S. NATURE Jojoba Oil Q&A

Q. Will Jojoba Oil stain clothes?
A. If you use Jojoba Oil in an appropriate amount, it will not stain clothes or fabrics, and even if you use a large amount of Jojoba Oil, it will not leave any stains after washing.

Q. What is the difference between clear and yellow Jojoba Oil?
A. S. NATURE Jojoba Oil is an unrefined, 'yellowish', unrefined gold Jojoba.

Clear Jojoba is a refined Jojoba that is clear and transparent, without fragrance and without viscosity. In addition, purified and transparent Jojoba is extracted from poor quality Jojoba seeds or refined several times, so that natural good nutrients are lost in the process.

S. NATURE Jojoba Oil is unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil. Among them, fresh organic Jojoba seeds are pressed and squeezed to contain excellent nutritional ingredients.

Q. How best to store jojoba oil?
A. It is best to store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Natural oil itself does not contain water, so bacteria are not completely present. If you store it in a humid place such as a bathroom, it is best to avoid it in a humid place because it can come in contact with water and cause problems such as bacteria and acidification.

Q. Jojoba oil is frozen in winter!! What should I do?
A. Only 100% pure jojoba freezes in winter. Jojoba oil is a 100% jojoba plant ingredient with no added chemicals. It solidifies below 7.2 degrees Celsius and returns to its original state when left at room temperature.

Precautions for use !
Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight!

Jojoba Seed Oil 100% (USDA Certified Organic Ingredients)


It contains the natural beauty that skin likes.
Natural moisturizing NO.1 beauty brand S. NATURE

S. NATURE, which carefully selects only fresh, high-quality natural raw materials and safe and scientific ingredients from all over the world, and supplies 'high moisture, high nutrition, and elasticity' with a scientific formula for oil and moisture balance of the skin, has been visiting the clinic for many years. It is a brand that was born in 2007 by researching and observing the various treatment processes of many people suffering from skin problems.

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