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Eagle eyed viewers for the 2nd season of BTS IN THE SOOP (“ITS”) picked out which shower gel Jungkook had brought with him into the forest as soon as the episode aired, and given the domestic popularity of the Milk Baobab brand, it’s not surprising that it was so quickly recognized. The original version with the Baobab tree photo printed on the milk carton packaging looks to be a closer shade to the blue shown on screen of ITS; but given that we’re growing closer to the Winter months, and the only difference seems to be the addition of ‘1000ppm of ceramide’ to it’s milk protein + baobab seed extract formula with a more minimalistic packaging (it looks even more like a carton of milk now), I did purchase the newer Cera version. (There’s also a High Cera collection that’s supposed to be even more moisturizing, but as it didn’t come in the White Musk scent, I naturally left that out of my order.) Cera Body Wash Perhaps it’s because of the name and packaging, but I fully expected a thick, creamy appearance instead of a clear gel! The formula itself isn’t super thick, but lathers easily without the need for sponges, one and a half/two pump(s) is more than enough to cover my body. This foams up easily as a light bubble bath too, the bubbles might not stay up for long as it’s not intended to be used that way. In terms of hydration/moisture, I don’t feel like there’s a noticeable difference to how soft my skin is out of the shower, but it doesn’t strip the skin in any way. Interestingly, something I noticed when I filmed a demo (since I don’t usually only wash half my body), was that there seemed to be a temporary brightening effect, though it may be related to redness being reduced. Cera Body Lotion The lotion has a thin, gel-cream texture, and spreads over large areas easily, absorbing quickly with little to no stickiness. Given how much I use each application in comparison to the Shower Gel, I’m genuinely surprised by the smaller size. To get the most out of the Body Lotion, I recommend applying a layer (thick enough that it still looks slightly ‘milky’) on top of damp skin, and just letting it sink in. Kind of like a mask. I do have drier skin (*applies occlusive oil as the last layer of skincare* kinda dry) and feel that this is more suitable for the summer months where I don’t need a bunch of moisture – but hydration instead. If your skin is not sensitive to fragrance, this would be a great after-shaving lotion as it will visibly reduce some surface redness. While it states on the bottle that it is safe for facial use, I have not tried to do so, and think something from their Baby Lotion line would be more suitable for such areas – as shown in their Brand Story video. Fragrance : White Musk Clean, white musk. Instantly recognizable ‘baby lotion’ scent. It’s just-showered fresh, not too powdery, and infallibly unoffensive. Cup of milk let’s rock and roll isn’t for everyone; and if you’re not a fan of lactonic notes and the milk baobab title worries you, neither namesake ingredients can be detected; but it is definitely more floral than the blue x white packaging may suggest. Upon application, there’s a quick burst of sharp, citrusy bergamot, before floral notes of demure roses and white jasmine climb in, with a whisper of lily and vanilla. Neither formula will anchor the scent to your skin, and I believe that it’s designed more towards a short lived ‘enjoy whilst you use’ purpose rather than an actual perfuming product, hence, the rather linear performance. In particular, the body wash is a little too faint out of the shower for me to sniff past it’s rose musk stage, and I’m not sure whether the warm hay-like tonka that lends itself to the dry down of the lotion is part of the actual formula base (and therefore, runs through all scents in the collection), or the White Musk scent – but it’s definitely a pleasant, comforting fragrance. Very snuggly! I won’t be in a hurry to repurchase the Body Lotion simply because I don’t find gel-creams to be enough for my own skin type, but having it in my office as a hand cream when I don’t want to leave oil stains on any documents is convenient, and the smaller size/lower price tag makes it a purchase you won’t feel guilty about even if you’re not completely head over heels for it given how easy a 600mL bottle of lotion is to use up. The Body Wash isn’t anything impressive in the current market of so many outstanding body products (admittedly, I expected a little more moisture, and I’m interested in trying out their High Cera/Cica line), but there’s nothing bad to say about it either. More importantly, as with most body products with various fragrance choices – I think scent really is the deciding factor here. They’re not hitting any balls out of the park, but both products perform as they should, and given the relatively inexpensive price for such a large volume, if any of the scents sound like something you’d enjoy, I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a cheaper product to try from the BTS members’ own collections.

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