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Ownist Triple Collagen Orange 20g*14ea

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Type: Health supplement



*Why should it be triple?

The three major elements of the dermis that decrease over time are collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

*3 components of the dermis
Skin Support: Collagen
Elasticity: elastin
Moisturizing: hyaluronic acid
These three ingredients work synergistically to form the dermis of the skin. 


* We recommend these people!

-Those who want to consume the 3 elements of the skin dermis in one package
-Those who are concerned about facial elasticity and sagging skin
-Those with thin hair and no strength
-Those who want to consume only raw materials of reliable origin
-Those who want to keep it delicious and easy

*Triple Collagen 5 Key Points

Skin dermis 3 elements in one package

Easy to consume in liquid form

Fresh organic orange juice flavor

Low molecular fish collagen in pristine areas of Canada

Premium raw materials carefully selected 



Skin dermis 3 elements in one package
Do not take it separately any more.
Inner beauty management ends with one pack of triple collagen.

*Fish Collagen 3,000mg
Canada Clean Area Cod Low Molecular Fish Collagen
*Elastin 100mg
Clean Arctic Ocean Barents Sea Cod Low Molecular Elastin
*Hyaluronic acid 120mg
100% of the recommended daily amount for skin moisturizing ingredients



Canada's Clean Area
Low molecular weight fish collagen

Enjoy with peace of mind with fish collagen that has been tested for safety

ZERO fishy taste
Freshness only in clean areas
You know once you try it
The cleanliness of the premium raw material itself

Difference in absorption
Type 1 low molecular weight fish collagen with a molecular weight of about 3,000 Da or less is used using a small molecular weight hydrolyzed technique.

(* What is Type 1 Collagen?
Type1 collagen is a protein found in the skin, blood vessels and other tissues, used to support healthy skin, hair, and nails.)



Refreshing Orange Juice Flavor
Premium oranges from Valencia, Spain
We use only oranges grown by certified organic farms (*CAECV). 

Fresh and healthy taste of freshly squeezed oranges

No sugar, No artificial flavoring, No sweetener
The natural freshness of the fruit that spreads in your mouth. Calorie is 25kCal, so it is not burdensome. Enjoy every day!

*Enjoy every day
Cool and clean like orange juice
Orange slush tastes better when frozen
Refreshing orange carbonated water in sparkling water



 Easy to consume in liquid form

Anytime, anywhere, easily without water
At least 8 tablets per tablet to eat the same content
Skin dermis 3 elements in one sip.

Faster absorption, faster change
It is absorbed directly into the blood without undergoing a metabolic process and is absorbed faster than the tablet or powder form.




Searching for raw materials that meet the standards
In order to use raw materials that meet the Ownist standards, we seek the best raw materials and invest generously.

Reliable transparent origin
Because it goes into my body.
Disclosure of origin to country and region thoroughly.

-Fish Collagen 3000mg : Nova Scotia, Canada
-Elastin 100mg : Barents Sea, USA
-Hyaluronic Acid 120mg : New Jersey, USA
-Vitamin C 200mg : Scotland, UK
-Organic fructooligosaccharide 400mg : Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
-Organic Orange Concentrate 4000mg : Valencia, Spain



Ownist Triple Collagen Orange 20g*14ea

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