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Jerky chips 3 Packs (Chicken tenderloin/Korean beef lungs/Korean beef liver)

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious snack for your pet? Look no further than FARM TO PET's Jerky chips! This homemade snack is packed with the freshness and nutrition of domestic meat with Chicken Tenderloin, Korean Beef Liver and Lungs. All of the raw materials used are 100% domestic and made with a low-temperature drying method of 50 degrees to preserve the flavor and nutrition of the raw material. It is completely free from additives, preservatives, pigments, flavorings, and artificial additives. Plus, it has a soft crumbly crunchy texture that your pet will love! For optimal safety, the raw materials are sourced from HACCP certified slaughterhouses and sterilized to eliminate any microorganisms, bacteria, and E. coli. Jerky chips also have a low moisture content of 8% or less, which helps to keep the product fresh for a long time. It is recommended to freeze or refrigerate after delivery, and to remove the cold air for 10 to 20 minutes before feeding. It is important to feed jerky chips to your pet in moderation. For small dogs (3kg or less), 0.5 pieces is recommended, for small dogs (3~10kg

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Jerky chips 3 Packs (Chicken tenderloin/Korean beef lungs/Korean beef liver)

Chicken tenderloin - US$17.73
  • Chicken tenderloin - US$17.73
  • Korean beef lungs - US$17.73
  • Korean beef liver. - US$17.73

Jerky chips 3 Packs (Chicken tenderloin/Korean beef lungs/Korean beef liver)


Jerky chips as a homemade snack packed with the freshness and nutrition of domestic meat  

Chicken Tenderloin, Korean Beef Liver & Lungs  

100% domestic raw material  
50 degree low temperature dry snack  
4FREE Safe Snacks  

100% domestic raw materials that you can trust and feed  

Gimje chicken fillet  
Gimhae Korean Beef Lungs
Gimhae Korean Beef

* The origin of raw materials may be changed to other regions in Korea depending on supply and demand conditions.

Seaweed antibiotic-free chicken tenderloin

Chicken tenderloin is low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, which helps in bone health, heart disease prevention, and energy recovery diet.

Easy to understand jerky chips
Palatability 5
Crispy level 4
Rigidity 3

Gimhae Korean Beef
Korean beef liver has a much higher vitamin A content than other organs, so it helps to improve eye health and tear stains.
In addition, it is excellent for improving energy and relieving fatigue as it is rich in iron mineral components.

Easy to understand jerky chips
palatability 5
crispy level 2
rigidity 5

Gimhae Korean Beef Lungs

Korean beef lungs are rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron, which help lung health, bronchial disease prevention, and anemia prevention.

Easy to understand jerky chips
Palatability 5
Crunchy 3
Rigidity 3

Slaughter Inspection Certificate

+ Another one here,

In order to preserve the taste of natural ingredients, we used refrigerated meat that was slaughtered on the same day, not frozen meat!

Because of this, it has less fishy smell, has a rich juicy flavor, and is not chewy and crumbles softly.

A 50 degree low temperature dried snack that tastes more delicious in the same environment as nature

Q Why do I need to dry at a low temperature?

Most homemade snacks use high temperature & hot air drying method to shorten drying time.
However, homemade snacks made with high heat will inevitably lose flavor and nutrients no matter how good raw materials are used.

Other company snacks
High temperature drying at a temperature of 70 degrees or higher
Flavor and loss of nutrients. Up!
Hard and crunchy taste

Jerky Chips
Low temperature drying at temperatures below 50 degrees
Preserve flavor and nutrients
Soft crumbly crunchy texture

As it is, jerky chips use a low-temperature drying method that dries the raw material similar to the natural environment to preserve the taste and nutrition of the raw material.

Jerky chip process as it is

1. Raw material supply
Receive raw materials from HACCP certified slaughterhouses

2. Raw material washing
Wash more than 3 times to remove impurities and blood

3. Low temperature drying
Dry for 24-44 hours in a cold air dryer at 50 degrees.

4. Sterilization
Sterilize microorganisms, bacteria, and E. coli for 30 minutes

5.Moisture rate control
Moisture control to 8% or less for preservative-free

6.Packing & Sealing

7.Pass the metal detector

8. Product release

Because it is dried at a low temperature of 50℃ for more than one day, it retains the taste of the fresh raw material without destroying nutrients.


Additives all out
4 FREE Safe Snacks

As it is, jerky chips are based on human-grade raw materials and do not contain any other additives.

NO preservatives
NO pigment
NO flavoring agent
NO artificial additives

Q How can freshness be maintained without preservatives?

High moisture levels increase the risk of mold and microbes growing
As it is, the jerky chips have found the optimum moisture content to maintain the freshness of the product for a long time.

Keep fresh
It has a lower moisture content than dry food, so it can be fed more safely because it can maintain freshness for a long time without artificial additives!
In addition, it is produced in a domestic factory that has completed HACCP certification, so you can pay with confidence.

Record the opening date!
Write the date of opening on the package so it's always fresh! ?

What kind of children should be fed jerky chips as they are?
For children who spend a lot of time alone
For young children who are brushing their teeth
For the naughty child who destroys household chores


Q How many grams per pack?
Korean beef liver 100g / Chicken fillet 70g / Korean beef lung 50g.

Q What is the sodium content?
All three products are less than 1%.

Q The product looks like a foreign substance.
Chicken: It is a product of dried meat as it is, and sometimes you can see dried tendons and blood vessels. There is no problem with the salary, so please pay with confidence

Lungs: This is a product made by drying the lungs of Korean beef as it is, and the overall appearance of lumpy lungs or bronchial tubes may be seen. There is no problem with the salary, so please pay with confidence

Liver: This product is made by drying the liver of Korean beef as it is, and you can see the blood vessels and the shape of the liver being curled due to the nature of the intestines. There is no problem with the salary, so please pay with confidence

Q It seems that the number/size of each product is different.
Due to the nature of the product that has been dried as it is, the size may vary depending on the location receiving heat from the dryer or the cutting state of the meat. There are no problems with feeding or differences in weight.

Q There is an oxygen absorber in it, will it affect the product?
The oxygen absorber inside the package is to prevent deterioration of the product.
There is no risk of contents spilling due to careful packing, but please be careful not to eat it.

Q The product is broken.
Jerky chips are products with extremely low moisture content of 5 to 8%. It has a lower degree of agglomeration than regular moist treats, so it can break even with a small impact. If you add powder to the feed, children can eat it more deliciously.

Q My children have diarrhea/eat and vomit.
After delivery, we recommend freezing or refrigeration.
Since the cold can cause diarrhea, it is recommended to remove the cold air for 10 to 20 minutes before feeding.

Q The color of the stools of children after eating this is strange.
The liver and lungs of Korean beef are places where a lot of blood vessels and blood pass through, and the blood is clotted and dark in color. Blood has the property of turning black when exposed to oxygen or heat, and this color is sometimes reflected in the stool. There is no problem with salary, so please pay with confidence.

Recommended amount
Small dog (3kg or less) 0.5 piece
Small dog (3~10kg) One piece
Medium dog (10~25kg) 2-3 pieces
Large dogs (over 25 kg) 4~5 pieces

* There is a difference in the amount of feed depending on the dog's disease or health condition.

  • Do not feed to ruminant animals such as cattle and deer
  • Do not feed to young puppies under 3 months of age.
  • For elderly dogs or dogs with a weak digestive system, consult with a specialist before feeding.
  • In the case of dogs with weak teeth, please be careful as there is a risk of tooth damage.
  • Do not feed as a staple food other than for training and snacking purposes.
  • The indicated prevention and improvement functions may not be effective.
  • If the product is damaged or has an abnormality, stop paying and return it to the place of purchase immediately.
  • The shape and size may not be uniform as the raw material is dried as it is.
  • May cause diarrhea and abdominal pain in large doses. Please feed according to the recommended amount.


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  • Additionally, please note that once the package has been shipped, we are not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping company.
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  • Failed delivery due to an incorrect address and/or lost parcel due to handling of the recipient country's postal service will not be considered for a refund.
  • empresskorea.com is not responsible for post parcels once it leaves Korea.
  • In the event of a dispute, Empress Korea's decision shall be final and conclusive.

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