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rom&nd Better Than Eyes Music Series

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Type: Eyeshadow


A four-step eyeshadow quad that features a buildable non-creasing formula and pigmented shades for day to night

- Pretty colours with matte type effect.
- Very fine glitters for a soft glam look.
- Can be used for defined contouring.

Compact eye shadow palettes in a range of matte and glitter shades, designed specifically for fall/winter seasons and inspired by dried floral hues. The Dry Apple Blossom palette features warm brown tones, while the Dry Buckwheat Flower palette features cool gray tones, and the Dry Cosmos palette features soft pink tones. Formulated with fine particles that conceal fine lines without caking, these shades create smooth finishes that last all day. Apply onto eyelids using a blending brush or sponge tip, and finish by patting with fingertips to minimize fallout.

Gorgeous matte and glitter shades perfect for fall and winter makeup looks Refined particles blur fine lines and absorb excess oil to maintain long-lasting makeup that doesn't crease . Long-lasting adherence maintains makeup without leaving powder on unwanted areas or between fine lines Opal pearl glitter creates a galaxy-like, sparkling makeup look

How to Use
Apply onto eyelid using a blending brush or sponge tip. For a more iridescent effect and to minimize fallout, use fingertip to pat color onto eyelid.




Fine primer shadow
Fine ultra-fine particle shadow that was not in this world


Perfect removal of fine lines around the eyes
Even without using a separate powder primer, fine particles clean the eye area.


Does a fine matte shadow clump together?
Using a moist-fitting system, it is gently blended without clumping even by hand.


Oil paper shadow
Fine particles remove oiliness and keep the first makeup intact without crease.

Fine Milky Way Pearl Glitter
The opal pearl that spreads out

With a wet molding method, the oil component is evenly distributed in the powder, and the adhesion is good, so it maintains its transparency and brilliance without fluttering or wrinkling over time.a696ce36db378d3b4ebae91ad9521030_1568012

Moist and shiny

Moist Milky Way Pearl Glitter
Glitter that shines moistly without stickiness illuminates the eye area.

Gorgeous glitter that rises vividly and transparently completes the bright and shiny makeup.


Soft with fine particles
Soft color found in dried flowers

Dried Apple Blossom
A soft red-orange color reminiscent of a green field

1. Soft Apple
Toned down nude beige color that gives a natural shade

2. Apple Garden
Soft red orange matte point color like a ripe apple

3. Apple Road
Transparent and moist Milky Way pearl glitter reminiscent of white apple blossoms

4. Apple Browning
Orange-brown color that adds natural depth 

Dried buckwheat flowers
Cool grayish brown without redness like cold buckwheat

1. Soft Wheat
Skin tone base color to brighten the eye area

2. Good Gray
Gray-brown matte point color like dried buckwheat

3. Shiny Buckwheat
Soft grayish milky pearl glitter

4. Dark gray
Dark gray with deep brown additional color

Dried cosmos
Pink brown color with reddish autumn sunset

1. Soft Petal
Soft pink beige color

2. Pink Flower
Pink brown matte point color that is not burdensome and calm

3. Aura Cosmos
Moist Milky Way Pearl Glitter with a subtle glow in pink and gold

4. Burn Cosmos
Dark pink-brown shade color with soft shading

3:1 golden ratio
With 3 non-pearl and 1 glitter, you can enjoy everything from subtle matte makeup to bright and shiny glitter makeup at the same time.

The first color.
The base color that catches crease.
Instead of powder, organize the eyes and create a subtle shade.

The second color.
The main color to decide the mood of eye makeup.
It is not bright and can be used daily with a soft color.

The 3rd color.
Transparent long glitter.
With just one glitter, the light is applied on the eyes to complete a colorful makeup.

The 4th color.
It's good to use a deep shade to straighten out the line.
The dark color is a soft texture that breaks the prejudice that there will be clumps, so it's good to loosen the eyeliner or draw instead of the eyeliner.


Daily makeup
Dried Apple Blossom Use
1. Apply color 1 over the entire eyelid.
2. Apply color 2 to the double eyelid line and the under triangle zone.
3. Apply the 3rd color from the front bangs to the center.
4. Apply No. 4 color to the corners of the eyes.

Matte makeup
Use of dried buckwheat flowers
1. Apply color 1 over the entire eyelid.
2. Apply color 2 to the double eyelid line and the under triangle zone.
3. Apply color 4 to the corners of the eyes and the tip of the underline.

Bright shiny makeup
Use of dried cosmos
1. Apply color 1 over the entire eyelid.
2. Apply color 2 to the double eyelid line and the under triangle zone.
3. Apply color 3 to the center of the eyelids and the lower bangs.
4. Apply No. 4 color to the corners of the eyes.


rom&nd Better Than Eyes Music Series

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