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FORMENT Signature Cotton Spray #Cotton Hug 200ml

Type: Men's Cosmetics

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FORMENT Signature Cotton Spray #Cotton Hug 200ml


* FORMENT Signature Cotton Spray #Cotton Hug 200ml 

* Annoying men's smell troubles

* Eliminates unpleasant odors and presents a fragrance that the opposite sex likes!
- No. 1 preferred scent among the opposite sex
- 99.9% of daily odor removal
- anti-static
- All-in-one fragrance care

* Point 01
One-shot all-kill of various smells

* Eliminates 99.9% of odors caused by germs
Removes 99.39% of daily odors

* Clothing odor deodorization test
Before 99 ---> After 12

* Shoe odor deodorization test
Before 98 ---> After 15

* Vehicle Odor Deodorization Test
Before 92 ---> After 14

* Aren't you neglecting the laundry because it's annoying?
While neglected, various germs are threatening you.
---> Don't leave it any longer, simply spray it!
Easily remove bacterial odors anywhere you want Eliminate daily odors

* Point 02
Premium perfume-grade scent - all-in-one deodorant

* Fragrance makes a man, soft cotton hug
- Defuser
- Car air freshener
- Textile perfume
- Room spray
- Fabric deodorant

* Spray it where scent and deodorization care is needed from a distance of 20 to 30 cm.

- When you need to take care of the smell of cigarettes
- When you need quick fragrance care in the car
- When you need to take care of the smell of sweat
- When you need refreshment in a stuffy space

* Tip 
Anti static OK!

# Be careful when spraying directly on leather products as there is a risk of staining!


  • Completed test for Deodorization effect reducing Ammonia and Formaldehyde by over 90%.
  • This product is free from harmful chemicals such as Acetaldehyde and Formaldehyde.
  • Gives a cotton-based cozy scent blended with citrus and musk.

Air refreshener for general use (for indoor space, for textiles), Air refreshener for cars (for indoor use) Deodorant (for indoor space, for objects), Deodorant for cars (for indoor use)
*This product may leave stains on leather If sprayed directly.

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