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Type: Moisturizer


*Home shopping 4th sold out

*Miraculous calming effects demonstrated by eight clinical trials.

*97% of the respondents are satisfied with the product!
-Moisture is satisfactory.
-I couldn't feel the pull in my skin.
-be satisfactory in use
-I don't feel any irritation on my skin.

*Miraculous soothing cream that scientifically proves the customer's real reviews.

-2021.1.31 Sein...
I'm really happy to feel that my skin has been reborn. I think most expensive cosmetics should go away!

-2021.1.24 kim a ...
I can't use anything because I have extremely dry skin and super sensitive skin, but it fits me so well.

-2020.1.30 sinmin...
I was so sensitive that I didn't know what to use, but this is the cream of my life. ㅠㅠ I'm touched. It doesn't make you feel excited or excited all four seasons are applied.I can't use any other cream...ㅠㅠㅠ

-2019.12.30 songa...
I didn't believe my skin got better after using cosmetics, but I've heard that my skin got better after using this.

*RELAXING HEDERA HELIX CREAM - a flood of miraculous testimonies.

-Even if you apply dry skin, it stays moist for a long time and absorbs well, so it wasn't sticky.

-Stimulated area after washing face.

-It's the best number one skincare product I've ever used.

-My skin is dry and this cream is indispensable in my life.

-I've had a lot of skin care and hydration.

-Honestly, I thought it was a commercial for promotion, but I was surprised because it was so much better than I thought.

-It's good that it's moist inside my skin.

-It's really soothing.

-I'm really sensitive skin, so I can't change my cosmetics very well, but it's really nice!

-200% willing to buy again.

 *Human body application test completed.

*I scientifically proved the reviews you gave me.-Eight clinical trials completed!
-Immediately after skin damage 5.45 ---> 2 weeks after use, mild epidermal water loss is reduced by 61%.

-8.857 ---> Immediately after skin damage, skin roughness improved by 24% after 2 weeks (Human body application test completed).

-36.41 ---> Immediately after skin damage Immediately reduce skin temperature by 5℃ after applying the product.

-Immediately after applying 13.58 ---> product immediately after skin damage, reduce redness by 34%

-13.12 ---> 63% less redness after 2 weeks of skin damage 

-Immediately after skin damage 56.32 ---> 10% improvement in skin tone after 2 weeks

-0.0265 ---> Improve skin transparency by 5% after 2 weeks of skin damage.

-6.59 ---> Improve skin transparency by 10.28 56% after 2 weeks of skin damage.


 *Non-irritating Certification - Skin irritation index 0.00

 *Patented ENGLISH IVY HEDERA HELIX - Strong skin soothing, strong skin protection, moisturizing, deep nutrition
(Patent  10-1550271)

 *English Ivy and Nature-Originated Sedative Materials, Triple Hyaluronic Acid

 *Patented ENGLISH IVY HEDERA HELIX - Strong skin soothing, strong skin protection, moisturizing, deep nutrition
(Patent  10-1550271)

 *It has a semi-transparent, light formulation that permeates the skin moist and smooth. 

*Hedera Helix - Patented soothing effect with ever-green vitality throughout the four seasons.

*Rosemary Officinalis - Called the dew of the sea, it has an excellent skin soothing effect.

*Centella asiatica - Called tiger grass, it helps to increase the vitality of the skin.

*Triple hyaluronic acid
-Triple hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights moisturizes the skin from the inside to the outside, creating a layer of moisturizing film on dry skin.


*Core ingredients of Hedera Helix soothing cream
-Patented Hedera Helix, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Triple Hyaluronic Acid, Butylene Glicol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Adenosine

*All ingredients are EWG green grade - safe ingredients for me and my family to use with confidence. 



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