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Type: Eyeshadow


Sweet Diamond 167 Saddle Brown

It is a daily color, but it feels a little cool
Brown that naturally connects to the skin
Coral + Brown + Gold = Mysterious
A classic regardless of skin tone


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Sweet Diamond is a shimmering, high-gloss pearl eyeshadow.
It has excellent adhesion, so there is almost no dusting.
The elegant color is neat and elegant.
167 Saddle Brown

Soft to the touch like silk.
The elegant color spreads smoothly and the atmosphere is subdued with a tear effect or subtle aegyo meat color.

Amelie's aegyo sal color

Why are so many people so passionate about aegyo sal makeup?
First of all, as the name suggests, it creates a bright image while emphasizing the convex part when smiling.
As a fan of aegyo sal, I would like to add one more reason.
By adding volume to the center of the face, it gives the effect of making the features look fuller.
Anyone who cares a little about aegyo would agree!
The dramatic effect of shimmering in this small area.

Make the satin glow come alive!
You have to buy it no matter what. It's a brown color that'

Saddle Brown is brown, but it is a subtle color that does not have high saturation or brightness.
Even if you apply it on your aegyo sal, it doesn't stick out and it's thick and pretty!

The real color is so pretty!
I buy a lot of shadows, but this is the first time I've seen such a perfect color. That's why I think Amelie

You have to buy it no matter what. It's a watery brown color.

The saddle brown that I applied on my way to work today, too!
If you're looking for a brown color with pearls, this is perfect!

It's an Everyday Shadow along with Cocoa Beige Cinnamon Dust, which is perfect for me.
Apply it under the eyes with a wedding bouquet or Salmon Glow, and the line under the eyes. It's great for shading the bridge near the end of your eyeshadow bridge!

I didn't usually use beige shadow like this. I thought about it, but it's really pretty. It looks elegant under the eyes.

I was worried because it looked dark, but if you touch your eyes with your hands, there is almost no brown color and only pearls remain!
But the brown looks lighter! It's very good for daily use.

Ameli Shadow has a different color when you apply it, but it's 100,000 times prettier.

Autumn for me
Part 1. Soft Autumn

Coral + Brown + Gold
Luxurious Saddle Brown

167 Saddle Brown
You can tell right away by comparing them.
Coral+Brown+Gold is mixed and you can feel the light of rose gold slightly compared to 158 Coral Beige.
It does not float on Asian skin tones, but blends naturally to create a luxurious glow.

Age: 20s
Skin type: combination, cool tone
First color used: Step Basic 233 Scarlet
Occupation: college student

The base color is similar to 158 Coral Beige, but it is a color with a more coral-gold color added.

People who like deep shade makeup or smokey eye makeup often can use 167 Saddle Brown more than 158 Coral Beige!
It feels a little more puffy than 158 Coral Beige and gives a story-like aegyo fat.
Doesn't it look like there's a strong rum scent in the picture? Totally luxurious feeling!!!
I think it would look really pretty if it was applied by warm tones.
It's a pretty color even if you put it on your eyelids, so if you've bought it, try it on your eyelids too!

✔️ Eyelids: Sparkle Spot 504 Orange Fanta, Sweet Diamond 125 Luxury Brown

Sweet Diamond Eyeshadow

High gloss diffuse reflection shimmering pearl!
Sweet Diamond contains high-gloss diffusely reflective shimmering pearls that change color depending on the direction of light to provide a richer sparkle.

Double color effect! Subtle intersecting light and color
Sweet Diamond mixes light pigments with different reflectance and absorption rates to create subtle intersecting light and color.

Excellent adhesion! Stain-free powder
Sweet Diamond contains Sebum Control Powder to maintain color without stains, and is manufactured with an impact stabilization system for excellent adhesion and almost no dusting.



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