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Type: Serum & Ampoule


First step skin care starting with transparent antioxidant
BioRedox Alpha™, completed with IOPE's unique skin-mimicking bio technology,
It strengthens the skin's own antioxidant environment and completes the skin's clear and transparent glow.

Skin antioxidant power
Moisture content
Skin condition
Since its first release in 2012
Cumulative sales 139002950000 bottles

2012.07~2020.12 Domestic online/offline channel Bio Essence customer sales amount/quantity

If you have not felt the skin improvement effect with any cosmetics,
Please try it!

#Rough skin texture
#Crushed skin balance
#Cosmetics nomad

✓ It seems that the product is not properly accepted because the skin texture is brittle.
✓ The original skin base itself seems to be bad. ✓It's only then that you use cosmetics and your skin doesn't feel any better.
✓ It seems that it is because it is dry and lack of moisture even after applying it.

What if your skin doesn't change even though you've added all of the cosmetics that you like?

Change from the very beginning

The first step in skin care, the 'decisive moment' when the skin's foundation is affected

Immediately after washing your face, at the decisive moment when your skin can deeply absorb the active ingredients, experience clear and healthy skin with the transparent antioxidant of Bio-Conditioning Essence.
The tomorrow of your skin depends on what you first touch.

2 Weeks
Even if you change the first step
Increase skin moisture 21.9% after 2 weeks of use
Increased skin antioxidant power 28.1% after 2 weeks of use
Improving the '5 major indicators' of skin's transparency
Transparency +0.97%
Tons +0.85%
Brilliance +2.09%
blemishes -19.66%
Pigmentation = 27.41%

Satisfaction after 2 weeks of using the product

The skin condition that had dropped has definitely improved. 90%
The skin looks healthy and lively. 96.6%

[Period] 2021.03.15~04.06
[Institution] PNK Co., Ltd. Skin Clinical Research Center
[Subjects] 30-49 years old 1) 30 women
1) Women who did not feel any skin improvement effect with any product (15 pairs who passed the screening questionnaire)

Translucent shiny skin
It is a lightweight, water-type essence that is absorbed quickly and freshly, while at the same time increasing the moisture retention.
Revitalizes the skin's own antioxidant capacity
Bio-Redox α™ 92.5%

Mimics the skin's antioxidant environment
IOPE's original ingredients

Thioredoxin: Cleansing the skin
Pyruvate, adenosine: skin antioxidant
Vitamin PP: Antioxidant recycling

Bio-Redox Alpha, developed after 10 years of bio-research, is a key ingredient that strengthens the skin's antioxidant environment, improves skin's antioxidant power and improves skin condition.
Refreshing and fast absorption, moisture lasting power is UP
It is a water-type essence that is applied lightly and is absorbed quickly and freshly, while at the same time increasing the moisture retention.

Skin care effect added with bio-conditioning essence
As a boosting essence that opens the skin path, it doubles the skin care effect of the next step.

Bio Conditioning Essence + Stem III Ampoule

immediately after use
Increases skin elasticity by 13.30%, moisture by 81.22%, and radiance by 1.84%

24 hours after use
78.07% increase in moisture retention

Period: 2021.03.15-04.19
Institution: PNK Co., Ltd. Skin Clinical Research Center
Target: 30 women aged 30-40 years
Women who did not feel any skin improvement effect with any product (15 pairs who passed the screening questionnaire)

The first step essence that finds the skin's natural transparency

Skin-like transparency
*5 major indicators


Bio-Redox α™ 92.5%
Thioredoxin TRX
Water type essence

Skin transparency
Skin pattern
Blemish improvement
Pigmentation improvement
Skin radiance


In the first step of skin care right after washing your face, take a cotton pad and gently apply the essence from the inside to the outside, then tap it lightly to absorb it.

Step 1
Insert a cotton pad into your middle finger and wet it with Bio Essence.

Step 2
cheek. Starting from the forehead, apply gently from the center of the face outward, then pat lightly.

The first step to changing the future of your skin
Bio Conditioning Esse

IOPE Lab Researcher Solution

It presents three virtuous cycle mechanisms: skin soothing, intensive anti-aging care, and skin barrier strengthening.

Eunbi Ko Senior Researcher

Skin trouble

As skin aging progresses, our skin needs
The ingredients gradually drain out and the skin regains its natural strength.
You will lose.
After washing your face, make your skin clear and transparent.
It is a shortcut to anti-aging care.



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