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Ameli Step Basic 222 Cocoa Beige

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Type: Eyeshadow




Beige color with a hint of warm pink
It is a color that makes the cheeks and eyes elegant.
Both cool and warm tones are essential daily colors.

It is Amelie's representative shade shadow that many Numelli's pick,
Beige color with a hint of pink
It's really natural, indifferent, and luxurious as if it's not done.
Amelie is very good at this feeling.


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Step Basic is the most basic base line in makeup.
This is a multiple item that can be used as shadow, highlighter, blush, and shading.

I think it gives this feeling."

It is a must-have color by default, but I think it is a color that is difficult to find.
I recommend it to everyone regardless of warm tone or cool tone.

I thought it would be too warm, but it comes out moderately warm even for cool tones!
It seems to give a feeling of pain.

The color is natural and pretty!
It's pretty even if you just brush it with your hands. It is slightly less saturated than the photo.
So my eyes don't look swollen!

A drop of coral on a calm beige? Feeling dropped!
I like to use it as a base.

It's really soft and nice.
I like to create it layer by layer
It is a color with more apricot beige tone than gray tone.

Just the shade I was looking for....
Amelie, why did I only find out now..?
I will only use this every day...

The color is collectible and I only wear one of these on a daily basis these days~!!

It is an indispensable item that stably adjusts the tone of both dull and dull eye areas and evens out the color of the next shadow.

Amelie is so famous that I bought it with anticipation, but it is also good!

Autumn for me

Part 3.
Sharp autumn

Daily shadow compatibility without failure

'What color would be nice to layer with a brownish orange color shadow?',
‘Today is a different rose shade! But do you only paint this?'
I prepared this for those who have a hard time layering shadows.
No-fail color matching tips taught only to Numelli!

One finely dried rose

222 Cocoa Beige + 221 Rose Brown
Around this time, is the editor the only one who thinks of the color of dried roses?
It's a color that creates an elegant aura as if it's sensuality.
When using Amelie's dried rose color, 221 Rose Brown, use 222 Cocoa Beige as a base.
The apricot-colored beige plays a role in calming the rose brown one step further.
For lips, it's stable to choose a color without fluorescent.
After applying 801 Natural Beige all over your lips, layer the color you want in the center of your lips and apply it to the center of your lips.

One sure spoonful, sweet gold powder

224 Real Skin + 507 Sugar Gold

If you want to give your daily makeup a little bit of strength, try adding 507 Sugar Gold.
Like a spoonful of magic powder added when the taste of food is missing somewhere, it brightly changes the overall makeup mood with one touch.
At this time, if you use 224 Real Skin as a base, you can complete a detailed makeup look.
It's perfect for making you look pretty secretly by creating natural shades with a pure, non-pearl skin color that is neither dark nor bright!
So what about lip?
It goes well with any color, so enjoy to your heart's content.

"Essence of Autumn", orange brown.

240 Pumpkin Orange + 226 Sepia

I think it is the most comfortable combination to capture the mood of autumn.
Just apply 240 Pumpkin Orange, a toned-down orange color mixed with brown, all over the eyelids to create a subtle charm that does not pop out.
Here, apply 226 Sepia color to the double eyelid line and layer it to create a deeper eye look.
If today's fashion item is a trench coat, we recommend 914 Vampire as a lip color, and if it is knit, 923 Tasty Brown.

Step Basic Eyeshadow

Silky soft texture!
Step Basic refines fine-grained raw materials so that you can feel the silky soft texture. The soft touch that your fingertips feel first spreads gently over your eyes.

It sticks lightly! Long-lasting, high-adhesion shadows
Step Basic applies a high-adhesion blinder system and a long-lasting color effect system, so it has excellent adhesion and lasts a long time.


Ameli Step Basic 222 Cocoa Beige

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