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Medicube Soyxidil Foam 85ml (Hair Loss Functionality)

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Type: Treatments


* Medicube Soyxidil Foam 85ml (Hair Loss Functionality)

* Strong germination of stone beans
Clear hair root strengthening effect SoyAct
Soyact, a patented ingredient for strengthening hair roots, takes care of the essential hair loss problem of hair loss.

* Ingredients found in Korea's first stone beans
Hair Loss Relief Functional Ingredient SoyAct
Stronger hair roots after 7 days of use
Application of SOYACT, a patented ingredient for strengthening hair roots
(SOYACT is the main ingredient for hair loss and a patented raw material for strengthening hair roots.)

* New concept hair root strengthening nutrient solution in the form of a bubble that absorbs
(Please tap and let it absorb)

* Hypoallergenic human body application test
* Korea's first hair root strengthening soyxidil nutrient solution
* Hair Loss Relief Functional Ingredient

* Studying the types of hair loss of modern people
If you leave hair loss unattended, it will gradually get worse.

* Hair loss that gradually loses strength, falls off, and worsens
The cause is weakened hair roots due to deterioration of the scalp barrier.
Application of SoyAct, a patented raw material for strengthening hair roots

* If you have such a problem, try changing to Soicidil Foam
· Those who have a lot of thinning hair,
· Those who need intensive hair loss management because the crown is empty,
· Those with a deep M-shaped forehead,
· Those who are concerned about hair loss,
· Thin and weak hair,
· Those who need hypoallergenic hair care essence with sensitive scalp

* How To Use 
After spraying directly on the area that needs intensive care for hair loss, tap and let it inhale.

Case 01. M-shaped hair loss
Case 02. Hair loss on the crown
Case 03. Circular hair loss

* Soycidil foam human body application test completed
After 7 days of use
- Scalp sebum oil improvement
- Scalp dead skin improvement
- Scalp soothing
- Scalp moisture improvement
- Helps reduce the number of hair falling out
- Helps improve scalp elasticity
- Helps improve hair tensile strength
- Helps improve root volume

* Consumers felt this way.
- It is less irritating and comfortable on the scalp. 100%
- It seems that the dead skin cells of the scalp have improved. 100%
- Root volume seems to improve. 100%
- I was satisfied with using the product. 95%
- It makes your scalp and hair feel healthy. 95%
- Hair loss seems to have decreased. 90%

* Point 01
- SoyAct, Korea's first hair loss mitigating functional ingredient found in Dolkong.
- The first in Korea to find a functional ingredient for relieving hair loss with a stone bean plant-derived ingredient.
Contains 2% of SoyAct, which is composed of isoflavone, an active ingredient of Dolbean embryo.

* Patent Application - Composition for strengthening hair roots and alleviating hair loss containing Kongbei extract

* Point 02.
Hair cycle total care
Hair Loss Functional Soycidyl Foam

* Effective hair loss care is key to cycle improvement
Provides an environment in which hair can grow well
The key is to focus on strengthening the hair roots and hair during the resting and regressing periods.

* Hair cycle total care
Customized care solution for growth, telogen, and catagen cycle conditions

* Anagen - an important step for healthy hair
* Resting phase - the stage in which the hair prepares for shedding
* Catagen phase - a stage in which growth stops and rests

* Medinoxidil 
Growing up 85%
Scalp sebum oil improvement
Scalp dead skin improvement
scalp soothing
Improving scalp moisture level

* Miracle Mineral
catagen 1%
Reduced number of hair falling out
Scalp elasticity improvement
Improvement of hair tensile strength
Root volume improvement

resting period 14%

* TEST 01 - Growing up 85%
Confirmation of actual human application test
Scalp environment improvement

* TEST 02 - Regression 1%, telogen 14%
Confirmation of actual human application test
Powerful hair root strengthening care

* Point 03
Active Carrier System to enhance the delivery of ingredients
Focused research on absorption carriers for delivery of more active ingredients
Application of Cerapresso, a patented absorption promoting ingredient

* Cerapresso is a patented raw material that promotes the absorption of active ingredients by softening the skin structure.

* Bubble Essence Soycidyl
Foam is a formulation developed to care only for the scalp, which is a troubled area, without the bubble-type essence flowing down.

* Soycidyl Foam is a new concept, highly functional product that strengthens hair roots in the form of bubbles that are absorbed.

* Tap for absorption.

* Point 04
Even sensitive scalp can be used every day
Mild Formula

* Hair loss concerns, confirmed to be healthier and safer care.
* It was confirmed that 26 types of allergens notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety were not detected.

* Completed hypoallergenic human body application test
- As a result of the human body application test, it is judged to be non-irritating.


Medicube Soyxidil Foam 85ml (Hair Loss Functionality)

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