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YADAH Cactus Toner Pad 60p

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Type: Toner


* Coupang Beauty Data Lab selected the best in the first half of 2022 Beauty Awards pad category.

* YADAH Cactus Toner Pad 60p 

* Cactus toner pad
Moisture soothing pad when you need urgent soothing

- Contains 87% of Jeju Bogum cactus
- 100% natural cotton, mild soothing pad
- Vegan certified. Non-irritant safe ingredients

* Non-drying water storage!
Clean Jeju-do Bogum cactus contains 5 times more vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals than aloe, providing rich nutrition to the skin.

- Contains 5 times the nutrients of aloe.
- Quickly soothes sensitive skin.
- Abundant moisture that does not dry out.

* Effect confirmed by human application usability test!
Satisfaction with skin improvement effect.

- Easy to use instead of toner
- Effective for skin soothing
- Effective for cleansing
- Pad does not dry out easily
- Maintains skin moisture
- Effect confirmed by human body feeling test!
- Satisfaction with skin improvement effect

* Vegan Certification
We make healthy and safe cosmetics by being certified by the British Vegan Society, the oldest vegan organization in the world.

* CGMP quality certification
* European quality certification
* Skin moisture test
* Sebum secretion control test
* As nature gave, 100% natural cotton pad!
We think first about what touches the skin rather than what it looks like.
By minimizing the artificial process for standardization, the soft feel is maintained.

* Acquired pure cotton nonwoven LOHAS

* Natural pure cotton - The body is soft to the touch and there is no irritation.

* The thickness of the natural pad is different, so it is richer.
Although the amount of toner is different due to the slight difference in thickness, more toner is absorbed by the wide and thick pad. Contains 160ml of cactus toner, which is more than the 150ml amount indicated on the container.

* Without using artificial chemical adhesives, a special processing method was used to combine by spraying high-pressure water.

* Safe for any skin without irritation!
Contains only 14 non-irritating ingredients for sensitive and delicate skin.

- No chemical preservatives used.

-pH 5.5 weak acid toner for healthy skin.
This toner is tailored to the most ideal skin balance, boosts skin immunity and cares for healthy skin.

- Natural-derived prescription recipe
A safe toner for the whole family that moisturizes for a long time with a large amount of natural extracts instead of harmful alcohol ingredients

* Yada Cactus Toner Pad is free from cosmetic fragrance.
The Yada Cactus Toner Pad contains no artificial fragrance added to contain only natural ingredients.
Occasionally, you may feel the fragrance of the raw material or the fragrance of the container, but it is harmless to the human body, so use it with confidence.

* Contains only 14 essential ingredients.
All ingredients are EWG green grade, so it is safe for the skin. 
Green grade minimal ingredients
It is an American non-profit environmental civic organization that analyzes raw material data and presents grade standards based on global standards.
* As of 2021.03

* Smart, easy-to-use, one-touch cap!
It is easy to open and close with a one-touch cap, and it prevents the essence from evaporating easily, keeping the pad moist for a long time.

* After use, press the lid firmly to close it!
* Utilize 200% cactus toner pad!
1. An emergency soothing pad that puts sensitive skin to sleep when urgent soothing is needed instead of a skin pack!

2. Crystal makeup pad that does not lift
A cleansing pad for crystal make-up that wipes away fluttering makeup.

3.Daily Peeling Pad A daily peeling pad that gently removes old dead skin cells and wastes from rough skin!

* It is recommended for such people!
● Those who need simple but moist skin care
●Those who are concerned about dead skin cells and rough skin texture
● Those who are looking for a mild cleanser without skin irritation
●Those who want to balance their skin with a weakly acidic toner


YADAH Cactus Toner Pad 60p

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