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Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick

Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick is an innovative pet snack that has been awarded the 2020 Korea Best Grand Prize for Brand Value & Innovative Company. This freeze-dried treat is designed to help protect the stomach, improve digestion and immunity, boost immunity with omega 3 content, and minimize allergen induction. This snack also helps supplement vitamins A, C, D, E, and dietary fiber to help smooth bowel movements and relieve constipation. Made with safe and reliable raw materials, Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick is HACCP certified and does not use flavoring agents, chemical additives, synthetic preservatives, or chemical excipients. Using a vacuum freeze-drying manufacturing method, the snack minimizes nutrient destruction and improves lactobacillus effect. The freeze-dried treats also maintain nutrition and taste, making them suitable for even cats with small mouths. In addition, Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick contains 10 billion kimchi lactic acid bacteria which have excellent survivability due to their high acid resistance and excellent intestinal adhesion. It also uses human milk oligosaccharides to radically improve

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Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick

CAT - US$30.80
  • CAT - US$30.80

Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick


*2020 Korea Best
Grand Prize for Brand Value & Innovative Company
Award-winning pet snack

*Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick 

Check the difference in the size of dog and cat lactic acid bacteria!
-The medium size that can be consumed by medium to large dogs and the small size that even cats with small mouths can eat in one bite.

*Did you know that lactic acid bacteria fed for health are excreted as they are?

In the case of companion animals that have stronger stomach acid than humans, the survival rate to the intestines after feeding lactic acid bacteria is only less than 20%.

Lactobacillus must have the ability to reach the colon and rectum.
The stomach secretes gastric acid, and the gallbladder secretes bile (...) to survive the action of various digestive enzymes.

It is important to choose a stable product that has a high probability of reaching the intestines alive.

10 billion kimchi lactic acid bacteria that survive and go to the intestines
--- PET PROBIOTICS Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick

-Stable plant-based Kimchi Lactobacillus
-Harmful bacteria excretion ability Breast milk oligosaccharide
-Digestion & absorption rate UP as it is
-Freeze-dried snacks with nutrients intact

Stable 10 billion lactic acid bacteria found in kimchi, all at once to the intestines

The 'gut', where 70% of the body's immune cells live, is related to the overall immune function of companion animals, so a steady lactobacillus feed is essential for the health of companion animals regardless of age.

However, common lactic acid bacteria cannot withstand the strong stomach acid and high temperature of companion animals and often die.
-Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick has excellent survivability due to its high acid resistance.

In addition, compared to the strains used for general lactic acid bacteria, it has excellent intestinal adhesion, so it can maximize the effects of lactic acid bacteria such as immunity enhancement and anticancer effect.

intestinal adhesion test
It means the degree of sticking to the intestine, the higher the adhesion, the longer it survives in the intestine and helps to activate the intestine.

Use of human milk oligosaccharides that can only be manufactured by 5 companies worldwide.

Are prebiotics only food for beneficial bacteria?

Prebiotics serve as food for beneficial bacteria as well as food for harmful bacteria. No matter how good prebiotics are, if harmful bacteria eat and grow, it is difficult for beneficial bacteria in the intestine to multiply.

Just as important as the function of nurturing beneficial bacteria is the role of excreting harmful bacteria.

Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick uses human milk oligosaccharides to radically improve the intestinal environment.

*What is milk oligosaccharide?
As a component contained in the mother's body of cats and dogs, it serves as food for beneficial bacteria, and at the same time, when combined with harmful bacteria, makes them mistaken for attachment to the intestinal wall, thereby discharging harmful bacteria into feces.

*If fed consistently, it can reduce harmful substances in the intestines, which can help improve the overall health as well as the intestinal environment.

*Efficacy of breast milk oligosaccharides
Virus/bacterial shedding
Proliferation of beneficial bacteria/lactic acid bacteria
Suppression of infectious factors, increase immunity
metabolic activation

*Milk oligosaccharide is a raw material approved for the first time by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and can only be produced by 5 companies worldwide.

*As it is the raw material that helps digestion and absorption
Designed for smooth bowel movements

Carrot, Cabbage, Salmon, Broccoli, Sweet Pumpkin
-Contains dietary fiber to help smooth bowel movements and relieve constipation.
-Low calorie & satiety helps in dieting
-Helps protect stomach, improve digestion and immunity.
-Help supplement vitamins A, C, D, E.

-Helps boost immunity with omega 3 content
-Special protein that minimizes allergen induction

*Helps boost immunity with omega 3 content
-Special protein that minimizes allergen induction

Why was it made in the form of freeze-dried treats?
-Lactobacillus in the form of pills or powder can cause vomiting and coughing, so it is difficult to feed the product alone.
In addition, the taste and aroma are weak, and the palatability is reduced when fed for a long period of time.

Pet Probiotics Lactobacillus Immunity Freeze-Drying Trick is the freeze-dried treatment type was chosen to enable simple and steady feeding.

-Minimizes nutrient destruction and improves lactobacillus effect.
-Raw materials that are excellent for digestion and absorption

-Excellent palatability by preserving taste and aroma

By using the vacuum freeze-drying manufacturing method, the nutrition and taste of the raw water are maintained, so even children with short mouths can enjoy it.

*Safe and reliable snacks made in HACCP certified facilities

All artificial raw materials are made honestly by complying with the Feed Management Act based on safe raw materials that OUT companion animals can eat healthily.

*Do not use flavoring agents, chemical additives, synthetic preservatives, or chemical excipients.

*Check List 

1. Crispy by freeze-drying!
Try feeding as it is freeze-dried. The flavor of the raw water and the crispness of freeze-drying are transmitted as it is.

2. Feed to eat deliciously with toppings!
Powder it and sprinkle it on the feed. Children with no appetite can eat the food deliciously.

3. Mix the powder with water to UP!
Do not throw away the powder in the barrel. You can increase the amount of drinking water by feeding it with water.

4. Soak lightly in water and feel free to wet it!
It is suitable when you have weak teeth or lack of moisture if you pour a little water into freeze-drying.


Q.How much can I feed with one bottle?
There are 200 to 240 pieces per bottle, so you can feed it for a weak month. * May vary depending on individual and weight.

Q.From what month can I get paid?
All ages can be paid from 3 months old.

Q.How many calories per 1p?
It is approximately 1.73 kcal.

Q.When fed as it is, the child seems to have a sore throat.
Pet mugwort lactobacillus is a product that minimizes nutrient destruction and deterioration of original function by lowering moisture content through a freeze-drying process. We recommend wet feeding if your child has difficulty eating.

Q.The product looks like a foreign substance.
Lactobacillus is a product that is freeze-dried as it is, and sometimes salmon tendons and vegetable powder may look like foreign substances.
Since it is a normal product, you can use it with confidence. I have

Q.Powder or flakes. Is it defective?
Due to the nature of freeze-drying, some parts of the product may be slightly brittle. Sprinkle the powder on the feed or feed it with water.

Q.How should I store it?
Due to its freeze-drying nature, it is sensitive to sunlight and absorbs a lot of surrounding moisture.
Feed it as soon as possible, and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to make it last longer.

*Recommended Amount
Less than 3 months old - Excluded from benefits
1-5 kg : 8 pcs under 
5-10kg : 15 pcs under
10-20kg : 22 pcs under
20kg : 30 pcs over 

*Raw materials used
Salmon, cheese, carrots, broccoli, sweet pumpkin, cabbage, moms stamine to F L (oligosaccharide derived from breast milk), Planta Kimchi Lactobacillus-L (L) 2, GMO ingredients used or not: may be included

More than 65.0% of crude protein
More than 9.7% crude fat
Calcium 0.18% or more
Phosphorus 1.02% or more
More than0.9% of crude fiber
Minerals 7.6% or less
Water 10.0% or less

Winter Payroll Precautions
Due to the low temperature, the product may be somewhat hardened upon delivery.
If stored in a cold place, the product may harden somewhat.
If the product hardens due to low temperature,
it is recommended to microwave it for 5 seconds or soak it in warm water for 5-7 seconds.


- This product is for pets, so do not feed it to ruminants.
- Avoid places with high temperature and humidity, and keep out of reach of children.
- For sick, elderly and pregnant dogs, consult a veterinarian before feeding.
- The part that looks black may appear due to the nature of the raw material and process, so please pay with confidence.
- Excessive intake may cause digestive problems or diarrhea, so keep the recommended daily amount.
- If you have any adverse reactions such as vomiting or diarrhea after eating this product, stop feeding and check the condition for half a day.
-If the product is inflated, there is a risk of deterioration, so do not open it and contact the place of purchase.
- Due to the nature of freeze-drying, some broken or broken pieces may be included.
Do not rush the enclosed freshness retainer.
- Because natural materials are used, there may be slight differences in color and shape, but there is no problem with quality.

- It may change color over time, but there is no problem with the product.
- Adjust the amount according to your health condition and amount of exercise.
- After opening, refrigerate regardless of the expiration date and consume as soon as possible.
- Make sure to pay under the supervision of the manager.


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