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OBgE Gentle Finish Shaving Gel 80g

Type: Men's Cosmetics

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OBgE Gentle Finish Shaving Gel 80g


* OBgE Gentle Finish Shaving Gel 80g

- FINISH from start to finish
- Minimize shaving irritation and water gel moisture barrier
- Premium ingredient with 3 functions at once
- Newly born 3rd generation shaving

* All-in-one shaving done in one

# 1
Even with drastic cutting, the skin is always comfortable
Moisture barrier that does not sting
(Right photo - Gentle Finish Shaving Gel)

# 2
Snail mucus filtrate different from the original
: It is not alcohol, cleansing water, or oil, but contains 58% of moisture barrier active ingredients to care for the skin from cutting and irritation.

# 3 
Shaving is step 3, not step 1
Step 1 - Before shaving, irritation minimization, irritation care
Forms a moisture film that covers the skin before shaving and does not dry out

Step 2 - Shaving, Calm skin maintenance, Soothing care
Keeps skin calm by minimizing irritation during shaving

Step 3 - After shaving, smooth skin texture finish, dead skin cell care
Smooths rough skin texture after shaving

# 4
3rd Generation Shaving - Powerful effect beyond the 1st and 2nd generations.

* A new trend
that overcomes the shortcomings of the 1st and 2nd generation
- Gel formulation
- Transparent visibility
- Moisture based moisture

# 5 
Clear visibility, excellent cutting power, reduced irritation

# 6 
Even after lightly rinsing with water, no stickiness and residue remain to keep clean razor blades.

* Q & A 
Q. What is the difference from the existing shaving gel?
A. Object Gentle Finish Shaving Gel allows for shaving in all directions and is less burdensome to the skin as it is composed of a water base.

Q. Can I shave with a facial cleanser?
A. In the case of face wash, visibility is opaque when shaving, and it can cause skin trouble by drying the skin.

Q. Shaving is itchy and stinging. is this different?
A. Object Gentle Finish Shaving Gel is gentle on the skin.

Q. Should I use it when it is wet?
A. It is water-based, so you can use it without water, but depending on the individual, you can use it with water.


  • All-in-one shaving gel for shaving, moisturizing, soothing, and after-care all at once
  • Gently from start to finish
  • Minimize shaving irritation - water gel moisture barrier
  • Premium ingredients with 3 functions at once
  • Newly born 3rd generation shaving - Excluding harmful ingredients. A refreshing finish that is not greasy
1. Apply while gently rolling on the area that needs shaving.
2. Shave while looking at the shaved area with a transparent view.

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