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Premium natural skin care to keep our children's skin healthy for life with mild ingredients

brand story

The royal secret book aims to deliver the natural ingredients and precious sincerity that are beneficial to the skin found by our ancestors in Korea to our precious children. The brand you think about, that is Gongjumbichaek.
Our Promise
Brand Principle
Full of carefully selected pure ingredients
Safe, non-allergenic fragrance

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GOONGBE Pri-mmune Deep Moisture Cream 100ml
Regular price$42.00 USD$29.40 USD
GOONGBE Waterful Sun Lotion 80g
Regular price$32.67 USD$22.87 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Moisture Cream 180ml
Regular price$42.00 USD$29.40 USD
GOONGBE Baby Mild Toothpaste Peach Scent 80g
Regular price$18.67 USD$13.07 USD
GOONGBE Moisture Lip Balm 3.3g
Regular price$25.00 USD$17.50 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Moisture Stick Balm 16g
Regular price$44.69 USD$31.28 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Calming Diaper Cream 80ml
Regular price$43.90 USD$30.73 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Shampoo & Bath 350ml
Regular price$50.88 USD$35.62 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Red Soothing Serum 150ml
Regular price$56.50 USD$39.55 USD
GOONGBE Pri-mmune Moisture Lotion 350ml
Regular price$49.30 USD$34.51 USD
GOONGBE Fresh Sun Stick SPF 50+ PA++++ 19g
Regular price$40.00 USD$28.00 USD
GOONGBE Face Lotion 80ml
Regular price$23.99 USD$16.79 USD
GOONGBE Baby Mild Toothpaste 60g
Regular price$18.53 USD$12.97 USD
GOONGBE Soothing Powder 25g
Regular price$43.51 USD$30.46 USD
GOONGBE Balancing Cream 180ml
Regular price$46.67 USD$32.67 USD
GOONGBE Balancing Lotion 250ml
Regular price$49.00 USD$34.30 USD