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Sayno's Teachings

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Sayno's Teachings


Into the book

Be angry when life deceives you.

---From “First Sentence”

Life is like a bicycle. It is your feet that turn the rear wheel, but it is your hands, eyes, will, and mind that turn the front wheel and steer the direction. Your feet may be what move you in the name of ‘life’, but your hands may actually be buried deep in your pockets. In fact, your eyes may not be looking at the road in front of you, but only looking with envy at the motorcycles and sports cars passing by at high speed next to you. Therefore, even though you are pedaling hard, the bike you are riding just hovers in place.
---Excerpt from “Be angry when life deceives you”

Don't be dragged servilely by life. Keep this in mind. The object of your anger is not this world. First, say ‘No!’ while feeling sad and angry about your current life. And take charge of your life yourself. You are the owner.
---Excerpt from “Be angry when life deceives you”

Even if something goes wrong and they fail and lose everything they have, they know how to ‘go back’ to zero and start over. That is why countless rich people succeed in making a comeback even after failing in business or investment or losing all their money in a flood or fire.
---From “If you fail, go down to zero”

The mistake that people without an education make is that they chase money instead of trying to learn a job. Never do something that anyone can easily learn.
---From “What to do if your educational background or background is poor”

Don’t be fooled by the saying that you have to invest well to become rich! Work comes first, investment comes later, you idiots.
---From “Have fun doing anything”

No matter what you do, no two investment techniques are the same. Investment techniques should vary depending on what you do and how the compensation system for that work is structured.
---From “The path to becoming rich varies depending on the type of work.”

People tend to think that pleasing buyers is the secret to doing business. At the same time, they do not talk about themselves and only listen to what the buyer has to say. you're welcome. You have to be a brother or sister to the buyer.
---From “About Sales - 2”

For a family to become rich, they must first fill a small jar with water. Jeong, if you want to help a family member, first of all, fill a small jar with water, hide the jar, calmly assess the mental state of the family member, and then give them only a small amount of money that comes out of interest.
---Excerpt from “Beware of flies when saving money”

If you want to live rich, grab your money thoroughly when you are young. If your parents are not rich, keep your wedding simple and avoid all formalities.
---From “Save money the younger you are”

There is a way to determine whether you can become rich in the future or not. Visit your poor friends and listen to what they have to say about how to become rich. If you agree with what they say, realize that you too share the common characteristics of the poor.
---Excerpted from “Abandon the Characteristics of the Poor”

People say they make money, but they are very generous when it comes to paying other people. They have no intention of learning and doing things on their own, and they have no intention of making a single piece of furniture themselves. Real investment is not like that. I saved money by doing everything myself.
---Excerpt from “Is this a financial investment strategy?”

Know what rich people want. If you're not rich, the rich are people who have experienced the food you've eaten, the service you've received, the feelings you've felt, and more. If it looks good to you, there is no reason for them to open their wallets.
---Excerpted from “If you want to get rich quickly, read the minds of rich people”

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