“I want to make people healthy through dermatology”
Doctor who was created with a combination of wills

No.1 Dermo Cosmetics Dr.G
Based on tens of thousands of data on skin concerns,
Learning about skin and developing products based on it
It is an ‘orthodox skin science brand’.
The Dr.G brand starts at Gowoon Sesang Dermatology Clinic.
Based on tens of thousands of data on skin concerns, learn about skin and
As an 'orthodox skin science brand' that develops products based on this
It is also the reason Dr.G is proud.

Dr. G is also suitable for sensitive skin such as sun cream and red blemish clear soothing cream.
We have laid the foundation for growth focusing on product power that can be used with confidence.
Recognized for its authenticity and value, it is also raising its status in the global market.

We do not simply follow trend ingredients, but thoroughly review dermatologically.
We will become a genuine brand that researches and develops.

Healthy Skin, Happy Skin
About 150 employees are all active as 'dermatologists',
Together, we are making ‘Growing Doctor G’.
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