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VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL

Introducing VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL, a revolutionary serum & ampoule that is the perfect combination of world-leading nano-bio technology and LIFE BEAUTY VT Cosmetics. Its proprietary micro-needle-shaped ingredient, composed of silica, helps to open up the skin's absorption pathways thinner than pores, allowing for deeper and faster absorption of skincare active ingredients. Clinically proven to improve skin texture with just one use, this serum & ampoule has been dermatologically tested and found to be non-irritating, making it suitable for use on skin that needs to be properly cared for. The 99% purity of the micro-needle form of the ingredient is supplemented with shikka to open the way for absorption while providing extra soothing care. Use as part of your evening skincare routine with a moderate amount and massage it into the skin with firm pressure. Layer on a functional and moisturizing skincare after it is absorbed. VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL is the perfect solution for skin that wants to return to smooth and healthy skin but can't due to the cost and steps involved. Stimulate dulled skin and soothe sensitive skin with this amazing serum &

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VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL

VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL


It is a collaboration between the world's favorite LIFE BEAUTY VT Cosmetics and the world's leading nano-bio technology.

VT's proprietary micro-needle-shaped ingredient, composed of silica, one of nature's minerals, is purified, vacuumed, and awakened within the skin by the Physical Derma Delivery System.
The thin CICA reedle packed into the formula delicately delivers a small amount to all areas of the face for quick, low-irritation care.
However, it shows a 72-hour change in skin texture.
The ingredients, in the form of microneedles smaller than pores, are absorbed by desensitized skin and stimulate it to improve its condition.
Clinically tested to deliver deeper, faster, more felt absorption.

Micro-needle-shaped ingredients that open up the skin's absorption pathways thinner than pores, the micro-needle-shaped ingredients delicately stimulate the skin while improving the absorption of skincare active ingredients by opening up the skin's absorption pathways.

The CICA reedle raw material applied to the reedle shot is refined and then impregnated with Centella Asiatica extract, a VT proprietary process, which changes the color to a light brown.
Clinically proven to improve skin texture by increasing the depth and rate of absorption.

Even a single use shows improvement in roughness and parting of the skin, visible skin absorption, 20% improvement in depth, and 20% improvement in speed.
Skin absorption, depth of absorption, speed of absorption, improved skin texture, satisfaction with use, willingness to recommend, willingness to purchase, and overall satisfaction 1000%.

Stimulate the skin's dulled absorptive state with Riddle Shot and soothe sensitive skin with VT's unique ingredients.
Moisturizing formula absorbs quickly and easily to improve active ingredient delivery and skin texture.

The tingling sensation is seamless and inherent to the product as it absorbs and delivers nutrients.
We recommend using a stroking motion rather than rubbing.
This product has been dermatologically tested and found to be non-irritating.

It is suitable for skin that needs to be properly cared for by deeply absorbing the active ingredients of skincare products, skin that is tired of repeated painful procedures, skin that feels the need to improve its skin but is unable to do so due to the cost and steps involved, skin that does not change despite using various skincare products, and skin that wants to return to smooth and healthy skin.

The 99% purity micro-needle form of the ingredient is supplemented with shikka to open the way for absorption while providing extra soothing care.
VT Special Care opens up absorption pathways for skincare active ingredients and awakens them, while adding the soothing power of CICA.

[How to use]
As part of your evening skincare routine, apply a moderate amount to a clean, cleansed face and massage into the skin with your hands, using firm pressure.
After the Riddleshot 300 is absorbed, layer on a functional and moisturizing skincare.

The skin after using Reedle Shot is in a reset state, so be sure to moisturize it sufficiently and use sun care when going out!

-Reedle Shot 300 uses a higher content of Cica Reedle than Reedle Shot 100 to deliver active ingredients more tightly.

-If the tingling sensation feels a little strong depending on your skin type, use the spot only on areas with skin concerns and gradually increase the area of use or adjust the cycle of use (3-5 days).

-When using the product for the first time, we recommend that you test it on the back of your hand, the inside of your arm, or the back of your earlobe before using it.

-If you have fully adapted to Reedle Shot 300, try using 700, which has a higher content, and experience the various effects of Reedle Shot.

1. Reedle Shot is a night care product used as the first step after washing your face.
2. The only product that can be used with increasing frequency is Reedle Shot 100.
3. Even though Reedle Shot 300 and 700 are effective after use, be sure to use them within a 3-day and 7-day cycle, respectively.
4. Do not use Reedle Shot 100, 300, or 700 at the same time.
Allow your skin to fully absorb Reedle Shot with just one product.


Q. Is there a reason to use it in the first step of skin care?
Reedle Shot is a starter that uses Cica Reedle to help absorb active ingredients by opening the channels of the stratum corneum. If you use the starter on a clean face and allow it to absorb before proceeding with the next skin care, it will help the absorption of the skin care and the active ingredients to be absorbed more deeply, so please use it as the first step of skin care.

Q. It stings when I use it! are you okay?
Reedle Shot contains ingredients in the form of microneedles, so you may feel a tingling sensation when using it. This plays a role in making the skin healthy and then naturally falls off along with dead skin cells. It is a safe ingredient for the skin, so you can use it with confidence.

Q. Can it be used on sensitive skin?
It's possible to use. However, for skin with severe allergies, please test the local area before use. For sensitive or dry skin, pay more attention to using moisturizer after using Reedle Shot.

Q. Are there any ingredients that should not be used with Reedle Shot?
There are no ingredients that cannot be used with Reedle Shot. It is a safe ingredient with 99% purity, so use it with confidence. However, in the case of ingredients with skin sensitivity, such as retinol or vitamins, you may need to perform a preliminary test to ensure that your skin can withstand the stinging sensation and then use it by adjusting the amount and frequency to prevent skin fatigue.

*Caution when using Reedle Shot
-Do not use the device
-Do not use immediately after dermatological procedures
-For sensitive skin or skin sensitive to pain, use is recommended after prior testing on the local area.
-Avoid using on areas with broken skin.
-Be careful not to let it touch your lips or get it into your eyes.
-Symptoms of redness, stinging, burning, dryness, and itching may occur after use, but this is a characteristic of Cica Reedle™ ingredients, and consumers who are sensitive to such skin reactions should avoid using it.
-Use after recovery in case of viral inflammation
-Exfoliation may occur after using the product, but this is a reaction to exfoliation care. Do not remove dead skin cells on purpose. If you use Reedle Shot continuously, exfoliation will gradually be removed to create smooth skin, so sufficient moisturizing care is recommended.
-There may be variation in tingling sensation.
-If you use Reedle Shot products continuously for more than 6 months, your skin may become dull compared to the first use as Cica Reedle™ steadily adapts to it.
If you experience this phenomenon, we recommend taking a break of 2-3 weeks and then using it again.


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