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APRILSKIN Calendula 10% PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum 30g

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A night pore serum that reduces pore size while you sleep


Proven sebum improvement ingredient
Reduces sebum stone formation in pores

Mixed chemical peeling (glycolic acid group. salicylic acid lactic acid) component acts on the sebum in the pores to help improve the size of the sebum.

Confirmed through actual human application tests

Pore tightening Step 4

Step 01. Pore area

This is an actual 2 weeks pore improvement data taken with a janus device.

Significantly reduced pore area after using Calendula Serum


Step 02. Pore volume, depth

 Step 03. Blackheads


 Step 04. Sebum (oil content)



• This all-in-one skin-perfecting serum combines 10% PHA and AHA to minimize the look of pores by dissolving crystalized sebum plugs in the skin that cause congestion and enlargement of pores. The result is a visibly clearer, smoother skin with a subtle glow.

• Exfoliates away dull skin and lets new skin resurface from below, leaving an instant illumination and radianc.



 10% PHA & AHA
Gentle chemical exfoliators that help shed dead skin cells on the skin surface and dissolve accumulated, hardened sebum plugs, while preventing sebum from becoming crystalized. This gentle but effective exfoliating duo revitalizes the skin, leaving noticeable radiance after use, minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines, making your skin look and feel noticeably softer.

*We recommend it to these people 

Those who are concerned about enlarged pores
Those who want to make rough and brittle skin smooth and soft
Those who are troubled by sebum
Those who are concerned about blackheads
Those who want bright skin


Pore reduction/blackhead improvement effect
Want to see faster and more clearly?

-Step 1: Remove sebum and dead skin cells with Calendula Peel Off Pack.
-Step 2: Apply the pore serum to the cleaned pores to absorb the pore reducing ingredients
-Step 3: Complete skin with smaller pores and reduced blackheads!



APRILSKIN Calendula 10% PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum 30g

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