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Milk Baobab Body Wash White Musk 500ml 1000ml

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Type: Body Wash


Fragrant like perfume 
Erase the poverty of the day with milk baobab and fill it with the scent of white musk.

Milk Baobab Perfume
White Musk

* White Musk scent
A warm musk scent full of excitement

* pH5.5 ±  slightly acidic
pH balance for a healthy and clean brain

* Oil-Moisture balance
Milk Protein and Baobab Seed Extract
* 6 types of hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid crystals that fill the skin deep
Hyaluronic acid that refills and balances moisture that is blown into the air

Unparalleled confidence that determines skin moisture
6 types of hyaluronic acid crystals
hyaluronic acid

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronan
nate cross polymer

low molecular weight
Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic Acid

3-step water separation peel system

                  High molecular weight hyaluron     Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Before using 2 types of perfume body

A condition in which the barrier collapses due to lack of moisture supply and the moisture flies away

Super hyaluronic acid, which has a smaller molecular weight than general hyaluronic acid and has high skin permeability, delivers moisture deep into the skin and maintains moisture for a long time.
When using 2 types of perfume body

Hyaluronic acid crystals in perfume body products meticulously replenish moisture inside.
After using 2 types of perfume body

Hyaluronic acid crystals help to stabilize the moisture barrier in various parts of the skin, leaving it fragrant and moist for a long time.

Moisture lock test
It helps the body care with fragrance and moisture until the moment of use.
* Individual differences may exist depending on individual skin type and usage.

Milk Baobab Perfume Body Line that thoroughly washes away and draws away moisture and fills it with moisture.

Everyone's Attention Milk Baobab Perfume White Musk
Subtle and luxurious musk
Start your day with a longer-lasting reverberation

Milk Baobab Perfume White Musk
Why would it be good?

* Why is Milk Baobab Perfume White Musk good for you?

01 White Musk Fragrance
The warm fragrance of rose / bergamot / jasmine and floral series lasts for a long time.

02 pH5.5 ± Microacid
Protects the scalp alkalized by external stimulation to a healthy state of pH5.5 ± microacid.

03 Oil-Moisture Balance
Milk protein and baobab seed ingredients provide moisture and nutrition to protect damaged hair.

The new world of reverberation
White Musk

#What kind of fragrance #I want to know #Scent that sticks to all seasons
Long-lasting reverberation, milk baobab original white musk

Milk Baobab White Musk
TOP Lily, Musk, Galvanium, Bart, Ylang
MIDDLE Jasmine, Rose
BASE Iris, Amber, Vanilla, Peach, Patchouli, Vetiver

Don't forget to moisturize
Revitalize your skin with milk baobab!

Dryness is your skin's biggest enemy.

From itching caused by dry skin to skin irritation and skin stress!
Milk protein, which is the pinnacle of oil-water balance, and
Baobab seed ingredient provides moisture and nutrition to the skin to protect and soften damaged skin.
                Damaged skin due to moisture         Moist skin due to nutrition supply                         evaporation and lack of nutrition            and oil-moisture balance

For healthy and clean skin
The most important ingredient and pH balance
-pH5.5 ± value Balancing-

If you want healthy skin, use a non-acidic body lotion / body wash. Human skin is most stable and moisturized when the pH index is slightly acidic!

Why should it be acidic?
Yank Baobab Body product maintains the pH index of the alkalized skin healthy after sour with pH 5.5± slightly acidic.

pH is a measure of the index of acidic or alkaline ion concentration of the thin skin film of our skin, and pH 4.5~6.5 is said to be the most healthy and ideal skin condition.

Skin barrier strengthening
Oil-moisture balance adjustment
Moisturizing and nourishing

   Milk Baobab Perfume Body Wash  Milk Baobab Perfume Body Lotion

Perfume Body Wash White Musk Main Ingredients

Soap Grass Leaf Extract

It is safe even for sensitive skin by using soap grass leaf extract, a natural activator.

Natural Protector
Fermented soybean, willow, broiler chicken, oregano, cypress, machihyun, gold 7 patented herbal complex ingredients

Natural NMF ingredient extracted from sugar beet root, ideally controls oil and moisture balance.

A derivative of vitamin B5, a moisture magnet that is converted to vitamin B5 as it is absorbed into the skin

A brand that is fresh and healthy like milk
Milk Baobab
The ultimate hair & body care solution from milk protein and African baobab!

Milk Protein Care Milk protein extract
High-protein, nourishing ingredients provide moisture, shine and nutrition to hair and skin.

Moisturizing Baobab Seed Extract
Excellent moisture retention, high moisturizing effect, and botanical active ingredients help hair and skin care.

Safe and smart for the whole family to use
Milk Baobab products are made in a more meticulous production environment under the GMP management regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

 Milk Baobab products are made in a more meticulous production environment under the GMP management regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Brand Dedicated Lab 
Our dedicated brand labs are committed to providing products that are safe for the whole family through scientific diagnosis and repeated testing.
Introduction of skin diagnostic equipment and facial diagnostic equipment
Product improvement with repeated testing
Combination of ingredients used and safety


Milk Baobab Body Wash White Musk 500ml 1000ml

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